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Karlabos' 2016 Most Favourite Releases

A 2016 list about ugly metal, cute pop and weird music.

I was trying to do something sorted alphabetically, but I realized it makes more sense if I sort them in the order I discover/listen to. So, the closer to the top, the later I found about the release. Older entries to the bottom.

Antecipated albums are sorted in release date.

Oh, hey I institutionalized the ❤s system: ❤❤❤ is aoty contender. No hearts means it's not aoty contender but it's still pretty good. and ❤ and ❤❤ mean something in between.

Suggestions welcome =]

Created by: Karlabos | 21.11.2015

1. El Ahrairah - St
(black metal) if there is an album which reminded me of the eternal and almighty Dressed In Streams it's this one. definitely looking forward for their next stuff
2. Mega - St
(grindpop or so they say) some weird grind with clean vocals which kinda reminds a blend of O.L.D.'s new and older stuff at the same time
3. Crayon Pop - Evolution Pop Vol I
(kpop/jpop) a double disc by Crayon Pop which i wasn't aware of and is pretty good. no the whole double disc is called vol 1 only.
4. Xenon Maiden - Enigma
(vocaloid/power metal) this genre really needs more non-male non-tenor vocals like that.
5. Kodemari Koruri - Lunatic Butterfly
(touhou jtrance) similar to Alstroemeria/Tsukasa/Masayoshi Minoshima. if you have good touhou trance taste you know what this means
6. Psydoll - Machine Wand: Chapter 2 of Machine Kingdom
❤ (gothic rock/industrial) not only this ep, but this band is insanelly good. how wasn't i aware of its existence?
7. Shinigiwa Satellite - Dead Again
(hardcore) female fronted hardcore which reminds me of Foreground Eclipse, except with only cleans
8. room - Translucent
❤ (electronic) i can't believe i actually listened to a bit of this last year and decided it wasn't worthy. this is definitely one of the best vocaloid things of last year
9. Nee Trauma - Noise Nurse: Nee Traunma Demos
(lofi indie rock) side-project of Fox Medicine's guys, apparently. or maybe the same project? can't tell... anyway this sounds like old school era Yeah Yeah Yeahs, which is nice
10. Cambrian Explosion - The Moon
(folk psychedelic rock) if you like hammond organ fest on your typical folk psychedelic rock this is a must listen
11. Gigantic Brain - Gigantic Brain
(avantgarde industrial death/cybergrind) would you look at this pretty award nominee. to be honest i overlooked it when i listened to it when browsing bc but coming back properly it's actual good stuff
12. Salqiu - To Whom It Serves The Triumphant Destiny
❤ (experimental black) it's like Pan.Thy.Monium except that industrial black
13. Hatsuki Yura - Silver Blanchette
(dark cabaret/gothic lolita) it turns out december 31st was the most prolific day of 2016 since i keep finding good stuff release on that day. believe or not Hatsuki Yura got not one but two albums released on the last day of the year.
14. Agent 0 - Hell Destruction
(melodeath/grindcore) touhou themed melogrind
15. Der Blutharsch And The Church Of The Leading Hand - Sucht & Ordnung
(krautrock) more trippy krautrock awesomeness by dBatCotLH. this time there are female vocals, and also even a bit of black metal influence on the 2nd track.
16. Satarial - Blessed Brigit
(folk black) forget all foly black you've heard until now, which is often generic and boring as the rise of fantasy viking tales. this is the way folk black should be done.
17. OvO - Creatura
(experimental sludge) at last a new release by this band. it seems they were prolific until i found about them, then they suddenly stopped. anyway, this is top notch drone-ed experimental sludge. it's hard to find experimental sludge so when there is one must give support :3
18. Hatsuki Yura - Emerald Alice
(dark cabaret/gothic lolita) zomg, another gem of december 31. Hatsuki Yura doesn't always release spot on stuff, but when she decides to, well.. it's spot on. this is definitely the most annoyingly cute and happiest stuff i've heard in a while for sure
19. EastNewSound - Ironic Relation
(jpop) the amount of 2016 stuff released in 31 december is overwhelming. once more a jpop release from c91. this is the new EastNewSound. nothing exactly new here, but if you liked them before you'll like this one
20. Dymna Lotva - Зямля пад чорнымі крыламі
(almost blackened post metal) i can't believe i scrolled past this when i was looking for music back in '16, because this is rad as *insert a very rad thing*
21. t+Pazolite - Cutie Side
(happy hardcore) does 31st december still count as 2016? anyway... this is the first disc of a double t+Pazolite released in comiket 91. far more leaning towards happy hardcore and with clearer touhou-ish influences instead of that generic dubstep bs
22. Žalvarinis - Teka
(folk blues rock) some bluesy rock music with a touch of lithuanian folk and female vocals
23. Lectoblix - Letters of Longing and Loss; Still Awaiting Response
(post rock/dsbm) i was always interested in Lectoblix when it was instrumental, but now that it has vocals i must say it captured even more my attention
24. Shock Metamorphism - Denomination
(blackened stoner) perfect blend of regular stoner metal and blackened vocals. it's not exactly a blend, but there are blackened parts which are excellently positioned, which makes the atmosphere far more abrasive when needed. in other words, this is just regular yet very well done stoner metal
25. Arizmenda - Despairs Depths Descended
(black) Arizmenda is one of those bands which can write the same thing over and over again and still sound impressive.
26. CashewCats - Pill Case
❤ (chiptune/electronic/eperimental) some hard to describe electronic stuff. there are some vocals here and there but definitely not the focus of the music. there's also not a consistent pace or rhythm. sometimes it almost sounds like Emamouse or like the Earthbound soundtrack
27. NexDart - His Identity
❤ (alternative rock) i often hate alt rock as a whole because it's so overrated and plays everywhere i go and all bands kinda sound the same but it's a different story when Miku is the vocalist... also when the riffs are on point
28. The Ruins Of Beverast - Takitum Tootem!
(psychedelic metal) yum. this kinda sounds like Dordeduh, except that even better? it's completely different from the other Beverast releases, or at least different than the ones i've listened to. if the next album turns out all like this then it would be a great 2017.
29. Teen - Love Yes
❤❤ (r&b/indie pop) if you know eX-Girl (the band, not that crappy song by that korean group) then telling you that they and Teen sound similar is probably more effective than trying to describe the sound of any of them. if you don't know them, then... well...
30. N-616 - Futuropolis
(edm) genre-wise it's just instrumental edm, so you would expect it to be pretty bland. however it's all about the songwriting, even though it's nothing exactly original. there's something about it which makes the songs distinctive and makes you want to keep listening it until the end
31. Musashinoclan - 秋盤
(backpack rap) it's one of those hip hop records with trippy psychedelic instrumental, more focused on the trippy atmosphere than actually on the lyrics, even though it's hip hop. in other words, basically, backpack rap
32. Q'uq'umatz - I Know It's The Trees
❤❤ (lofi avantgarde black with folk influences) second album by the already prolific Q'uq'umatz. i feel it's more to the lofi black side than the extreme progressive this time, but it may be just me. this is perhaps less weird than the last one but far more refined. if you follow this list and have heard Vaults Of Zin and/or Black Spring Monolith you can expect the same vibe soundwise, which is a very good thing, right?
33. Elektroproekt - Mir Izumitel'nyy
(art rock/post punk) punk and complex songwriting based genres are something i often think of as mutually exclusive, but it turns out they aren't always. the blend seems to work well here. not much fan of the vocals, but the instrumentals are tasty, especially that bass.
34. Thousand Wounds - Structures Of Paradox
(ambient blackened drone) a blackened drone metal record with lots of dark ambient influences which instead of being interludes or background synth actually add to the atmosphere. it's hard to nail the dark ambient influences like that. but pleasing to hear when they do
35. NekRock - 愛
❤❤❤ (electronic/avantgarde ambient black) i think NekRock may have pretty much aced everything here. it's still an electronic infused ambient black metal with a similar idea as the previous two full-lengths, but this seems far more matured. the sinthy melodies really make the songs progress really epically here. plus there are some mind blowing chiptune parts. i don't often do highlight tracks but... Clear, Clear Blue Sky might just be one of the best songs of november
36. World's End Girlfriend - Last Waltz
