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Favorite bands: Entombed, Skull Fist, Forgotten Woods, Bathory, Black Sabbath, Deströyer 666, Paradox, Dust Bolt, King Diamond, Accept, Pripjat, Mortal Sin, Gama Bomb, Vektor, Suicidal Angels, Kreator, Skeletonwitch, Gamma Ray, Helloween, Obituary, Memoriam, Bolt Thrower, Death, Judas Priest, Hobbs' Angel Of Death, Tankard, Violet Cold, Overkill, Aquilus, Asphyx, Ripper, Cauldron, Vreid, Deceased, Dismember, Destruction, Demons & Wizards, Midnight, Sodom, Mgła, Gospel Of The Horns, Toxic Holocaust, Drudkh, Thy Catafalque, Agalloch, Amorphis, Rotting Christ, Power Trip, Moonspell, Moonsorrow, Hypocrisy, Stallion, Kvaen, Novembre, Pathway, Rezet, Space Chaser, Chapel Of Disease, Heaven Grey, Pantheist, Spitfire, Desire, The Mist And The Morning Dew, Luminaria, Eyes Of Ligeia, My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost, Appalachian Winter, Wizards Of Doom, Where She Wept, Saturnus, Candlemass, Type O Negative, Empyrium, Novembers Doom, Electric Wizard, Woods Of Ypres, Estatic Fear, October Tide, Cathedral, Doom:VS, Emperor, Enslaved, Summoning, Arcturus, Alcest, Primordial, Windir, Officium Triste, Borknagar, Thyrfing, A Forest Of Stars, Nightwish, Tiamat, Crematory, The 69 Eyes, Darkseed, Dark The Suns, Beseech, Fields Of The Nephilim, Amon Amarth, Draconian, HammerFall, Edge Of Sanity, Isole, Enforcer, Dan Swanö, Gates Of Ishtar, Krux, Iron Maiden, Bruce Dickinson, X Wild, Iced Earth, Led Zeppelin, Rainbow, W.A.S.P., Grave Digger, Jorn, Axel Rudi Pell, Thin Lizzy, I, Immortal, Acid, October Falls, Trees Of Eternity, Pagan Altar, Ava Inferi, The Fall Of Every Season, Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy, Witchfinder General, Wyrd, Thrudvangar, Heulend Horn, Vindland, Until Death Overtakes Me, Count Raven, Blazing Eternity, Runemagick, My Shameful, How Like A Winter, Limbonic Art, Winterfylleth, Amor E Morte, Svarrogh, Inspell, Star Queen, Darkflight, Blood Ceremony, Dark Forest, SIG:AR:TYR, Tvangeste, Thrawsunblat, Uaral, Dornenreich, Cardinals Folly, Stormheit, Paganus, Katakombi, Taatsi, Fall Of The Idols, Noumena, The Wandering Midget, Vorna, Spiritus Mortis, Witherscape, Oliver/Dawson Saxon, The Slow Death, Arthemesia, Hooded Menace, Colosseum, Silentium, Oranssi Pazuzu, Angellore, Sin Origin, Ador Dorath, Ningizzia, Hel, Evertale, Forefather, Doomed, Eïs, XIV Dark Centuries, Alda, Purple Hill Witch, Månegarm, Nachtlieder, Rebellion, Abbath, Bifröst, Avrigus, Cryptal Darkness, Rose Tattoo, Soulsearch, Jack Frost, Siegfried, Wiegedood, Saille, Thurisaz, Imber Luminis, My Lament, Panndora, Eternal Sorrow, Adagio (BRA), A Sorrowful Dream, Mythological Cold Towers, Shambless, Kobra And The Lotus, Fairytale Abuse, Fjorsvartnir, Myrkur, Heidra, Ecthalion, Whispering Forest, Celestial Crown, Assamalla, Urt, Bestia, Tharaphita, Oz, Viikate, Battle Beast, Poisonblack, Sentenced, Häive, Kivimetsän Druidi, Battlelore, Korpiklaani, Finntroll, Ensiferum, Church Of Void, Ordog, Astral Sleep, 0 X í S T, Lord Vicar, Tyranny, Thergothon, Dolorian, Reverend Bizarre, Skepticism, Black Sun Aeon, Shape Of Despair, Woods Of Belial, Cantata Sangui, Darkwoods My Betrothed, Thy Serpent, Draugnim, Heol Telwen, Aes Dana, Murmuüre, Douce Morphine, Love Lies Bleeding, Wedding In Hades, Distress, Inborn Suffering, Ataraxie, Remembrance, Lethian Dreams, Lonewolf, Nagelfar, Lunar Aurora, Secrets Of The Moon, Nargaroth, Dark Fortress, Falkenbach, Aeba, Flowing Tears & Withered Flowers, The Oath, Atlantean Kodex, Worship, Ophis, Ahab, Lion Twin, Arctic Winter, Risk, Blackened, Running Wild, Old Season, Wreck Of The Hesperus, Mael Mórdha, Mourning Beloveth, Twilight Of The Gods, Dread Sovereign, The Bishop Of Hexen, Fortíð, Árstíðir Lífsins, Svartidauði, Kontinuum, Skálmöld, Sólstafir, Earth And Pillars, Valkiria, Opera IX, Mourning Mist, Black Oath, Abysmal