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Also known as Hazard (2001-2004)

Country: Sweden
Labels: Century Media Records
Metal Blade Records

Links: Official Website

Formed in: 2001

2001-2003 Thrash metal
2004-2015 Death metal
2013-2015 Black metal
2015- Gothic metal


2001-  Adam Zaars - guitars
2001  Joseph Tholl - bass
› 2020-  -//- guitars
2003-  Johannes Andersson - bass, vocals
2017-  Oscar Leander - drums
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2001-2004  Jonas Wikstrand - drums
2001-2020  Jonathan Hultén - guitars
2002-2004  Olof Wikstrand - bass, vocals
2004  Jimmie Frödin - drums
2005-2012  Jakob Johansson - drums
2012-2017  Jakob Ljungberg - drums
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Latest reviews

Tribulation have been one the most exciting Swedish exports of the last twelve years. From their early deathly brutalities to their most recent gothic horrors, these guys have had a streak of sensational albums. Where The Gloom Becomes Sound is another sensational album, shrouded in thick fog and wearing black eyeliner, much like its predecessor.   Review by nikarg ››

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