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Also known as Avenger (GER) (1984-1986)

Country: Germany
Label: SPV/Steamhammer

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Formed in: 1986

1986- Heavy metal
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1986-  Peter "Peavy" Wagner - vocals, bass
2015-  Vassilios Maniatopoulos - drums. vocals
2020-  Stefan "Stürmer" Weber - guitars
2020-  Jean Bormann - guitars
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1986-1987  Jörg Michael - drums
1986-1987  Jochen Schröder - guitars
1986-1987  Rudy Graf - guitars
1986-1987  Thomas Grüning - guitars
1987-1993  Manni Schmidt - guitars
1987-1999  Christos Efthimiadis - drums
1993-1999  Spiros Efthimiadis - guitars
1993-1999  Sven Fischer - guitars
1999-2006  Mike Terrana - drums
1999-2015  Victor Smolski - guitars, keyboards
2007-2015  André Hilgers - drums
2015-2020  Marcos Rodriguez - guitars, vocals
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1991  Christian Sumser - guitars
1988  Will Reid-Dick - backing vocals
1990  Ulli Köllner - keyboards
1996-1999  Christian Wolff - piano
2002  Hansi Kürsch - backing vocals
2002  D.C. Cooper - backing vocals
2003  Andreas "Andi" Deris - backing vocals
2009  Mike Terrana - drums


1988 Round Trip / Across The Universe [Split]
1990 Bathory / Tankard / Rage Sampler [Split] 8.5
1993 Melodic Metal Strikes Back [Split]
1994 Power Of Metal [Split]
1994 Power Of Metal [Split] 7.3
1994 The Video Link [DVD]
1995 The Crawling Chaos [Single]
1997 Live From The Vault [Live] 7
1998 The Best From The Noise Years [Compilation] 8
2001 Best Of Rage - All G.U.N. Years [Compilation] 8
2001 Metal Meets Classic Live Plus All G.U.N. Bonustracks [Collaboration] [DVD]
2002 A Tribute To The Four Horsemen [VA] 6.7
2002 A Tribute To The Beast [VA] 8
2002 The Lingua Mortis Trilogy [Boxset]
2002 The Dark Side [Compilation]
2004 From The Cradle To The Stage [Live] 8.9
2004 From The Cradle To The Stage [DVD] 9
2006 Full Moon [Single]
2007 Full Moon In St. Petersburg [Live] 8.7
2007 Full Moon In St. Petersburg [DVD] 8.4
2008 2 Originals Of Rage (Unity / Soundchaser) [Compilation]
2009 Best Of [Compilation]
2009 Carved In Stone / Gib Dich Nie Auf [Boxset] 10
2010 Into The Light / Purified [Single]
2014 The Soundchaser Archives [Compilation] 8.4
2015 The Refuge Years [Boxset]
2016 Carved In Stone / Speak Of The Dead [Compilation]
2016 The Devil Strikes Again / Second To None [Split] 7.5
2017 Blackened Karma [Single]
2017 The Early Years - From Avenger To Rage [Boxset]
2019 The Metal Years [Boxset] 8
2019 Let Them Rest In Peace [Single] 4.5
2019 True [Single] 4.5
2019 Chasing The Twilight Zone [Single] 5
2020 The Price Of War 2.0 [Single] 8.5
2020 Live In Poland - February 16th 2016 Warsaw [Live] 5.5

Latest reviews

Huh? Didn't Rage release an album just last year? Good for you Peavy; shaking things up with a new line-up apparently got your creative juices flowing again.   Review by D.T. Metal ››
Heavy metal
Nuclear Blast
Length: 55:00

Rage are back with their fruitiest album since Soundchaser. Strings To A Web is a much more relaxed, fun and overall enjoyable album than the band's previous album Carved In Stone, which was much more...   Review by Baz Anderson ››
Rage are that stick in the mud when it comes to heavy metal from Germany, they have been around the block a number of times and it is highly unlikely that your path will not have crossed with Rage sometime in the past. As most of you will be familiar,...   Review by Baz Anderson ››
The Germanic Rage of Heavy Metal is blowing through our beloveth lands. This time it's 2 hours of live material from our favourite kind of Rage.
After their successful latest release "Soundchaser" Rage decided to record their largest live...   Review by Malcolm ››
Meanwhile Rage releases their largest live album, they also release their first DVD, and believe me, it's not only a DVD, it's a fucking great double DVD.
Here you'll get both the concert, the same as on the live album, plus a lot of bonus...   Review by Malcolm ››

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