(electronic/experimental) to be honest i haven't checked like.. "all" of their previous stuff (even though i should) but comparing to the albums i have heard this here seems a lot less breakcore-ish/weird and more to the minimal electronic side with some neoclassical elements. don't get me wrong, it still has those completely unexpected bombastic parts with goosebumps, so it's still your W'sEG, just a bit different.
37. Aenaon - Hypnosophy
(progressive black) it seems i was the only one who didn't know this band around here, so i'll refrain from descriptions
38. Strata Florida - Falling From Grace
(dreampop) hazy heavily reverbered female vocals and a psychedelic yet calm pop setup. there's something about it that makes you want to keep listening
39. Violent Magic Orchestra - Catastrophic Anonymous
(industrial/post metal) some drony industrial stuff based on atmosphere rather than actual melody. sounds a bit like The Body... or Author and Punisher...
40. Orbalisk/16​-​武装翼の女神 - Split
(cybergrind/industrial) i think i like 16​-​武装翼の女神's side the most, because it's more to the cybergrind side, and it has those vacuum cleaner background noises which makes it kinda neat. Orbalisk's side isn't half bad either. it's more like experimental/industrial music
41. Loverin Tamburin - Da Shi Te
(dark cabaret/experimental jrock) weird jrock thing which is Urbangarde/Wakusei Abnormal level of weird. if you like those bands you'll most probably like this. if you aren't familiar with them you probably should stay away...
42. Bitplane - Alice EP (Moonside)
❤ (electronic) can't exactly point out what Bitplane is except for the generic tag "electronic", it still remains one of those bands which i know there won't ever be anything alike. this ep is an instrumental extension of the last album, musical-wise. it's a bit short, but hey... it's Bitplane.
43. A Pregnant Light - Deep Lavender Dreams
(post black/post hardcore) A Pregnant Light never disappoints. more of that blackened post hardcore with the catchiest riffs and that characteristic echo-filled vocal style
44. Xpelleir - 便所飯
❤ (electronic experimental black) wow, wasn't aware there was new Xpelleir stuff. you don't see many worthy lo-fi electronic black like this these days. too bad it's just a short ep
45. Ghost Data - The Shepherdess
❤ (vaporwave/house) one more example of Ghost Data's supreme ability of blending old school and modern electronic music.
46. Glass Shrine - Lapidary
(punk/experimental black) so finally it got released! this is some weird black stuff with punk and (prog?) influences
47. Bernis - On The Shore Of The Eden
(progressive trance) somehow i wasn't aware of this Bernis' new material. every bit as epic as the debut
48. Ice Cream Suicide - I.S.C.R.E.A.M.
(jpop) this is quite looking like a jpop list lately, but i can't help it because that genre is so iffing good. this one has members of Bellring Shoujo Heart, so you kinda know what to expect.
49. Iosys - Spooky Halloween Tour
(dark cabaret/jpop) the days after halloween is that time of the year to find some upbeat spooky oriented jpop gems like this one
50. xtraspicy - first_sounds
(vocaloid) each song here belongs to a different genre, really. there's bossa nova, electro, drum n bass, vaporwave... but the album still flows like a whole one. and how neat is that?
51. Hatsuki Yura - Halloween Of the Dead
(dark cabaret/jpop) retro halloween spooky sounds, xylophones and upbeat rhythm, plus Hatsuki Yura's voice. it can't possibly get more adorable than that.
52. Furia (POL) - Księżyc Milczy Luty
(black) i wasn't aware Furia wrote this sweet kind of krautrock oriented black metal like that. might take the time to check their previous stuff, i guess.
53. Cultes Des Ghoules - Coven, Or Evil Ways Instead Of Love
(black) time to headbang again with CdG's sick riffs
54. Q'uq'umatz - Tepeu
❤❤ (experimental progressive) some sort of bedroom produced progressive extreme metal, but it's not like any extreme progressive you've ever heard, no. it's... you are gonna have to listen for yourself. i just warn that if you don't like your music very bizarre then you're not gonna like it
55. Specules - That Scraping Sound
(experimental black/indie rock) it's not everyday i find great experimental lofi black metal like this. if you like raw bm non-serious and blending other genres in a goofy yet effectible way like Lugubrum or Tjolgtar then this should be your thing.
56. Emamouse - Eyeballnized
(experimental electronic) another secret short ep by Emamouse (seriously guys, put all together in only one bc page plz) this one is instrumental and perhaps less weird than the others. it's like it follows the old route but with some vaporwave flavor added to it
57. Lapageria Rosea - Destripado Solitario
(ambient black/blackgaze) now that's my kind of stuff. completely blurred/bedroom produced instrumental and engulfed vocals in the back of the wall of sound, overwhelmed by a serene, soothing synth.
58. Phyllomedusa - The Foam Nest(s)
(sludge metal) a 50+ minute long sludge track by Phyllomedusa, be careful not to expose your ears to it during the whole thing at once in order to preserve your hearing
59. 月面避行 - crocco
(progressive trance/drum n bass/dubstep/electronic) perfect blend of several electronic subgenres such as technical progressive trance, drum and bass with some dubstep thrown here and there, all building a somewhat urban landscape. i swear sometimes this voice doesn't even sound like a vocaloid at all, rather actual vocals. edit: that's because they actually are, duh.
60. Antipsychocircumseptemsomambulation - From It Pours What Some Call Emptiness
(experimental) instrumental Jute Gyte
61. Demogorgon - Dilemma. Revenge. Snow.
(atmospheric folk black) side project by Zuriaake's guys. kinda sounds a lot like it actually. i just think it could've been done without the cleans...
62. Tekalu - Entrance Examination 2
(electropop/vocaloid) epic progressive electropop with heavily processed/autotuned Miku on vocals
63. Urfaust - Empty Space Meditation
(black) sounds like Urfaust
64. Saor - Guardians
❤❤(folk atmo black) this is so beautiful. i don't think i need to describe Saor here in this site though..
65. Bubblegum Octopus - Poolparty 2012: Wet Net Set
(chiptune/breakcore/experimental) yes, it has 2012 in the title, but it happened this year. this is probably the most acessible record by the Octopus so far. it is recorded on the format of a 20+ long single track, which apparently keeps getting better and better as time progresses
66. Botanist - EP3: Green Metal/Deterministic Chaos [Split]
(blackgaze/experimental black) dulcimergaze <3
67. Hail Spirit Noir - Mayhem In Blue
(blackened prog) let's face it. everybody knew it was gonna be a blast already
68. L'Homme Absurde - Monsters
(post black) a post-black release which does not sound boring like the others. kinda reminds me of Entropia
69. Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard - Y Proffwyd Dwyll
(stoner doom) just one more female fronted stoner doom record, but the vocals are so hazy and the production so blurry i can't help but to like it
70. JG/RL - Histoire de Corbeau et de Renard
(doom/black) some pretty interesting raw black stuff contrasting with the heaviness of psychedelic doom riffage
71. öOoOoOoOoOo - Samen
(avantgarde metal) oh how i missed actual avantgarde metal. as expected form a band by previous Pin-Up Went Down vocalist it has a lot of Pin Up Went Down to it
72. Arielle Dombasle & Nicolas Ker - La Rivière Atlantique
(rock/pop) this is as far from my confort zone as it goes (if i have any) but it's hella good. it just proves good music is not about the genre or experimentation, but songwriting
73. Furia (POL) - Guido
(black) sounds a lot like Pogravanjen's latest
74. Shock Of Daylight - Verschollene
((dark) ambient/electronic) for you who like instrumental and darky/drony electronic stuff
75. Kero Kero Bonito - Bonito Generation
❤ (kpop/bubblegum bass/experimental) the adorable new KKB album. for people with a heart only
76. Serph - Plus Ultra
(ambient/breakcore/electronic) a best of collection of Serph's tracks. recommended if you like video-gamesque chilly ambient/breakcore stuff.
77. Emamouse - Plant Spiral Bio Bombing
❤ (emamouse) can't really describe this except with the word "Emamouse". if you've heard their other stuff you'll understand what to expect.
78. DOUG The Eagle - Evil Songs For Evil People
❤ (prog rock) this is different from all the other prog rock stuff i've ever heard. it's very modern (read: "sinthy") and melody driven rather than focusing on technicity (read: music, not wankery), also catchy in a very tongue-in-cheeky way. pretty unique experience
79. CashewCats - まろやか原始スープ
(chiptune/vocaloid/electronic) a nice week is a week starting with a new CC album.
80. Grogus - Intuitive Readers and Metaphysical Artisans