Grief, DoomSword, Fire Trails, Vanadium, Spidkilz, Holy Martyr, Protean, Wagars, Velnezers, Lîvi, Neglected Fields, Catalepsia, Sun Devoured Earth, Frailty, Skyforger, Shadowdances, Folkodia, Folkearth, Enslavement Of Beauty, Iskald, Ancient, Myrkgrav, Demonaz, Kampfar, Solefald, Nàttsòl, Isvind, Nidingr, Trelldom, Ildjarn, Forgotten Woods, Faanefjell, Galar, Helheim, High Priest Of Saturn, Skumring, Vagrant God, Havnatt, Carpathian Full Moon, Faustcoven, Evig Natt, Omit, Lamented Souls, Funeral, The 3rd And The Mortal, Crystal Viper, Via Mistica, Cemetery Of Scream, A Dream Of Poe, Painted Black, Mourning Lenore, Midnight Priest, Attick Demons, Ironsword, Dordeduh, Shallow Rivers, Dis Pater, Black Countess, Funeral Tears, Ankhagram, Dark Embrace, Helevorn, Crystalmoors, Gothmog, Vintersorg, Thy Primordial, Grift, Istapp, Skogen, Siebenbürgen, King Of Asgard, Ereb Altor, Tristitia, The Funeral Orchestra, When Nothing Remains, Nox Aurea, Forest Of Shadows, Bullet, Steel Attack, Steelwing, Civil War, Astral Doors, Darkmoon, Coroner, The Duskfall, The Everdawn, The Moaning, The Equinox Ov The Gods, Katatonia, The Vision Bleak, Mandator, Mysto Dysto, Laster, Myrkvar, Thronar, Slechtvalk, Faal, Carach Angren, Nymphea Aurora, Lords Of The Stone, Abysmal Darkening, Elizium, Night Of Suicide, Whispering Gallery, Morphia, The 11th Hour, Vanderbuyst, Picture, Saxon, Satyrian, Danse Macabre, Menhir, Ancestral Legacy, Tartaros, Geïst, Hordes Of The Lunar Eclipse, Powerwolf, Catafalque, Enshine, Clouds, Mother Witch & Dead Water Ghosts, Torrens Conscientium, Mental Torment, Somnolent, Apostate, Ego Depths, Edenian, Dragobrath, Mournful Gust, Holy Blood, Autumnia, Raventale, Weapon UK, Valpurgis Night, Night Viper, Sea Bastard, Son Of A Bitch, Sinbreed, Myrah, Arrayan Path, Landskap, Killers (UK), Iron Void, Company Of Snakes, Winter Storm, Vardis, Spartan Warrior, Serpent Venom, Season's End, Guns N' Roses, AC/DC, Hydra Vein, Gillan, Decomposed, Blind Fury, Pariah, Bill Ward, The Water Witch, Wolfsbane, Sleipnir, Iron Hearse, Edenfall, Dominion, Savatage, Tears Of Martyr, Serious Black, Persian Risk, Old Corpse Road, More, A II Z, Tony Martin, Sweet Savage, Marseille, Desolation Angels, Jaguar, Witchsorrow, Tysondog, The Lamp Of Thoth, Glenn Tipton, Arkham Witch, Tau Cross, Witchfynde, Deathwish, Ebonylake, Age Of Taurus, Acid Reign, Thunder, Bad Company, My Silent Wake, Cloven Hoof, Blaze, Blaze Bayley, Oakenshield, Wayfarer, Eternal Tears Of Sorrow, Kalmah, Blitzkrieg, Discharge, Solstice, Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats, Tygers Of Pan Tang, Pythia, Eye Of Solitude, Magnum, Budgie, Samson, Iommi, Tokyo Blade, Waylander, Xentrix, Savage Messiah, The Cult, Wodensthrone, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, UFO, Warning, The Who, Saor, Orange Goblin, Bal-Sagoth, Halford, Jethro Tull, Fen, Uriah Heep, Esoteric, Evile, Whitesnake, Motörhead, Darkestrah, Tummler And Solomon, Trauma (USA), Total Eclipse, The Living Fields, Sweet & Lynch, Silence In The Grey, Plague Of Stars, Hortus Animae, Lake Of Blood, Grey, Dysperium, David Galas, David Benson, Arryan Path, Apothecary, Akem Manah (USA), Seasons Of The Wolf, Realmbuilder, Khaotika, Harvestman, Gypsyhawk, Fuath, Insomnium, Deadsea, Coven 13, Blackfinger, Black Star Riders, Embraze, Crystal Eyes, Quo Vadis, Sylvaine, The Coven, Ayr, Ah Ciliz, Wooden Stake, Valkyrie, Slauter Xstroyes, Sinister Realm, Rain Fell Within, Doga, Arakain, Kenn Nardi, Anacrusis, Griffin (USA), Fall Of Empyrean, Eight Bells, Derkéta, Kuolemanlaakso, Àrsaidh, Dokken, Poison, Hellhammer, Aftershok, 40 Watt Sun, Cor Scorpii, Décembre Noir, Wretch, The Gates Of Slumber, Sacred Steel, Elixir, Dio, McAuley Schenker Group, Darkwell, Sarcófago, Vulcano, Holocausto, Bedemon, Volture, Steel Assassin, Shok Paris, Q5, Pilgrim, Epoch Of Unlight, Driver, Death