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Title: Shawb
Favorite bands: A Perfect Circle, Abandon, AC/DC, Alice In Chains, Amon Amarth, Amorphis, Anathema, Angizia, Antimatter, Apocalyptica, Argus, As I Lay Dying, Atoma, Axel Rudi Pell, Be'lakor, Bethlehem, Blut Aus Nord, Camel, Cannibal Corpse, Cemetery Of Scream, Children Of Bodom, Coal Chamber, Cobalt, Cormorant, Cryogenic, Dååth, Dalriada, Dark Lunacy, Dark Tranquillity, Deep Purple, Deftones, Demigod, Desire, Diabolical Masquerade, Dimmu Borgir, Dismember, Doom:VS, The Doors, Draconian, Dream Theater, Elysian Blaze, Empyrium, Enshine, Epica, Exivious, Freak Kitchen, Forefather, Gary Moore, The Gathering, Ghost Brigade, Gojira, Guns N' Roses, Hades Almighty, Hammers Of Misfortune, Hermética, Incubus, Insomnium, In Vain, Iron Maiden, Isis, Isole, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Joe Satriani, Kalisia, Kat, Katatonia, King Crimson, Lacrimosa, Lamb Of God, Led Zeppelin, Marilyn Manson, Mastodon, Metalium, Metallica, Mezarkabul, Mono, Moonsorrow, Mordab, Motörhead, Mourning Beloveth, Mudvayne, Musica Diablo, My Dying Bride, Necrophagist, Neurosis, Nocturnal Depression, Novembre, Nucleus Torn, Officium Triste, Ondskapt, Opeth, Pagan Altar, Pan.thy.monium, Pink Floyd, Pin-Up Went Down, Porcupine Tree, Psychotic Waltz, Qutin, Repugnant, Riverside, Rotting Christ, Rush, Sabbat, Satan, Satura, Saturnus, Sepultura, Serj Tankian, Seventh Wonder, Silencer, Sinister, Slayer, Slipknot, Slough Feg, Slumber, Solitude Aeturnus, Stam1na, Steven Wilson, Summoning, Swallow The Sun, Symphony X, System Of A Down, Taake, Therion, Thrawsunblat, Tiamat, Tierra Santa, Tool, Trivium, Type O Negative, UFO, Van Halen, Verdunkeln, Vomitory, The Who, Winterhorde, Worship, Wuthering Heights

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