(experimental death) one of those slow paced death releases with overly (?) long boring techy death metal songs... not! songs are just right and not boring at all, songwriting is fresh
81. Brain Tentacles - ST
(jazz/metal) some instrumental centered metal jazz/metal fusion made in a similar way as in Combat Astronomy, except that far more jazzy
82. Negură Bunget - ZI
❤ (folk black) in my view this is a lot folkblackier than the previous somewhat boring albums and totally unlike them, which works a lot for me. not complaining
83. Trip Inside Me - Open One Of The Doors
(dreampop/psychedelic rock) really well written stuff. it catches your attention up till the end
84. True Widow - Avvolgere
(stonergaze) blurred and heavy perfect blend of stoner rock and shoegaze. for those who already know the band, it follows about the same line of the other albums, which is great.
85. Metá Metá - MM3
(jazz/folk rock) very interesting music piece from the land where actual music is forgotten. sounds like a female fronted folk almost proggy rock with lots of brass instrument sections to make contrast. the combination works better especially in the slow songs
86. Ladybaby - Best of
(jpop/metal) some quality kawaii metal. but everybody probably knows these guys at this point already
87. Fox Medicine - based On Need
❤ (noise rock/sludge metal) record so dirty i had to take a shower after. if you like bedroom produced female fronted sludge as well as out of tune noise rock riffing you will like this.
88. Occams Laser - Purgatory
(retrowave) i know it's nothing exactly innovative but there's something about Occams Laser's songwriting that makes me willing to keep listening until the end.
89. Lovely Little Girls - Glistening Vivid Splash
(zeuhl) (i swear i didn't pick this because of the name) anyway, listen to it if ou are fond of that brassy cheerful and messy side of the zeuhl scene
90. Lost My Proust - Lycoris Libretto
❤ (post-hardcore/symphonic trance metal) majestic as always
91. memoryLick - Lost
(electronic/pop/vocaloid) everyone is finding good stuff on the recs thread meanwhile the only worthy thing i found these days is a pop ep. it's pretty damn good though
92. Cave Wave - Alive And Sequenced
(post-punk/noise rock) incredibly solid brazilian lo-fi noise rock with a very deep and blurred production which reminds of kvlt black metal one. i also dig the monotone goth-ish atmosphere
93. Ghost Data - The Occulus Occult
❤ (retrowave/pop/vaporwave/electronic) this has a lot of his previous eps/single material compiled on it, plus some new songs. i don't think i could describe properly how it sounds like
94. Spectral Apparition - Manifestation
(blackened doom) fast-paced doom metal, anyone?
95. Izumi Makura - Identity
(jpop/hip hop) another chilly hip hop album by Izumi Makura
96. Thy Catafalque - Meta
(avantgarde black) although this is a lot less avant-garde-ish than the previous efforts, it's still a nice experience, what with all the psychedelic rock influences on the build-up.
97. Computer Magic - Obscure But Visible
(pop) if i tell you i've waited the whole year to listen to a 5-song pop ep, will you think i'm weird? what if i tell you that it was worth the wait?
98. Toromi - Torosicks
(denpa) how not to love Toromi?
99. The Birthday Massacre - Imagica
(synth rock) a 2016 remastered version of TBM's first demo plus a couple extra songs
100. A Diadem Of Dead Stars - Kingdoms Bathed In Golden Light
(atmospheric black metal) some uplifting atmo black by this one greek guy. kinda sounds like it belongs to the cascadian black scene
101. Melobunii-P - ReGrEts
(electronic/vocaloid) so it seems all of this is done by a 19 year old person with a hearing problem, thus the overall production tone is more to the raw and deep side, making it even more interesting.
102. 杏仁 - ムリサイド
❤ (alternative rock) new album by 杏仁. it turns out they are not only good but prolific after all
103. Amocualli - Xiuhcoatl
(folk metal) new Amocualli album. black influences are gone, now just pre-hispanic folk metal
104. An Autumn - Eternal
(atmo-black/blackgaze) even with all those thousands blackgaze and atmo-black bands out there, aAfCC still stands out after all this time
105. Candelabrum - Necrotelepathy
(black) some bedroom bm with synth and a lot of reverb. sometimes just an interesting production is enough to make the whole thing worthy
106. SubRosa - For This We Fought The Battle Of Ages
❤❤❤ (doom) i thought i was hyping it so much it wouldn't turn out as good as i was making out to be... but it is
107. Tanpopo Crisis - Everything Flows
(blackgaze) most ordinary blackgaze Tanpopo Crisis album. even though there's nothing exactly special about it, it's just too damn good
108. Devin Townsend - Transcendence
(prog) one of the most metallish devin's albums in a while.
109. Demimonde - Cygnus Oddyssey
(progressive industrial death) basically a death metal version of Diapsiquir
110. Juuyondaime Toilet No Hanako San - Makka No Toilet
(hardcore/thrash metal) some interesting female fronted music somewhere between hardcore and thrash metal with hints of jpop thrown here and there
111. Yukakko - Another Wor1d
(trance/jpop) more trance-ish jpop from comiket 90.
112. Confetto - すりーぷ!
(jpop) even though nanahira mostly does denpa vocals and Confetto mostly does denpa songs this album is more of a trance-ish jpop release, which is good. not that i dislike denpa or anything but it's nice to hear something fresh
113. DenKaRe - Denkishi Ongaku Shuu III
(jrock) while it's not a new Yousei Teikoku album, it still has yui's voice, so i get that going for me, which is nice.
114. EastNewSound - Tragical Garnet
(trance/jpop) since comiket 90 just ended you will most likely see a lot of jpop and vocaloid on this list the next days
115. Bellring Shoujo Heart - Beyond
(electronic/psychedelic rock/experimental jpop) holy heavens. there's a new Bellring Shoujo Heart and i wasn't aware of it
116. White Shore - City Vibes
❤❤❤ (post black) catchy black metal with interesting urban vibes similar to Netra, The Apache Revolver or Lifelover
117. Horseback - Dead Ringers
(psychedelic rock/krautrock) if you want a more eloquently elaborated description read che's review... or just go ahead and listen to it.
118. My Purest Heart For You - Guilt Had Ambushed Me Once Again
(post black) interesting post black ep with some drone influences
119. Der Blaue Reiter - Fragments of Life, Love & War
(martial industrial/neoclassical) more classical than industrial this time, but still with its epic bombastic martial drumming and inspired background synths.
120. Hyponic - 前行者
(doom) sorta dissonant extreme doom metal album. kinda reminds me of Blut Aus Nord sometimes
121. 杏仁 - たわめく
❤ (vocaloid/experimental rock) so this band called 杏仁 just released three albums at once on bc. i don't know if it's the actual release date or just the date they added it on bc, and they didn't bother to display the info, but anyway... what i know is that this is on the same level of CashewCats and CroissantChicago and added to my list of absurdly good vocaloid projects
122. Shataan - Weigh Of The Wolf
(black) gotta check it if you like crepusculo negro's pre-hispanic raw folk black stuff
123. No One Gets Out Alive - Severe Cold
❤ (country/brutal death) brutal deathgrind meets banjo
124. Book Of Sand - Occult Anarchist Propaganda
(black) a lot rawer and less experimental than their previous releases unfortunately, but it's still good.
125. 夢 YURI 夢 - Programmed Emotions
(vaporwave/drone) the urban atmosphere evoked by your known 夢 YURI 夢 now seasoned with a fuzzy and noisy layer of drone. it makes things even better
126. NekRock - Our Summer
❤❤ (idolgrind/dubstep/blackened pop/experimental black) by far the most interesting release of july. some harsh, fuzzy blackened grindseasoned experimental music with the cheerful atmosphere of idol jpop. there's even a jpop cover. not to mention the album ends with a kickass sax section. i honestly couldn't ask for more than this
127. Sylvaine - Wistful
(doom/blackgaze/shoegaze) even though this band seems to be already known in the shoegaze scene i didn't discover it until a couple days ago. it's indeed good stuff
128. 8-Bit Hero - Among Angels
(vocaloid/rock) despite the band name, this is not 8-bit music. instead it's an interesting sorta experimental rock with electronic influences and miku on vocals.
129. Wakusei Abnormal - Vivi de Vavi de Love
(jpop) finally had a chance to listen to this. sounds like Wakusei Abnormal. abnormal as always.
130. Ell - Sweetest Nightmare
(doom metal/rock) female fronted slow tempo rock with some sudden doom metal moments
131. Sva Da Ra - Istok
(djent/electro/folk metal) an electrobits driven vedic volk record with ethereal female vocals and some djent riffs thrown here and there.
132. The Always People - Boardwalk Casanova
(psychedelic/retrowave) retrowave synth-based music with psychedelic rock influences.
133. memoryLick - Threshold
(chiptune/vocaloid/electronic) some hard to describe electronic stuff with vocaloid and chiptunes
