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Favorite bands: Metallica, Megadeth, Iced Earth, Gamma Ray, Dimmu Borgir, Satyricon, Dark Tranquillity, Cradle Of Filth, Opeth, Crematory, Killswitch Engage, Wintersun, Swallow The Sun, Mayhem, DevilDriver, Lamented Souls, Children Of Bodom, Dream Theater, Hypocrisy, Dark Funeral, Dark The Suns, Katatonia, Ghost Brigade, Crossfade, System Of A Down, Mudvayne, Amorphis, Amon Amarth, Borknagar, Vader, Iron Maiden, October Tide, In Mourning, Trivium, Disturbed, Godsmack, AC/DC, Serj Tankian, Kittie, Enslaved, Kamelot, Candlemass, Melechesh, Helloween, My Dying Bride, Rhapsody Of Fire, Agathodaimon, Black Sabbath, Machine Head, Six Feet Under, Insomnium, Five Finger Death Punch, Gorgoroth, Hammerfall, Moonspell, Motörhead, Be'lakor, Black Tide, Anthrax, Myrath, Nervecell, Absentation, Ajdath, Avenged Sevenfold, Tool, Dark Moor, Marduk, All That Remains, Hellyeah, Dio, Carach Angren, Black Sun Aeon, Kimaera, Hollenthon, Barren Earth, Norther, Scorpions, Aerosmith, Slayer, Lamb Of God, Eternal Tears Of Sorrow, Bloodbath, Necrophobic, In Flames, Deathstars, Acrassicauda, Dominia, Sepultura, D.A.M.N., Blue Öyster Cult, King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, Manowar, Korn, Immortal, Savatage, ICS Vortex, Suicidal Angels, Evile, Solution .45, Suicide Silence, Kiss, Rose Funeral, Graveworm, Finntroll, Kataklysm, Lacuna Coil, Eluveitie, Mastodon, Whitechapel, Arcturus, Cannibal Corpse, Anathema, Suffocation, Soulfly, Nile, Sonic Syndicate, Esoteric, Ulcerate, Sodom, The Agonist, Before The Dawn, Semargl, Venom, Bleeding Through, Gojira, Agalloch, Cavalera Conspiracy, Xandria, The Unguided, Behemoth, Thine Eyes Bleed, Al-Namrood, Narjahanam, Odious, As I Lay Dying, Draconian, Scar Symmetry, Dope, Wine From Tears, Daylight Dies, Faithful Darkness, Dark Age, Kreator, Ill Niño, Delain, Ektomorf, Judas Priest, Ghost, Periphery, God Seed, Rise To Remain, Newsted, Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals, Equilibrium, Wolfheart, Skuggsjá