Dealer, Hansen & Friends, Airbourne, Woman Is The Earth, Widowmaker, Well Of Souls, Ruthless, Occultation, Lilitu, Darkthrone, In Ruins, Gothic Slam, Unisonic, Dead Summer Society, Wino, Utstøtt, Legend, Jack Starr's Burning Starr, Icarus Witch, Netherbird, Cauldron Born, Aska, Amulance, Warrior, Shroud Of Bereavement, Blind Guardian, Lancer, Quartz, Jacobs Dream, Don Dokken, Deadly Blessing, Crypt Sermon, Warrior Soul, Twisted Tower Dire, Spirit Caravan, Thorr's Hammer, TT Quick, Ross The Boss, Place Of Skulls, Merciless Death, Fear Of God, Dusk, Britny Fox, Sacred Oath, Heir Apparent, Halloween, Gammacide, Cult Of Herodias, Confessor, Solbrud, Spirit Adrift, Faster Pussycat, Blood Feast, Abattoir, Viking, Steel Prophet, Lynch Mob, Mountain, House Of Lords, Hexx, Castle, Tim "Ripper" Owens, Survivor, Philadelphia, Seven Witches, Savage Grace, Obsession, Wormwood, Blessed Death, Wargasm, Vhöl, Velvet Cacoon, Y&T, Hanoi Rocks, Sir Lord Baltimore, Lycus, Ace Frehley, Nasty Savage, Leatherwolf, Autumn Tears, Powermad, Hallows Eve, Cianide, Witch Mountain, The Obsessed, Iron Butterfly, Brocas Helm, Devastation, L.A. Guns, Krieg, Attacker, Hatchet, Act Of Defiance, Rob Rock, Liege Lord, Fifth Angel, Chaos Moon, Catacombs, Argus, Mantic Ritual, The Howling Void, Winter, Sons Of Liberty, Elf, Cage, Beyond Fear, Sebastian Bach, Holy Terror, Mare Cognitum, Nightbringer, Dark Tranquillity, Blue Cheer, Black Country Communion, Bell Witch, Hammer Horde, Winger, Todesbonden, Pharaoh, Christian Mistress, Fight, The Steve Grimmett Band, Grim Reaper, Steve Grimmett's Grim Reaper, Zakk Wylde, Morgion, Extreme, Jex Thoth, Atrophy, Omen, Ashes Of Ares, Aesma Daeva, Orchid, Falls Of Rauros, Six Degrees Of Separation, Suicidal Angels, Mr. Big, Cirith Ungol, Lita Ford, Huntress, H-Blockx, Warrant, Vicious Rumors, A Pale Horse Named Death, Acid Witch, Chelsea Wolfe, Agnostic Front, Cnoc An Tursa, De Arma, Toxik, Vio-lence, Monstrosity, While Heaven Wept, Solitude Aeturnus, Sacred Reich, Blue Öyster Cult, Saint Vitus, Pentagram, Virgin Steele, Sanctuary, Sadus, Nachtmystium, Flotsam And Jetsam, Warlord, Jon Oliva's Pain, Quiet Riot, Judas Iscariot, Tesla, Stryper, Cannabis Corpse, White Wizzard, Panopticon, Newsted, Journey, Jungle Rot, Psychotic Waltz, Cinderella, Trouble, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Morbid Saint, Einherjer, Marche Funèbre, Acid Bath, Heathen, Absu, Evoken, Aerosmith, Forbidden, The Doors, Deafheaven, Dark Angel, Caladan Brood, Nuclear Assault, Twisted Sister, Heaven And Hell, Control Denied, Possessed, Daylight Dies, Autopsy, Mötley Crüe, Skid Row, Fates Warning, Joe Satriani, Danzig, Metal Church, Havok, Wolves In The Throne Room, Skeletonwitch, KISS, Alice Cooper, Black Label Society, Death Angel, Obituary, Alice In Chains, Nevermore, Symphony X, Testament, Megadeth, Burning Point, Storm, Atrium Noctis, Master's Hammer, Horn, Eldamar, Primitive Graven Image, Lillian Axe, Pillorian, Acrophet, Iron Fire, Helrunar, Sorcerer, Nasty Idols, Krokus, The Morningside, Eneferens, Baruk Khazad, The Unity, Grima, Woods Of Desolation, Hjel, Isengard, Armory (SWE), 220 Volt, Wizard, Below, Sun Of The Sleepless, Rock Goddess, Hallatar, Helleborus, Savage Circus, Witch Cross, Black Hawk, Wintersun, Bereft Of Light, Orden Ogan, Satyricon, Griftegård, Magic Kingdom, Mob Rules, Procession, Kalmankantaja, Portrait, Firewind, Zornheym, Kawir, Katla., :Of The Wand And The Moon:, Lustre, Taunusheim, Solanaceae, Crimson Day, Fornhem, Primal Fear, Artillery, Appice, Hooded Priest, S-Tool, Andras, Almyrkvi, Ram, Heidevolk, Dreadrealm, Norilsk, Digger, Angel Dust, Anvil, Trespass, Minas Morgul, Iron Angel, Sadauk, Lake Of Tears, Visigoth, Rocka Rollas, Blazon Stone, Breitenhold, Cloven Altar, Bonfire, Askvald, King Witch, Arkuum, Sojourner, The Wounded Kings, Acolytes Of Moros, TNT, Uuntar, Paara, Sanhedrin, Hyperion, Heavy