134. The i.l.y's - Scum With Boundaries
(breakcore/experimental electronic) side project of Death Grips. a bit more organized than DG but still very messy stuff. the tags althought somewhat close don't make the music justice, you would need to listen for yourself.
135. ColdWorld - Autumn
(blackgaze/atmo black) yes. blackgaze. if you are against it and are looking for something similar to the raw dsbm-ish vibe of the first album you'll probably be disappointed to some degree. now if you're up to some beautiful and homogenous blend of atmo black and blackgaze this is the one for you
136. Arizmenda - Beneath This Reality Of Flesh
(black) sounds like Arizmenda.
137. Tentenko - A E I O U
(denpa/electronic) her voice is terrible but it suits the music in a weird way. the music is basically almost ambient psychedelically repetitive pieces a la Burzum except with some electronic bits added to it. in the end it's kinda like dungeon synth meets jpop with electrobits.
138. CashewCats - とこなつ☆パヴィリオン
(chiptune/bossa nova/electronic/vocaloid) i have an urge to say CC keeps getting better and better but that would be untrue, since they were already awesome in the beginning.
139. Imperceptum - Entering The Domains Of Complete Nonexistence
(blackened doom) new Imperceptum stuff
140. Tamoanchan - Tlamatinime
(folk doom) nice doom metal with pre-hispanic folk elements and thematic. vocals kinda remind me of Conan. like a lighter and folkier version of Conan
141. Onirism - The Well Of Stars
(ambient black) i took a nap whilst listening to this. felt great
142. Gnaw Their Tongues - Wenn Die Leere Seele Zur Hölle Fährt
(experimental black) gotta love GTT's black albums. i am trying to keep the number of short eps/singles/splits to a minimum but this is just too cute to be ignored
143. Nishino Kana - Just Love
❤ (jpop) i'm not much of a fan of Nishino Kana but i liked this one. it's often more upbeat than usual. probably it's because of all the western country influences.
144. CashewCats - 水無月ブルースカイ
❤ (electronic/chiptune/vocaloid/world/experimental) other masterpiece by CC... and again in less than a month. how is such creativity possible? if i was to elect a band that i'm impressed with in this whole year, it would be Cashewcats.
145. Tanpopo Crisis - The Tunnels That Built The Moon
❤ (grindcore/post black) this band sure is interesting. i remember listening to his older stuff and been conflicted about how to feel. this record is genuinely good, nonetheless. might be time to check the others again, i guess.
146. Homeboy Sandman - Kindness For Weakness
(hip hop) some nice hip hop with kind of a tropical feel to it, similar to middle era Cunni(y)nli(y)ngui(y)sts or however it is written
147. Bighead - Only 1 feat. Hatsune Miku
(techno/pop/vocaloid) some epic radio-ish techno pop tracks with miku on vocals
148. Suiyoubi no Campanella - UMA
❤❤ (jpop/world/electronic/trip hop/hip hop) SnC somehow manage to merge all of those genres into one and make it work on an unreal manner. i think this is their best album yet, both open-minded-wise and musical-wise
149. Névoa - Re Un
(black) a beast of a release with four epic modern black metal tracks
150. Jambinai - A Hermitage
(folk post metal) just like the previous release, it's almost entirely instrumental. it has those agressively goosebumpy moments as well as those quite calm moments, where nothing much happens. you need to be on a post mood to enjoy it
151. Occams Laser - Nine Circles
(retrowave) new Occams Laser release. this is a kinda dark (i mean, for the genre standards) release, in the veins of Perturbator almost. good stuff
152. Der Blutharsch And The Infinite Church Of The Leading Hand - Jastreb Orient + Occident
(krautrock) it's the new DBatICotLH release. four songs, of course with over 9 minutes each.
153. Terra Tenebrosa - The Reverses
(ambient black) now that's some eerie riff-fest.Terra Tenebrosa is still one of the only bm bands which remind me why the genre is labeled "extreme"
154. Swans - The Glowing Man
(rock) i like Swans. i mean... the band, not actual swans.
155. Blut Aus Nord - Codex Obscura Nomina [split]
(experimental black) it sounds terrible production-wise, really. but it's still BAN and Aevangelist, so we forgive them and try to look past it. the songwriting is still superb
156. Wormfood - L'Envers
(avantgarde gothic metal) a very good album. surprised it didn't get much mention here, even with it being Wormfood and all...
157. The Lady AnoNYMous - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
(world/industrial/instrumental) the best releases are the ones you can't classify on any genre. this is an instrumental piece tending to electronic music, with hints of industrial, breakcore, etc balanced with world influence and other things such as darkwave and trip hop and whatever
158. Sinistro - Semente
(doom/sludge) very heavy and slow female fronted doom
159. HVLTN - Remembrance
(progressive rock/vocaloid) miku leading a prog band
160. Death Rabbits - Dai Niji Usagi Taisen
(avantgarde metal/jpop) for those who liked Babymetal, Death Rabbits is some other sort of kawaii metal, except that a bit more jpop inclined than Babymetal is. also structure-wise it's far weirder
161. Ghost Data - Dream Divination 夢占い
❤ (vaporwave/techno) more elegantly made vaporwave with a modern touch by the prolific Ghost Data.
162. Crush Fetish - Og Det Er Derfor De Kaller Meg Stor Pikk
(avantgarde sludge death) awesome meets terrible. i mean, if you would get tongue-in-cheeky grindcore-ish sludge with avantgarde structure and original samples/interludes thrown among it together with death, industrial and noise influences with some kind of chris barnes level vocals on it, would you find the whole thing good or bad? listen and decide.
163. CroissantChicago - Cozy Views
❤ (post rock) holy mother of something exaggerated that has a mother. It's a new CroissantChicago ep.
164. Los Crveles - Ritmo Infernal
(surf rock) non-metal bands using black metallish harsh vocals is something that will never cease to amuse me. it's surprising how harshs fit every genre they touch
165. Zeal And Ardor - Devil Is Fine
❤❤ (black metal/soul) wat? soul meets black metal? yes. and the jam is strong
166. Astronoid - Air
(progressive shoegaze) i still don't know honestly whether i like it or not. i mean... it sounds very good, but it also sounds very not.
167. Nagaarum - D.I.M.
❤ (experimental black metal) it seems every time this guy(s) get better with t(h)e(i)r(s) stuff. this is even catchier than the other ones. not to mention more experimental
168. Jute Gyte - Perdurance
❤ (experimental black metal) it sounds just right
169. Virus - Memento Collider
(avantgarde metal) dat bass. sounds like the last Vulture Industries, except that maybe even better.
170. Drudkh - One Who Talks With The Fog / Pyre Era, Black! [Split]
(atmo black) both Drudkh songs are awwn as always. those riffs, that guitar tone, that voice. they all can't be mistaken. but there are gonna be those who say "it was much better in album x, after that it's all crap"...
171. Supercircuit - Supercircuit
(synthwave/edm/vocaloid) haven't heard anything as nostalgia-inducing on the vocaloid since Ghost Data. in fact it resembles GD in a certain way. like a more modern/edm-ish version of it.
172. Haunter - Thrinodίa
(dissonant death/black) one of those records to make you dizzy
173. Blodstrupmoen - Blodstrupmoen
(blackgaze/post black) today was the day of listening stuff i wouldn't have listened to in other circumstance. if you listen to just bits/skip parts to check what it is like then it'll seem like "just other post black", but the stuff gets better when you stop to listen to it as a whole
174. Alldrig - Introspective Existentialism
(instrumental dsbm/ambient black) the words in parenthesis already clarify what you'll listen here. if you're in mood for some interesting ambient/depressive black you should check it out. to be honest i don't know whether it is actually instrumental or not, it could be that the vocals are too buried in the mix no one can hear them, a la Njiqahdda, still that feels like an instrumental release. the production is made so that the instruments that matter are heard above the others, which is for the best. had all them sounded in the same volume the record could have not been as good
175. Master's Hammer - Formulae
(experimental/thrashened black metal) Master's Hammer has franta storm in vocals. that should be enough and should require not more explanation, since it's like the czech language was made for his voice. anyway this album here seems to tend a bit more to the industrial metal side than the two last ones. probably influenced by the fact they were playing on an industrial metal band called Mortal cabinet the last year.
176. Vidian - A Piece Of The End
(post metal) think of good post metal, that is... post metal with actual songwriting... just like Cult Of Luna, for instance. yes. those kind of releases still do exist.
