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Favorite bands: Immortal, Behemoth, Mayhem, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Heaven And Hell, Dio, Dissection, Nargaroth, Bathory, Quorthon, 1349, Gorgoroth, Belphegor, Satyricon, Hypocrisy, Burzum, Cadaveria, Enslaved, Enslavement Of Beauty, Amon Amarth, Shape Of Despair, Cannibal Corpse, Bloodbath, Graveworm, Wintersun, Slayer, Carpathian Forest, Metallica, Draconian, Impaled Nazarene, Iron Maiden, Celtic Frost, Swallow The Sun, King Diamond, Dark Funeral, Moonspell, Dark Throne, Watain, Tiamat, Woods Of Ypres, Deicide, Morphia, Lord Belial, Dimmu Borgir, Opeth, Marduk, Nervecell, Old Man's Child, Catamenia, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Darkthrone, Anathema, After Forever, Ajattara, Amorphis, Ancient, Ancient Rites, Ancient Wisdom, Apocalyptica, Arch Enemy, Axel Rudi Pell, Blackfield, Blackmore's Night, Borknagar, Children Of Bodom, Chrome Division, Crematory, Cradle Of Filth, Death, Deep Purple, Doom:VS, Dream Theater, Emperor, Europe, Epica, Forgotten Tomb, Gehenna, Evergrey, Guns N' Roses, Haggard, Hollenthon, I, Ihsahn, Kamelot, Kimaera, Iced Earth, Joe Satriani, Kittie, Leaves' Eyes, Led Zeppelin, Lacuna Coil, Macbeth, Megadeth, Morbid Angel, Mourning Beloveth, My Dying Bride, Mudvayne, Nile, Norther, Northern Kings, Novembers Doom, Opera IX, Orphaned Land, Otep, Ozzy Osbourne, Ov Hell, Nightwish, Primal Fear, Porcupine Tree, Lacrimas Profundere, Salem, Samael, Septicflesh, Sepultura, Slipknot, Steven Wilson, Stratovarius, System Of A Down, The Project Hate MCMXCIX, The Sins Of Thy Beloved, Theatre Of Tragedy, Theatres Des Vampires, Therion, Venom, Virgin Black, Vital Remains, Within Temptation, Yngwie Malmsteen