Lord, Riot V, ICS Vortex, Heresiarh, Sear Bliss, Anthemon, The Skull, Yith, Attic, Wolfchant, Walpyrgus, Manimal, Virgin Black, Verni, Sullen Guest, Dynfari, Impellitteri, Arion, At The Gates, Saxorior, Faunus, Elegos, Chrome Division, Great White, Jack Russell's Great White, Ten, Lord, Heavenward, Green Novice, Ūkanose, Negative, Throes Of Dawn, Woebegone Obscured, Estrangement, Hela, Sol, Mekigah, Altitudes & Attitude, Skiltron, VII Gates, Midnattsol, Trail Of Tears, Hermh, Circle II Circle, Palantír, Tengwar, Lion's Share, Catamenia, Immortal Souls, Deceiver, Himinbjorg, Far Beyond, Ocean Of Grief, Accidental Suicide, Helix, October 31, Misanthrope, Salem, Manilla Road, Hard Rain, Rosy Vista, Celtachor, Laochra, Benediction, Poema Arcanus, Dark Illusion, Ilium, Canaan, Goathemy, Obtest, Victory, Herman Frank, Ymir's Blood, Cans, Husqvarna, Michael Schenker Fest, Fenrir, Dauden I Mørke, Persuader, Naglfar, Brainfever, Onirism, Seer, Coldbound, To Wither, Nailed To Obscurity, Vidunder, Dawn Of Winter, Tony Wakeford, The Rays Of The Sun, Steel Vengeance, Sortilegium, Crashdïet, Rising Faith, Return To Innocence, Void Moon, Gatekeeper, Ironflame, Wytch Hazel, Black Viper, Gunjack, Pretty Maids, Iron Savior, Licht- Und Schattensaiten, Klabautamann, Dargaard, Mena Brinno, Valhall, Airdash, Afflicted, In Lingua Mortua, Violent Force, Anguish, Wotan, Dark Covenant, Quorthon, Tales Of Dark..., Slavogorje, Saga, Svartahrid, Pallbearer, Tublatanka, Ravenland, Stormwitch, Witchbound, Vesperia, Arcana, Phantom Blue, Waldgeflüster, Dekadent, Obscurity, At The Lake, Somnus Aeternus, Chariot, Desperado, Dee Snider, Heavy Load, Huldre, Gernotshagen, Vulcain, Sortilège, Trust, Nitro, Viking Crown, Luthor, Long Voyage Back, Axatak, In Silentio Noctis, Sinner, Armour, Ever Circling Wolves, Evergrey, Trial, Mindless Sinner, Mindless, Swallow The Sun, Avantasia, Edguy, Mike Tramp, King Crimson, Ozzy Osbourne, Lemuria, Akem Manah, The Three Tremors, Michael Monroe, Morgana Lefay, Lefay, Vulture, Dødsferd, Dämmerfarben, Amulet, Resistance, Exsecratus, Burden Of Grief, Embraced, Scavenger (BEL), Blackwelder, Ambush, Avathar, Spirits Of Fire, Bloodbound, Axe Crazy, Vanhelgd, Hamferð, Fading Bliss, Sacral Rage, Dimlight, Orion's Reign, Judicator, Guardians Of Time, Dragony, Crimfall, Cronian, Armageddon, Towards Atlantis Lights, Haunt, Bewitcher, Obed Marsh, Dautha, Falchion, Cacumen, Throndt, A New Revenge, Týr, Dwarrowdelf, Vanaheim, Evil-Lÿn, Sunken, Cemetery Fog, Asphodelus, Hordak, Dead Raven Choir, Vanir, Razor, Idhafels, Ulfsdalir, Ignitor, Mist, Draugsól, Kaleikr, Obsidian Sea, Eremit, Wormwitch, Grand Magus, Aeonian Sorrow, Monolithe, Metsatöll, Witchers Creed, Wolfshead, Wolfhorde, Harakiri For The Sky, Uada, Xerión, Odroerir, Surturs Lohe, Fimbulvet, Helritt, Vrankenvorde, Skyclad, Beyond Belief, Brymir, Savage Steel, Carved In Stone, Ringarë, Hades Almighty, Hades, Astral Path, Enisum, Thanatos, Illimitable Dolor, Ethereal Darkness, Slammer, Firespawn, Nocturnus AD, U.D.O., Terror Activator, Wolf Counsel, Manowar, Frosttide, Gardsghastr, Red Moon Architect, Oliva, Malsain, Superlynx, Gomorrah (UK), Stormhammer, Deathrow, D-A-D, Pounder, Petrichor, Expulsion, Grief Collector, Úir, Dunces, Silentrain, Charon, Faith, Moon Chamber, Assorted Heap, Spiral Grave, Dark Millennium, Katedra, Malduguns, Romuvos, Daughter Chaos, Palat, Visionatica, Nightstryke, Majesty, Ghost Voyage, Chroming Rose, Inculter, Metallica, Kabát, Citron, Salamandra, Beltaine, Krleš, Vitacit, Galadriel, Orkrist, Majster Kat, Morgain, Vader, Kat, Turbo, Eden's Curse, Misþyrming, Chaos Magic, Ivory Tower, Timo Tolkki's Avalon, The Wolves Of Avalon, Altar Of Oblivion, Fatal Embrace, Nusquama, Pectora, Vargrav, Wöljager, Turilli / Lione Rhapsody, Valborg, Death Penalty, Bathsheba, Gorath, Legionnaire, Chevalier, High Inquisitor Woe, The Rods, Steeler (Ger), Crowbar, Down, Warrel Dane, Natan, Chalice, Riot V, Gaoth, Finsterforst, Khors, Domine, Mithotyn, Ásmegin, Nocturnus AD, Shores Of Null, Cân Bardd, Monasterium, Alastor (SWE), Savage, Hanging Garden, Eskapism, Beorn's Hall, Windfaerer, Aoratos, Advent Sorrow, Fall, Equilibrium, In Mourning, Smoulder, Gygax, Crystal Ball, Exumer, Narnia, Prohod, Texas Hippie Coalition, Destroyer Of Light, Kull, Epectase, Orodruin, Stormlord, Kat & Roman Kostrzewski, Ritual Steel, Forever Winter, Minotauri, Tortured Spirit, Symfonia, Burning Witches, Metal Inquisitor, Contradiction, Doomraiser, Keel, Ron Keel Band, Keen Of The Crow, Coronatus, ReinXeed, Majestica, Tank, Algy Ward's Tank, Domgård, Dreamtale, The Great Old Ones, Rain, Covenant, Evemaster, Attomica, Messiah, Eudaimony, Ewigheim, Noekk, Vanden Plas, Andavald, Macbeth (GER), God Macabre, Darkness, David Coverdale, Lightning Born, Sadistic Ritual, Poltergeist, Carrion, Extreme Unction, Overlorde, Despair (GER), Nothgard, Metalforce, Gedanken Toten Lebens, Wind Rose, Evil Invaders, At War, Znowhite, Helvetets Port, Intruder, Crom, Mean Man, Carpe Noctem, Heretic (USA), Odium Immortalis, Deathhammer, Nekromantheon, Nadiwrath, Litrosis, Devathorn, Macabre Omen, Acherontas, Varathron, Reverend, Freedom Call, Mavradoxa, Kotipelto, Forged In Black, Katra, Cryptic Wintermoon, Crystal Crow, Crystallion, Forsaken Rite, Obliveon, Winters Bane, Obsequiae, White Lion, Deep Purple, Realm, Charred Walls Of The Damned, The Ruins Of Beverast, Iron Mask, A Diadem Of Dead Stars, Saattue, Custard, Merciless Fail, Tom Keifer, Faithful Breath, Avatarium, Faith Or Fear, Zoetrope, The Ferrymen, Memento Mori, Hexenhaus, Battleroar, Sarissa, Warrior Path, Witchcurse, Angel Witch, Mistveil, Mar De Grises, Stormwarrior, Varg, Winterstorm, Dawn Ray'd, Diamond Head, Grinder, Wolfpakk, Imperium Dekadenz, Holocaust, E-X-E, Coven, Capricorn, Agony (SWE), Napalm, Warrant (GER), NME, Arbitrater, Nordkväde, Funebre, David Ellefson, Assassin's Blade, Evil Sinner, Stygian, Asphyxia, Millennium, Oak, Denial (USA), Amboog-A-Lard, Holosade, Minotaur, Cruachan, Twilight Force, Millenium, Eviction, Moral Crusade, Dawn Of Destiny, Midnight Odyssey, Satans Taint, Let Me Dream, Anthrax, Mystik (USA), Raven Black Night, Lord Fist, Revelation Attic, Oceanpath, Lureaway, Vanvidd, Lullacry, Dark At Dawn, Imperial Age, Savn, Jyrki69, Mercy, Skyblood, Der Weg Einer Freiheit, Fatal Embrace (GER), Opium Doll, Forgotten Tomb, Merging Flare, Loud Crowd, Bulldozer, Shadowland, Dzö-nga, Latent Fury, Ion Vein, Plateau Sigma, Midnight Force, Midvinterblot, Otyg, Irminsul, Yggdrasil, FEJD, Grimner, Odhinn, Alestorm, Mistur, Leaves' Eyes, Athelstan, Ingrimm, Aethernaeum, Winterdome, NightCreepers, Winterhymn, Stille Volk, Gwydion, Heathen Foray, Mirzadeh, Mystik, Source (I), Miseria, Power Theory, Attika, Stormburner, Tanith, Your Shapeless Beauty, Pride & Glory, Eddy Malm Band, Heavens Decay, Angel Sword, Insane (SWE), Entrench, Cavernous Gate, Hagalaz' Runedance, Sacrament, Kublai Khan, Slaughter House, Sun God, Leather, Avenger, Avenger (GER), Saracen, Wrath Of Echoes, Morast, Vidargängr, War Cloud, Screamer (SWE), Biff Byford, Cloak, Irrbloss, Isengard (SWE), Obsidian Tongue, Wolf, Lethal, Lääz Rockit, Kirk Windstein, Nils Patrik Johansson, Left Hand Solution, Coverdale & Page, Phil Campbell, Nattvindens Gråt, Ratt, Armored Saint, Booze Control, Vultures Vengeance, Ancient Rites, Widundret, Urskumug, Silvis Vetus, Savage Master, Riot City, Dysphorian Breed, Veritates, Mogg, Mortem (NOR), Verikalpa, Hecate Enthroned, 48 Crash, Capilla Ardiente, Havayoth, Gotham City, Pale Divine, Jenner, Redstorm, Nocturnal Rites, Dead Silent Slumber, Ancient Wisdom, Mors Osculi, Harmdaud, Aska (SWE), Laudamus, Cryonic, Mike Machine, Scheitan, Necromicon, Battlelust, An Abstract Illusion, Maninnya Blade, Mirror, Katana, Candle, Orne, Black