177. CashewCats - Rebooting CashewCats Device
(chiptune/breakcore) CC has been slowly becoming my favourite overly prolific band. each album is different from each other and all of them are incredibly well-done taking in consideration the time interval between them. this one is some pretty catchy chiptune/breakcore/world/electronic stuff
178. Grüppe - Vinÿle
(zeuhl/krautrock) some pretty nice and weird zeuhl (duh) with some krautrock and math rock/noise tendencies. available for free on the bc =)
179. CashewCats - Natulal Plateau Camp
(vocaloid/ost/world) aww yiis, CC is back. to be honest i thought the last one was going to be their last because of the title. this one is like world/video game (something similar to secret of mana maybe?) with miku as vocals.
180. A Pregnant Light - Rocky
(blackened hardcore) one song piece by APL. the track is splitted in small parts, but it's still just one. before you say the cover looks dumb bear in mind it's a tribute for damian's father who passed away. and what a tribute. another blackened hardcore masterpiece done by damian of colloquial sound recordings
181. Goreshit - I Hardly Knew You
(breakcore) some more of the unworldly ethereal breakcore tracks by goreshit. the background synth is strong in this one. it's like dark ambient meets breakcore
182. Whispered - Metsutan - Songs Of The Void
(melodeath with folk influences) typical Whispered. melodeath with some traditional japanese folk string sounds thrown here and there. it's not all about such influences but about the songwriting, which is somehow actually interesting unlike most melodeath out there.
183. Heksena - Ethereal
(dsbm) basically a two song ep only (since the rest are intros and interludes), but quality dsbm stuff. also the ambient-bm-ish synths make it sound freshier than the other bands of the stagnant genre. i like the cover too.
184. Atomikylä - Keräily
(psychedelic/stoner black) think of a more stoner version of Oranssi Pazuzu. that's fun as heck. btw speaking of Oranssi Pazuzu the guys are involved in this band as well. but you knew that already since you visit this site frequently and this was all over the news and stuff.
185. Kvelertak - Nattesferd
(blackened hardcore) sounds like Kvelertak, except that in this record the songs seem a bit more varied, imo. which is good, right?
186. Emamouse - Kiwi Vendor
(electronic instrumental) an instrumental album by Emamouse. apparently they decided to record the older works and release it as an album. worry not. the lack of vocals don't make it any less weird.
187. Phyllomedusa - Glass To Face Avocation
(grindcore) the tongue-in-cheek formula of grindcore releases consisting of less-than-a-minute songs can be pretty overused, but sometimes it's just that the band fucking rules for a certain motive, so we listen to it anyway. and like it. i think i like this because of the brutalness, yep. it's like... there's grindcore. then there's some very exxageratedly (so exagerated it's mispelled) heavy and noisy and brutal grindcore, and then there's Phyllomedusa.
188. CashewCats - Good Bye C. C.
❤❤ (vocaloid/chiptune/breakcore/electronic) those songs are just too amazingly well-done to be composed in like a week or so. damn, it was like the third album this year already. i seriously don't get how this guy manages to do it o.o
189. Aesop Rock - The Impossible Kid
(hip hop) i may be not much of a hip hop guy, since i'm always much more interested in the instrumentals and in the way the lyrics combine with them rather than in the lyrics per se. but some hip hop bands/albums are are just good regardless. like, the background music just fits somehow.
190. Death Grips - Bottomless Pit
(experimental hip hop) like anyone doesn't know Death Grips by know and it needs any description
191. Soutaiseiriron - Tensei Jingle
❤ (jpop/math rock) there's something about Etsuko vocals. it's like she's a veela or something
192. CashewCats - わたし、めきめき屋根のうえ+ボーカル
(electronic/vocaloid) this ep is different from all CashewCats stuff. it kinda sounds like semi-chiptune game soundtrack with miku vocals and some techno thrown on it. if you like old-school music soundtracks you'll enjoy this, i guess.
193. Corvid Canine - At The Left Hand Of Chaos Sits Eros, At Its Right, Thanatos
(atmospheric grindcore) not even sure why i like this, i guess it just works. listened twice already. (probably because listening once takes like 10 minutes or so) musically it sounds like lo-fi digital grindcore with hardcore-ish vocals and some hazy atmospheric synth on the background
194. Darkestrah - Turan
(folk black) well-done long black tracks with a bit folk influence. basically, a typical Darkestrah record. which is good, right?
195. Violet Cold - Cellar Door [Split]
(blackgaze) new single/ep-ish thing by Violet Cold and Sorrow Plagues. about 20 min of quality upbeat blackgaze to brighten your day. i especially like the vocals on the VC track.
196. Iosys - Picoration
(techno/jpop/denpa) if you never listened to Iosys before, please stay away
197. Schammasch - Triangle
(black/death) it turns out it IS quite good, yes. i'll give it to them. the two first discs, i mean.
198. Respire - Gravity And Grace
(post black) awwn. most adorable of the post black metals with brass instruments and glockenspiels and whatnot which give it the finest of the jazzy vibes in contrast with the agressiveness of the post black setup.
199. Skinflick - I'm Pissing On You But The Fire Has Long Since Gone Out
❤ (industrial rock) pretty rad industrial rock with even radder vocals. they kinda sound like Attila Csihar's
200. Ojaco - あーかいぶす えくすてんしょん
(drum'n bass/breakcore/electronic) an instrumental album. nice beats.
201. Sun Worship - Pale Dawn
(atmo-black) yea, i'm aware i kinda tend to evaluate most black i listen to as "atmospheric", but it's just that i'm differentiating them and 2nd wave-like black a la Ildjarn (which would be labelled as just black in the case). this is a regular atmoshperic black album. nothing exactly original, but still quality material, composed by good riffage and ambience.
202. Dälek - Asphalt For Eden
(experimental hip hop) sounds a bit lighter than Dälek (lol), like an ethereal version of it. but that's for the best, i guess. i'm enjoying better the new formula.
203. Skyforest - Unity
(ambient black/blackgaze) new album by Skyforest, sounding epic as usual. if you don't know the band all you need to know is it is done by the same guys behind Austere and Germ.
204. Eterna Rovina - Metamorfosi
(atmo-black) (or should it be Metamorfosi - Eterna Rovina? the context isn't exactly clear of which) anyway, this is italian atmo-black and therefore it is bound to have some Melencolia Estatica/Movimento D'avanguardia Ermetico on their sound. if you like the italian atmo-black scene you will like this
205. Autokrator - The Obedience To Authority
(death) obscure cavernous death metal. i think the production could be a bit better. i also miss the once strong drone influence present in the debut, but still a good release anyway.
206. CashewCats - Alice In Super Nova
❤❤ (noise/chiptnune/vocaloid) some weird music done by cute computer beeps and noises and chiptunes with some hints of breakcore and japanese traditional music with miku as vocals
207. Ustalost - The Spoor Of Vipers
(psychedelic black) people who like lofi riff based psychedelic black a la crepusculo negro or stuff like Brown Jenkins are bound to like this like i did.
208. Imperial Triumphant - Inceste
(tech blackened deth) sounds like Imperial Triumphant
209. Absence Of Joy - No Pleasure In Existence
(depressive drone doom) it's like drone doom meets dsbm riffs. interesting stuff. it's been a while an instrumental record caught my attention like that
210. メガネ - 手さぐり
(gorge/industrial hip hop) this is japanese gorge rap. you either like it or you don't.
211. Moe And Ghosts/Kukan Gendai - Rap Phenomenon
❤❤ (zeuhl/experimental hip hop) when it comes to Moe And Ghosts i knew i was in for some experimental hip hop stuff, but didn't imagine it was going to be that.. avant-garde. it's like if math rock, post rock and zeuhl merged with hip hop making some sort of zeuhlian math post hip hop but without the rock, just the post, zeuhl and the math?? this is just roughly speaking. i can't actually even describe what i heard here. definitely the fresh sound the hip hop scene needs.
212. Death Fortress - Deathless March Of The Unyielding
(atmo-death/black) well-executed sorta blackened death/deathened black. althought not exactly original it's certainly not bland either. to write something far more appealing: kinda sounds like Hate Forest sometimes
213. Perfume - Cosmic Explorer
❤❤ (shibuya kei/trance/jpop) forget everything you listened to until now. for the new Perfume album has finally awakened
214. Deep Mountains - Enchanted By The Blooming Echo
(acoustic) nice acoustic folk album. if you stop to listen to it, it doesn't even come to mind that they are acoustic versions of black metal songs at all. it sounds like it was written to sound that way.
215. Crayon Pop - Crayon Pop
❤❤ (kpop/jpop) i like Crayon Pop mostly for its kawaiiness, so when i listened to the first two songs i freaked out and thought they went to a more bland direction. fortunately the album gets a lot better from the third track on
216. Conjuro Nuclear -
(ambient black) pretty interesting ambient black metal album even though a bit poorly produced. kinda sounds like a slightly metaless version of portuguese Medo.
217. Babymetal - Metal Resistance
❤❤ (jpop/djent/melodeath/trance metal) it seems i was wrong by assuming they would go more to the power metal side this time, and i'm glad i did. dayum, this is tasty
218. Moonsorrow - Jumalten Aika
❤ (atmo-black/folk metal) it sounds like Verisakeet :,)
219. K. Tamayan - 新沢モトヒロ
(poemcore) spoken word based music althought mostly boring can sometimes be surprisingly fitting if done the right way. i myself think the whole japanese poemcore scene is an example of the latter, but then again i'm kind of biased when it comes to japanese music.
220. NekRock - Traum
(lolicore/dubstep) somehow i hate pre-2016 NekRock's stuff, but it seems this year he totally changed the direction to this more obscure approach of lolicore. whatever the reason is, i'm enjoying all those last albums. keep them coming.
221. Otus - 7.83Hz
❤ (sludge/post metal) quality stuff in the vein of Cult of Luna
222. Elisile - Now That I Know
(alternative rock) i don't always listen to genres i normally dislike just because of the vocals. but i never quite listened to "vocals" like "these"... really. it's a shame it's just a single/ep with 2 songs only. if anyone would know anything with similar vocals, please give a shout.
223. Oomori Seiko - Tokyo Black Hole
(jpop) well, what's to say? is the new Oomori Seiko album. sounds like Oomori Seiko. good thing if you like carefree and slightly rock-oriented jpop
224. The Body - One Day You Will Ache Like I Ache [Collaboration]
(experimental noise/ sludge) i'm glad the body outstanded in this collaboration. kinda like the body with full of hell influences. as typical of the body, this is some sick stuff
225. Cult Of Luna - Mariner [Collaboration]
(post-metal) julie... oh, julie...
226. Pergalé - Antropologija
(blackened rock with folk elements..?) after 5 years, finally the new Pergale album. this is even better than the debut imo.
227. Cobalt - Slow Forever
(blackened hardcore) i may not be an expert on Cobalt, but i just know that i enjoy this. and damn, that opening track. yeah, i think the tag is correct. i get there's a strong hardcore drive here on this record.
228. Nokturnal Mortum/Graveland - The Spirit Never Dies
(folk black) I like it how Nokturnal Mortum has slowly converging to some kind of prog rock with folk influences and harsh vocals, this was already present on their last two releases. That same intro was also present on the last releases. Graveland's side is just average folk black
229. Ghost Data - Girl's Love
❤ (vaporwave/techno/chillwave) it's nice to listen to this stuff when you are in the mood for some background music. it's a pretty typical vaporwave record but with a more modern touch. personally i like the sang songs the most.
230. Necronomidol - Nemesis
(rock/experimental jpop) finally got to listen to the new Necronomidol album. unfortunately there's more old material than new here, more like a compilation of all the singles, but since the singles were good, the album also is overall. for those who don't know, sound-wise it's rock/metal-oriented j pop, but quite not j-rock or j-metal, if you understand what i'm saying
231. Necro-Cannibal Machinery - Misanthropy
(melodeath/trance metal with folk influences) this kinda sounds like Whispered, if it had electronic elements
232. NekRock - Anya
❤❤ (electronic black/dubstep/blackened pop) if you ever listened to weird electronic black metal bands like Fullmoon Bongzai or Clasp or Cherry Blossom Chains you're gonna like this. they are calling themselves atmospheric black pop, which is kinda accurate tbh.
233. Panopticon - Panopticon / Waldgeflüster [Split]
(folk black) Panopticon's has a black metal track and a bluegrass track. on the bm one there's that something that makes it sound uniquely abrasive, like "this is Panopticon, and not any other folk black band", and the bluegrass is a nicely banjo driven folk track. the Waldgeqwerty side isn't half bad, but more to the "just one more atmo black" side
234. Suyoubi no Campanella - Jugem' je t'aime
❤ (electronic/female fronted hip hop) just discovered this band and it turns out they released something this year. actual female fronted hip hop with jpopesque vocals
235. Cavern Of Anti-Matter - Void Beats/Invocation Trax
(electronic/instrumental rock) props for Iron Angel for recommending this. Even though he didn't really recommend it exactly to me =p
236. Skuggsjá - A Piece For Mind & Mirror
(folk) this sounds like Enslaved was trying to do regular folk black metal, but somehow couldn't abandon their progressive blackenesque songwriting. even though it's done by Wardruna and Enslaved members i honestly didn't expect it to be reflected on the sound that much
237. Serpents Of Dawn - Beloved Unknown
(death/stoner) more like regular stoner metal with death metal vocals. it's fun.
238. Udayu - Nomenom
(vocaloid/progressive pop) this is weird. it has like avant-garde/progressive structure but it's pop. something like pop virtuoso, i guess? interesting stuff
239. Waking The Grizzly With C.U.M - Tux Guitar Wolrdsuck's
(grind/death) the name already says everything: grind/death metal done with tux guitar, so yep. i love these kinds of low budget music done right, it makes a poor soul like me hoping to someday write good music even without any kind of equipment
240. Der Blutharsch And The Infinite Church Of The Leading Hand - The Wolvennest Sessions
(krautrock) trippy female fronted krautrock consisting of three tracks summing over 40 minutes
241. Kozeljnik - Death Gives Unto Life
(black) semi-avantgarde/slightly dissonant black metul which kinda reminds of Mayhem. (The 'new' Mayhem, that is)
242. LLNN - Loss
(sludge/post-hardcore) there are a lot cavernous death metal bands. there are some cavernous black metal ones. and then there's cavernous post hardcore
243. rev rev rev - Des fleurs magiques bourdonnaient
❤ (krautrock/dreampop) i don't know if krautrock is unexplaineably making more effort this year, but i have been finding a lot of good stuff on this genre already. and it's still february. and here's one more
244. Slippers - Mars
(jazz/progressive hip-hop) i mentioned progressive hip hop as a joke on the sb a while ago. turns out it exists. and it works
245. Tegucigalpan - The Fifth Of She
(psychedelic rock/darkwave) trippy instrumental, plus original vocals (which are so edited they kinda sound artificial). can't go wrong
246. Chiepomme - Peluche de l'Âme
(gothic lolita/pop/vocaloid) this kinda sounds like cute era Sei Peridot. or like Hiroki Kikuta. or like Klonoa soundtracks. namely it's fantasy music with cute vocals and instruments
247. Suicide Emotions - The Cold Burning Daylight
(post black) Suicide Emotions play post black on a straightforward yet captivating manner. vocals remind me of Fen, so that alone is already a good plus. then there's the solos... And of course, the ability of actual songwriting without copy/pasting the subgenre representatives
248. Birushanah - Makyo
❤ (folk sludge) what? it's sludge metal with japanese folk. if this doesn't make you want to listen to it nothing will
249. Death Fetishist - Lucifer Descending
(deathened black) this song actually sounds very different from the previous record. the atmosphere here is not suffocating, but kinda relaxing instead, more like the atmospheric bit went to the other side. it's just a single but when you listen to the whole thing it feels like a long trip
250. Black Spring Monolith - Lightforger
❤❤❤ (instrumental experimental doom) BSM did it again. a beast composed by overly long tracks consisting with mostly doom merged with other genres like post, death, sludge, drone... although it is a doom record it is definitely not snory, in fact there's riffing and crushing drumming all the time, not to mention that the interludes add to the atmosphere instead of deviating from it (like often happens in funeral doom), in other words: those who likes doom should check it out. and so do those who don't.
251. The Body - No One Deserves Happiness
(experimental noise/sludge) i honestly haven't listened to much The Body to be able to speak whether this is the best stuff they have released in a while, but... well.. this is the best stuff they have released in a while... of the ones i've beem accompaining at least.
252. Pogavranjen - Jedva Čekam Da Nikad Ne Umrem