Swan, Utbyrd, Parakletos, Vortex, Sivyj Yar, Assassin, Ulfven, Eosphoros, Temple Of Void, Konvent, Rebel Riot, Helgrind, Rush, War Dogs, Mourning Sun, Caskets Open, The Ossuary, Dark Incognito, Angercure, David Reece, Mother Depth, Sorcery, Diĝir Gidim, Witnere, Cryhavoc, Prestige, Profetus, Leviticus, Serpent Noir, Marrasmieli, Paul Di'Anno, Allen/Olzon, Lost In Grey, Rain Paint, Deja Vu, Reactor, Abyssic, Brothers Of Metal, Wolfen, Jarlshof, Alcatrazz, Aeternitas, Graham Bonnet Band, Delany, First Revival, Livsnekad, Acacia, Lönndom, Lychgate, Blind Cross, Midas Touch, Malice (US-MN), Rage, Rapture, Delirium, Dementia, Solgrav, Auringon Hauta, Skyforest, Vananidr, Yatra, Genfærd, Dødkvlt, Goats Of Doom, Deathwhite, Dead Kosmonaut, Frigoris, Hedninger, Revolution Renaissance, RoutaSielu, Asenblut, To/Die/For, Dawn Of Solace, Before The Dawn, Wolfheart, Sinamore, Lunar Path, Ragnaröek, The Road Vikings, Blaze Of Perdition, Faun, Apostate Viaticum, Stygian Crown, Vandenberg, Unleashed, Velnias, Turia, On Thorns I Lay, Slaughtersword, Deathless Legacy, Shylmagoghnar, Welicoruss, Obtained Enslavement, Mörk Gryning, Ablaze My Sorrow, Her Chariot Awaits, Funeralia, Godthrymm, Suum, Hex A.D., Conjuring Fate, Intense, Gods Tower, Teaser, Abigail (ROM), Salna, Imperial Child, Ashes You Leave, Killing, Old Man's Child, Dimmu Borgir, Sinergy, Eternal Champion, Tad Morose, Cemetary, Elvira Madigan, Triptykon, 3 Inches Of Blood, Mournful Congregation, Malokarpatan, Gloryhammer, Ani Lo. Projekt, Dezperadoz, Antestor, Memory Garden, Goatlord, Unholy, Disembowelment, Celestial Season, Golgotha, Dissolving Of Prodigy, Visceral Evisceration, Baldrs Draumar, Sovvaļnīks, Ivanhoe, Orm, Sáwol, Mirror Of Deception, Darker Half, Haar, Asagraum, Jorn Lande & Trond Holter, Exhorder, Darkenhöld, Wolftooth, Warbringer, Sorrows Path, Altaria, Auðn, Ghost (POL), Khôra, Í Myrkri, Asarhaddon, Arcane Sun, Night Crowned, Dark Mirror Ov Tragedy, Semblant, Druun, Theophagist, Merciless, Blizzen, Wallop, Trick Or Treat, Exciter, The Spirit, Thunderstick, Saltas, Death The Leveller, Rotting Kingdom, Therion, Haggard, Mystic Prophecy, Khemmis, British Lion, Children Of Bodom, Nachtblut, Soulgrind, Ex Deo, Soliloquium, Ashes Of Life, Mekong Delta, Sinisthra, Anorexia Nervosa, Tar Pond, Madison, BPMD, Trivium, Machine Head, Pantera, Solothus, Trident, Paragon, Midvinter, Pete Ahonen, Solitary Sabred, Nevergreen (FIN), Dissolute Paradise, Malice (US-CA), Riot, Nite, Domain, Greyhawk, Hessian, Ferndal, Bergsvriden, Natur, Marko Hietala, Tarot, Doomshine, Dorn, Drautran, Stargazery, Night Demon, Palace, Lady Beast, Druid Lord, Unleash The Archers, ...And Oceans, Havoc Unit, Helstar, Moontowers, Spell, Molasses Barge, Lord Vigo, Subterranean Disposition, Magellan, Magnus Karlsson's Free Fall, Eden Weint Im Grab, Hammer King, Ryvendir, The Wizar'd, Vescera, Magus, Pänzer, Agent Steel, Eisregen, Mortalicum, The Spirit Cabinet, Nyrst, Twilight Ophera, Grindmaster Dead, Stormtroopers Of Death, Ad Vitam Aeternam, Bornholm, Mourners, Swallowed, Elvenpath, Vermilia, Funeralopolis, Soulfallen, Kick Axe, Nocturnus, Exgenesis, Tableau Mort, Solitaire, Mortum, Nephilim's Howl, Bythos, Israthoum, Atavisma, Assumption, Elivagar, Blissful Stream, Elmsfire, Nattsmyg, Two Headed Beast, Raven, Exodus, Terhen, Enid, Moonblood, Noctum, Nostradameus, Tarantula, Mortician (AUT), Aerial Ruin, Hraun, Edge Of Paradise, Reaper's Mark, Odyssey (SWE), Ophthalamia, Overdrive, Iron Wings, Serpent Lord (GR), Fellwarden, Medieval Steel, The Moon And The Nightspirit, Atkins / May Project, Mass, Sabbat, Terrorwheel, Thunderstone, Twilight Guardians, Twilightning, Ordo Obsidium, Vanguard, Vordven, Hukkunud Hinged, Belore, Rimfrost, Sacramentum, Sargoth, Seventh One, Shadowgarden, Sideburn, Black Abyss, Sparzanza, The Abyss, The Graviators, The Quill, The