❤❤ (psychedelic blackened metal: krautmetal? =p) very intriguing stuff. if you like krautrock's hypnotic drum'n riffings and also black metal, then this is the record for you
253. Natsvarth - Infinite Sleep
(atmo-black) look at this cover and tell me if it doesn't like like the blandest folk black album ever? well, guess what: it isn't! in fact this is wicked atmospheric black with the production so raw and bleak it erases every trace of beauty hidden in the melodies, leaving you only with the filthiest rispid riffs and grouchy vocals. good stuff
254. Deep Mountains - Mist In July
(post black with folk influences) whenever i hear someone released a live album i get skeptical, because anything recorded live has often crappy production to the point i can't distinguish the instruments, the vocals often are reduced to 30% of vocalist's capacity due to tiredness and everything is worse than on studio. when i listened to this i was surprised it is recorded live. doesn't sound like it is at all. vocals are good as ever. production is solid. it's the same studio Deep Mountains.
255. Swagbot - Greatest Hits
(retrowave) so much swag.
256. Aksumite - Rubber Room
(blackened post-hardcore) it's well known that colloquial sound recordings led by damian master mostly likely will put up those bands which have their sound in-between black metal and punk/hardcore. what's so special about this then? well, the songs are actually good and catchy, and not generic like nearly everything else in the genre. that alone makes it special =]
257. Even Dwarfs Started Small - The Conversation Is Time
(samplecore/breakcore/glitch) "this EP was constructed using the seldom-noticed byproducts of American Unspace: a chip of concrete from an unused and decaying sidewalk, a delicate pool of motor oil inside a supermarket parking space" with a description like that you wouldn't expect good songwriting, if any. but the thing is: there is, and they're some of the best written songs i can think of in this genre. kinda like The Books meets World's End Girlfriend. and if you know both bands you will know you need to check this out.
258. Eucharist (AUS) - Endarkenment
(doom death) cavernous extreme metal which sounds like climbing down Santa's chimney and leaving him presents.
259. Vaults Of Zin - Kadath
(zeuhl/doom metal) so yeah, zeuhl doom metal happened. althought the two genres aren't exactly blent, but more like sometimes one and sometimes other this is still a very interesting release.
260. Rotting Christ - Rituals
(black with folk influences) Rotting Christ is one of those bands who can repeat themselves over and over again on every album and still will catch my attention, since there's nothing else quite like it. Those bombastic choirs are just heroic.
261. Marionette - Propaganda
(melodeath) sometimes i look to my favourite list and spot Marionette and think to myself: "why do i like this? it's just melodic death metal" until i listen to it. this is proof that a band doesn't need to sound fresh to sound good. just add some epic synth and some highly inspired songwriting and you have a beast of a melodeath album.
262. Aluk Todolo - Voix
❤ (krautrock) who needs drugs to trip when you have Aluk Todolo? =D
263. Imperceptum - Collapse Of Existence
(funeral doom/atmo-black) this is an interesting approach to atmospheric black. not only the vocals are deep growls (*cough* cookie monster type *cough*) which is rare, but also all the production is deeper tuned, which makes it sound darker and more misterious. the deep tuning, vocals and also slow-pacedness may remind of funeral doom at times, but worry not, for black metal is still the main component.
264. Al-Kamar - 拾遺
(dsbm/blackgaze/experimental) very few bands do something experimental on the dsbm nowadays, and Al-Kamar surely is one of them. althought this is just a 10 minute long ep no moment is wasted on his chaotic songwriting. and it's amazing how he manages to convert the low budget production into a plus factor to contribute to the overall mayhem.
265. ODDEEO - Sunset_Memories
❤ (vocaloid/retrowave) should i say i get dem nostalgia feels with it? i guess it isn't needed. it's both vocaloid and retrowave on a single release after all.
266. Pensées Nocturnes - À Boire Et À Manger
(experimental black) tipically bizarre Pensees Nocturnes record. dissonant black metal riffs, male operatic vocals, circus music, brass instruments and all that stuff. listen at your own risk
267. Voice Of The Wanderer - Cold Winter Days
(ambient black/atmospheric black) aww isn't that synth adorable? that sound just shouts winter and snow when i hear it. the semi whispered vocals also add to the atmosphere of mid winter melancholy.
268. Black Kirin - National Trauma
(folk/melodeath) if you ever liked Whispered because of its oriental folk blent within the melodeath, and if you ever miss such folk influences on your melodeath (because on their last ones there was too little), then this is the album for you.
269. Conan - Revengeance
(stoner/sludge) now this is what i call a "heavy" metal album. not "heavy metal" album. yuck, no. but "heavy". it shakes the room, it induces headbanging, it makes me almost faint (actually that was probably because of the heat). i'd safely say it's the second heaviest i've heard this year. and it is just a stoner metal album.
270. Spektr - The Art To Disappear
❤ (electronic experimental/black) not sure what is this about. it's like a darker Ulver electronics merged with some black metal. which sort of works.
271. CroissantChicago - Swimmylib
❤❤❤ (vocaloid/post-rock) i swear miku's voice fits everything she touches. but this is good not only because of miku, but really because it's very well-done and distinct post rock.
272. Strvngers - Sonic Erotica
(darkwave) this duo apparently used to play on a pretty lame prog metal band. if you go listen to their prog stuff and then listen to this you won't believe it's the same musicians because this is very promising stuff.
273. Phyllomedusa - Sightings In January
❤❤❤ (blackgaze/noise/sludge) just when you think there won't be anything fresh anymore on the blackgaze scene, there's Phyllomedusa. weird blend of blackgaze, progressive metal, sludge, ambient, grind and other extreme genres. Slugdge suddenly is no longer the only phylum themed band blending over 3 extreme genres
274. Ehnahre - Douve
(doom/noise) think of some weird stuff. i was told this is experimental doom metal, but it's not just doom. sometimes it sounds like post-black, sometimes it changes to an ominous soundscape with a distorted guitar playing on the background, sometimes it's just a creepy piano playing along a guy screaming. in other words: good stuff.
275. Chet Brocker - Yesnow
❤❤ (vocaloid/R&B/funk) i am not very much of a jazz/funk person. but this one is good. it's not too soft/minimal like most jazzy stuff and plus miku's voice works very well. not to mention moog and hammond organ always get me.
276. Entropia (POL) - Ufonaut
(post-black) now this is post-black metal done right. the world need more fast paced post metal.
277. Oranssi Pazuzu - Värähtelijä
(psychedelic black) ... of the trippiest kind. in fact i feel this is the most actual 'psychedelic black metal' the finnish orange has ever done: well blent, 50/50.
278. Emamouse - Mouse Over
❤❤ (denpa/folk/experimental j-pop) don't you love it when you discover a new favourite band and it turns out such band is prolific?
279. Naakhum - Ecofascism
(folkened-black) Attila-esque vocals. Old school black metal riffing on folk black metal. And a didgeridoo. What else do you need?
280. Emamouse - ジェントルが庭にいる
❤❤❤ (denpa/drone/experimental j-pop) to be honest the jpop scene has been mindfucking me more than black metal lately. this is some obscure denpa with dissonant synths thrown all over it.
281. Caveman (US-OH) - Hämbyrgür
(thrash) more neanderthal thrash metal.
282. Caveman (US-OH) - Prehistoric Bloodbath
(thrash) scat singing? on my thrash metal? yes, please.
283. Fleshgod Apocalypse - King
(sympho-death) i actually like FA *insert confession bear meme*
284. Goreshit - You Get The Tracks You Deserve!
(lolicore) it seems goreshit acts according to the moon. if it's full he releases soft and beautiful long breakcore tracks, if it's new moon, he goes back to the lolicore roots and releases mindfuck dnb madness with samples thrown in it. it seems the moon was in front of earth this time.
285. Krallice - Hyperion
(atmo-black) some really complex and trance-like songwriting going on here. for those who know what i'm talking about it's a typical Krallice record. for those who don't, shame on you.
286. Death Fetishist - Whorifice
(deathened black) dissonant cavernous black metal. so cavernous it's almost as it's done by the guys of Aevangelist.
287. Chiepomme - Star-go-round
(fantasy music/ost/vocaloid) technically was released june 8th but never heard of it after that. gonna add here to remember to check later anyway

Disclaimer: All top lists are unofficial and do not represent the point of view of the MS Staff.
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23.11.2015 - 02:35
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There are going to be new Walknut and Weaklings? Or are you just trolling?
23.11.2015 - 02:45
Meat and Potatos
Written by [user id=4365] on 23.11.2015 at 02:35

There are going to be new Walknut and Weaklings? Or are you just trolling?

You wish =p
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Pvt Funderground
Great list!
Crackhead Megadeth reigns supreme.
16.12.2015 - 00:28
Tool, cobalt, ulcerate, esoteric for me.
Giving my ears a rest from music.
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Comment on this list: incoming.
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I can't find this Enamouse band anywhere. Do you have a link to check out any of their stuff, since you really seem to be hyping them up here?
Sometimes you just need to roll the dice and look away.
29.01.2016 - 20:12
Meat and Potatos
Written by Lethrokai on 29.01.2016 at 20:08

I can't find this Enamouse band anywhere. Do you have a link to check out any of their stuff, since you really seem to be hyping them up here?

Emamouse with 'm' =p Enamouse won't redirect to anything.
Either way, here it is. Weird stuff, just saying.
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- Reimu Hakurei
29.01.2016 - 20:19
Written by Karlabos on 29.01.2016 at 20:12

Weird stuff, just saying.

Wouldn't have it any other way.
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I like your Eucharist description.
05.02.2016 - 13:08
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Written by [user id=4365] on 05.02.2016 at 12:49

I like your Eucharist description.

Like it?
I took it from somewhere around the web
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Written by Karlabos on 05.02.2016 at 13:08

Like it?
I took it from somewhere around the web

Probably a PewDiePie quote or something.
21.03.2016 - 16:50
Wtf is vaporwave?
Giving my ears a rest from music.
21.03.2016 - 17:11
Meat and Potatos
Written by mz on 21.03.2016 at 16:50

Wtf is vaporwave?

Apparently it's a subgenre of that revival of retro music (retrowave) stuff, you know, like... Perturbator, Gost, Dan terminus and such are called retrowave.
Then bands say like Macross 82-99 or Yung Bae are called vaporwave. I'd say it's a more chilly and funky version of the genre
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- Reimu Hakurei
03.04.2016 - 17:09
I greatly enjoy that Vaults of Zin record, along with Zon's Mount Gaash album. Do you happen to know more artists that are integrating kraut with metal per chance?
03.04.2016 - 17:40
Meat and Potatos
Written by Diverge on 03.04.2016 at 17:09

I greatly enjoy that Vaults of Zin record, along with Zon's Mount Gaash album. Do you happen to know more artists that are integrating kraut with metal per chance?

Although krautrock is rock related, now that you mentione it's surprisingly very hard to find it along with metal

I assume with all the hype around it you have listened to the new Pogavranjen release? (current #46 on this list)
There's the obvious Aluk Todolo, but I take it it's not quite you're looking for?

Also perhaps you'd like some Black Spring Monolith stuff (current #44 on this list). If you like that isntrumentals but (like me) miss some vocals, their early stuff had vocals on it.
"Aah! The cat turned into a cat!"
- Reimu Hakurei
03.04.2016 - 19:44
Written by Karlabos on 03.04.2016 at 17:40

Although krautrock is rock related, now that you mentione it's surprisingly very hard to find it along with metal

I assume with all the hype around it you have listened to the new Pogavranjen release? (current #46 on this list)
There's the obvious Aluk Todolo, but I take it it's not quite you're looking for?

Also perhaps you'd like some Black Spring Monolith stuff (current #44 on this list). If you like that isntrumentals but (like me) miss some vocals, their early stuff had vocals on it.

I actually haven't heard Pogavranjen yet, so that might be worth my time. Aluk Todolo is also very similar to the stuff I've been digging lately, along with Qualeaceans.
Thanks for the recommendation with Black Spring Monolith. I'll check it out too.

My relationship with krautrock is a little weird. I've mostly started listening to it through artists like Aluk Todolo and while I knew it was a genre before that chance encounter, it never captured my attention until I saw just how nicely it could be combined with metal. I figured you'd probably be a good guy to ask about krautmetal, though.
20.04.2016 - 04:31
This list is amazing
---- Progressive/experimental black metal Avant-garde drone metal, ambient, noise Experimental raw black metal/noise
20.04.2016 - 16:06
Meat and Potatos
Written by ZÖN on 20.04.2016 at 04:31

This list is amazing

Indeed. The guy who made it gotta have the best taste I ever saw.
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- Reimu Hakurei
12.05.2016 - 01:53
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Interceptum should be Imperceptum and they are actually here on MS. Good list.
12.05.2016 - 04:42
Meat and Potatos
Written by [user id=157444] on 12.05.2016 at 01:53

Interceptum should be Imperceptum and they are actually here on MS. Good list.

Oh, wow. It turns out I can't read =p
fixed now. thx
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- Reimu Hakurei
06.06.2016 - 23:21
Thank you for the third place! :-)
07.06.2016 - 08:21
Written by Nagaarum on 06.06.2016 at 23:21

Thank you for the third place! :-)

Did you know that the order is dependent on the date of discovery?
08.06.2016 - 16:43
Meat and Potatos
Written by Nagaarum on 06.06.2016 at 23:21

Thank you for the third place! :-)

Written by Paz on 07.06.2016 at 08:21

Did you know that the order is dependent on the date of discovery?

Haha, yeah. As Paz said this list is in order of discovery.
Your new one is very good anyway, as are the previous ones. And thanks for stopping by =D
"Aah! The cat turned into a cat!"
- Reimu Hakurei
16.08.2016 - 21:03
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Good to see that you keep the list alive and wealthy. Its getting a bit long so its good that you have the newest on top. Next year I suggest that you instate some kind of rating so I have something to disagree with
16.08.2016 - 21:41
Account deleted
And btw... this list needs some brazilian vikings
16.08.2016 - 22:16
Meat and Potatos
Written by [user id=157444] on 16.08.2016 at 21:03

Good to see that you keep the list alive and wealthy. Its getting a bit long so its good that you have the newest on top. Next year I suggest that you instate some kind of rating so I have something to disagree with

Yeah, it's getting a bit too long. It's a problem that I have where some things sound so awesome in the first listen and I think they are the best thing ever but later I end up not even paying much attention to them anymore. Perhaps in December, when I have the final version I'm gonna crop some stuff like that and end up with around 150 entries or so...
Oh, people love ratings don't they? My ratings tend to vary a lot, but will think about it.

Thanks for the rec too. I'm not very much into viking these days, but will give it a try. Since you're probably one of the ones who recommend interesting stuff the most on the 2k16 thread =]
"Aah! The cat turned into a cat!"
- Reimu Hakurei
17.08.2016 - 20:18
Account deleted
Written by Karlabos on 16.08.2016 at 22:16

Written by [user id=157444] on 16.08.2016 at 21:03

Good to see that you keep the list alive and wealthy. Its getting a bit long so its good that you have the newest on top. Next year I suggest that you instate some kind of rating so I have something to disagree with

Thanks for the rec too. I'm not very much into viking these days, but will give it a try.

Dont take it too serious. I Just thought brazilian vikings would be a cool thing

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