Storyteller, Unanimated, Winterlong, Within The Fall, Flight, VOJD, Black Trip, Released Anger, Destiny's End, Bride, Steve Von Till, Brainstorm, Lör, Distant Shapes, Cold Insight, Dead Lord, Gorky Park, Exit Eden, Legacy Of Emptiness, Revenant, Danger Danger, Ruadh, Acârash, Mike LePond's Silent Assassins, Mountain Witch, Hinayana, Elysian Blaze, Elgibbor, Graveshadow, Festerday, Collapse Of Light, Follow The Cipher, Senkhara, Lips, NorthTale, Necrophobic, Anna Von Hausswolff, Demist, Noctes, Apostle Of Solitude, Starblind, A.N.T.I., Steel Aggressor, Falconer, Goblins Blade, Decrepid, Tyrant (GER), Famyne, Blood Star, Angelcrypt, Valdrin, Moonlight Haze, Gorgon (FRA-IDF), Tyrant (USA-MI), Profane Burial, Inexorum, Velian, Eternal Darkness, The Escape, Bang, Night Sun, Buffalo, Order Of Isaz, Michael Schinkel's Eternal Flame, Parnassus, Prophanity, Cebren-Khal, Abyss Of Sheowl, Winter's Verge, Mad Hatter, Cranium, Seagrave, Cruel Force, Cult Of Frey, Agares, Tunrida, Aeon Winds, Asthma, Valar, Wings, Saigon, Sapfhier, Serpent, Chalice Of Suffering, Weeping Sores, Isenordal, Massenhinrichtung, Dexter Ward, Lionheart (UK), Shadowseeds, Crystal Pride, Snakeskin Angels, Black Soul Horde, Witchtower, Blasphemer (GBR), Horisont, Stillborn, Mist Of Misery, Silver Mountain, Skald, Steelwings, Wardenclyffe, Magnus, TIR, Taramis, Ritual, Crystal Skull, Molested, Hammerschmitt, Lyra's Legacy, Celéne, Mamorlis, Black Knight (NED), Game Over, Violent Playground, Killjoy, Hammerhawk, Ranger, Seven Sisters, Harvst, Witchskull, Dream Tröll, Redrum, Rampage (AUS), Siren (USA-FL), Deathcult (SUI), Bleeding Gods, Battle Ram, Ordoxe, Crestfallen Queen, C.I.A., Myridian, Pulver, Bendida, Vouna, Terror (USA-SM), Atramentus, Varaha, Holocross, Death Mask (USA-NY), Quayde LaHüe, Doro, Void Rot, Firelink, Syron Vanes, Philip Lynott, Brimstone Coven, Matron Thorn, Apocrypha, Living Death, Vhernen, Unholy Outlaw, Vad, Agonija, Bragdarlogi, Legendry, A.R.G., Blackslash, Rebel Wizard, Kurgan, Enbound, Crypts Of Despair, Yoth Iria, Dead End Finland, Depravation, Mimorium, Solar Temple, Zakaz, Gaylord, Desolator, Beast Of Revelation, Invoker, Loviatar, Feral (USA), Svartkonst, Witches Hammer, Thy Despair, Seprevation, Ethir Anduin, Sölicitör, The Watchers, Evil Spirit, Kalmen, Irdorath, Verdict Denied, Aggressive Perfector, Wode, Deathvalves, Carcinoid, Dawn Of Ouroboros, Hazzerd, Archon Angel, Freeways, Bitterness, VoidCeremony, Thunderslave, Apparition, Kambrium, Living Gate, Yarr, Wedingoth, Disconnect, Fordomth, Psychework, Twilight Fauna, Witch, Astral DNA, Drygva, Outloud, Munarheim, MindMaze, Exoristoi, Excoriate, Disastrous Murmur, Head:Stoned, Metalsteel, Plague Years, Sodomisery, Sign Of Cain, DeadRisen, Inner Missing, Shadowflag, Witches, Númenor, Hypnosia, Toledo Steel, Toxic Ruin, Sollertia, Holy Tide, Sentient Horror, Fatal Opera, Mentally Defiled, Possessor, Equinox (NOR), End Amen, Arcane (USA), Broken Glazz, Usurper (NED), Sabïre, Berzerker Legion, Sacrosanct, Raven Throne, Pandrador, Firstborne, Garden Of Worm, Powerlord, Eliminator (UK), Mercyless, Possession (USA), Bastardizer, Magick Touch, Killing Attack, Spellbound (SWE), Assignment, Avatar (USA), Fatal Curse, Cryogenic, Firtan, Heljareyga, Excuse, Aeternum Vale, Begotten, ...of Celestial, Abdunor, Agathodaimon, Despond, Turbokill, Veil Of Secrets, Crimson Cult, Watchtower, Unitra, Hexed, Rising Steel, Sarcoptes, Velvet Viper, Mean Streak, Elis, Spectral Lore, Judgement Day, Road Warrior, The Lightbringer Of Sweden, Evoke, Blazing Rust, Where Lovers Rot, Fallen, Graveworm, Theatres Des Vampires, Abigail Williams, Loudblast, Legend (JE), Erben Der Schöpfung, Agressor, Ligeia Wept, Katavasia, Cromlech, Darrva, The Troops Of Doom, Beast In Black, Rekuiem, Sacrilege (UK-GLN), Ages, Fastway, Crowhill Tales, Dictator, Oghre, Witherian, Svavelvinter, Substance For God, Septicflesh, Thundermother, Black Messiah, Galloglass, Misanthropia, Mad Max, A Canorous Quintet, Dover Trench, Storrsson, Aeon Noctis, Wild Dogs, Feradur, Detrimentum (NOR), Zakk Sabbath, Panychida, Darkened, Afsky, Saintorment, Tomorrow's Rain, Argesk, Autumn's Kingdom, Ravage, Goat Of Mendes, Sanctimony, Saturn's Husk, Abyss, Maglor, Völur, Evildead, The Infernal Sea, Human Fortress, Soulburn, Hjelvik, Beastmaker, Niviane, Jim Gillette, Aeternus, Abused Majesty, Aragorn, Gravestone, Yomi, Year Zero, Draugûl, Forsaken, Martyrium, Nomad Son, Rising Sunset, Weeping Silence, Vulgaris, ASAP, Thulcandra, 13 Bells Of Doom, Chaosact, Tears Of Othila, Claymore, Revolting, Diseim, Dislocation, Old Night, Ixion, Fantasmagoria, Funeralium, Forlorn Tales, Stiltskin, Pagan Lorn, David Byron, The Byron Band, Rough Diamond, L7, Mortem Atra, Somnia, Albert Bell's Sacro Sanctus, Poets Of The Fall, River Of Souls, Lethal Night, Gardens Of Gehenna, Hexenklad, Celtic Legacy, Abstract Spirit, Sacred Outcry, Ars Moriendi, Alien Force, Dead Woman's Ditch, Blackwych, I, Forlorn, Acid Mammoth, The Dagger, Voodoo Circle, Clapsodra, Amebix, Ennui, Dark Sphere, Heavens Gate, Diathra, Blaine Rohmer, Anubis Gate, Mortal Reign, Acid Drinkers, Dying Rose, From North, Ambivalence, D.A.M., Alphayn, Zandelle, Gothic Knights, Ken Hensley, Autumnblaze, Jan Åkesson's Shadow Rain, Dawnbringer, Thrust, Gehenna, Tribulation, Delain, Dark Lunacy, Hollenthon, Angtoria, Northern Kings, Dreams Of Sanity, Saturnian, Fogalord, The Man-Eating Tree, Divercia, Final Void, Mary-Ann, High On Fire, Eyehategod, Lord Mantis, Tombs, Downfall Of Gaia, Superjoint Ritual, Superjoint, Disbelief, Bison B.C., Lord Dying, Lurk, Queensrÿche, Sweet Oblivion, Marillion, IQ, Astra (USA), Pagan's Mind, Vulture Industries, The Exploited, Mirrorthrone, Corrosion Of Conformity, Monster Magnet, Yob, Windhand, Weedeater, Acid King, Conan, Monolord, Sahg, The Flight Of Sleipnir, Alabama Thunderpussy, Cough, Altar Of Betelgeuze, Probot, In The Company Of Serpents, Black Space Riders, Black Moth, Mammoth Storm, Camel Of Doom, Grin, Saturnalia Temple, Sheavy, Pyracanda, Abaton, Nuclear Power Trio, Holy Mother, Nervosa, Golgata, Seven Spires, Black Tusk, Loch Vostok, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Tristania, Sirenia, Dimholt, Bitches Sin, Flashpoint, Remains, Phoenix In Flames, Medebor, Aenaon, Light Field Reverie, Mad Alien, Shade Empire, Abigail's Mercy, Angizia, Nightfall, High Command, Elvellon, Amortis, Kongh, Dark Quarterer, Ildaruni, Aonarach, Culted, Vargsheim, Eucharist, Alvenrad, Urbix, Monro, Jānis Bukums, Aggression, Rival Sons, Blues Pills, Slash's Snakepit, The Vintage Caravan, The Winery Dogs, Amsvartner, Misfortune, Ars Onirica, Vim Patior, Eclipse (POL), Stigmatic Chorus, Metalwings, Potentiam, Necromancer, Bestialord, Den Saakaldte, Madder Mortem, Nocte Obducta, Grey Heaven Fall, Morgoth, Vargavinter, Wheel (GER), Reunion, After Rain, Rosebourg, Tyrant (USA-CA), Aetherian, Anomalie, Ron Keel, Aeons In Solitude, Nightsky Bequest, Agatus, Divlje Jagode, Ghosts Of Atlantis, Drakkar, Rampart, Heavy Pettin', Surgical Strike, Nightmare, Conviction, Empire Of The Moon, Total Annihilation, Synodus Horrenda, Phrenetix, Malakhim, Blood Raven, Dying Gorgeous Lies, Illumishade, Adhuk, Iotunn, Fist, Greedy Invalid, Wolvennest, Jarun, Faff-Bey, Nydvind, Suicidal Tendencies, Keys Of Orthanc, Duskmourn, Frozen Soul, Solus Nihil, Alter (USA-CO), Sunstorm, Voodoo Six, Beyond Twilight, Twilight (DNK), Excruciate, Atra Vetosus, Varmia, Tytus, Shadowland (USA), Sister, Weird Tales, The Dead Daisies, Rites Of Daath, Dead Quiet, Agnes Vein, Lunar Shadow, Eidolon, Vacant Grave, Abrogation, Speedrush, Dæmonesq, Daius, Bloodway, Grave, Grá, Paysage D'Hiver, Barkasth, Autumn Nostalgie, Mysticum, 1914, Masterplan, Seth, Hulder

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