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I'm trying to find as many albums as I can this year, and I'm building the list day after day. It should end as a top list, but now it's under construction and I'm just tracking a couple of stuff. I'm not focusing on "good" records, but more on whatever strongly catches my attention.

(+) favorites
★ most played
freshly added to the list, albums needing more spins
(-) albums I won't listen to again

EDIT: the year is ending, I still have a couple of thing to check. So far the experiment was rewarding, I could find pretty good stuff and discover new things. However it took a lot of effort to go through ~700 albums and sort what's interesting from what's not. I don't think I'm ever gonna use the same approach and I'll try to be smarter with my picks.

I also noticed some trends and quickly got fed up with:
- DM bands mimicing Entombed/Dismember with jaded songwriting
- BM bands with spacy mix, guitars really far in the background, constant blastbeats and a tiny reverbed screaming toad on vocals
- DM/BM mimicing Portal. That's not a bad thing, I suppose it's a new sub-genre unfolding.
- doom/depressive/shoegaze boring stuff (a lot of that on this site, are you all depressed ?)
- commercial HM/PM keeping on selling the same shit over and over, with an overproduced sound and stupid clips
- PM/HM labeled as "progressive" while they do exactly the same as any other PM/HM labeled "progressive"
- BTDM/slam with all the same sound and no sense of songwriting
- songs with a small intro running directly into someone holding a big nasty scream, just to insure you you're listening to "extreme" music.
- albums with a mandatory 1:30 intro that isn't introducting the next song properly and is just there to extend the album length, or just for the sake of having a 1:30 without any real reason

Created by: Ansercanagicus | 26.08.2018

1. Night Verses - From The Gallery Of Sleep
2018 ★ (+++) Progressive Instrumental Metalcore. O boi it's good ! the musicianship and production are top-notch, and this album feels like a major event for the metal timeline, no doubt a lot of emule will spawn in the future years
2. Cauldron - New Gods
1988 ★ (+++) You know OSHM is my soft spot. Well, this has a good sound, a strong 4/4 beat, efficient riffs cycling for 5 minutes, melodic vocal lines. It's nothing new, but really enjoyable. - My wet HM dreams are fulfilled, thanks to awesomely stupid riffs, and stupid reverb and stupid lyrics and stupid dark mood arpeggios, aaahhhh...
3. Imperial Triumphant - Vile Luxury
2018 ★ (+++) Portal-like DM with a brass ensemble. Great. I love the sound of the drums on this record, as much as the jazzy parts, deep growls and high shrieks. Everything is raw and perfectly molten together. That's my highlight concerning DM this year, alongside Chaos Echoes, Exlimitir and Convulsing. I could say that it's maybe a bit unfocused, with atmospheric, harsh noisy parts and more straight death metal parts intertwined, which leaves a bit confused concerning the direction the album might be taking at some point. To be clear the songwriting and album directing could be tightened. Part from that everything is perfect. I also like the lyrical content and imagery, quite refreshing for DM.
4. Messa - Feast For Water
2018 ★ (+++) I love Messa's ambiance, it's so fresh and relieving for doom/drone. The first songs are amazingly beautiful
5. OddZoo - Future Flesh
2018 ★ (+++) Electro/Noise. This is awesome, it's colorful, and truly atmospheric, and catchy all at once. Somehow it belongs next to Death Grips in the list, that's also noisy and catchy... Although it's not metal I find it really better than most atmospheric, post-metal, noise shoegaze whatever I encountered this year...
6. Gåte - Svevn
2018 ★ (+++) folk / alt-rock. I'm used to spitting on folk metal bands. Because I like folk, and I like metal, but to me, folk metal is often a bad mix of mediocre folk and mediocre metal. But this album, oh god ! it works so well! If only more bands could be so talented at mixing different genres. The blend of folk singing and rock/metal energy is perfect, and each element adds up their power to the whole thing. Well, this album is a late 2018 find, but wow. Thank MS Awards by the way.
7. Convulsing - Grievous
2018 (+++) The crushing Grevious experience, it has a sound, an atmosphere, personality, enough melody and harmony. It could sound like a boring underground album amongst similar acts but it's special to me, I can freely plunge into Convulsing.
8. Emma Ruth Rundle - On Dark Horses
★ 2018 (+++) great singing and atmosphere
9. Covet - Effloresce
2018 (+++) Awesome math rock, sprung from the talentuous Yvette Young.
10. Rivers Of Nihil - Where Owls Know My Name
2018 (++) tech death with a sense of modernity (at last !). It has a great sound, djenty moments, and a sax player.
11. Death Grips - Year Of The Snitch
2018 (++) This is my first time hearing Death Grips. I don't like everything, but I'm transcended... EDIT: Alright I like everything now :) wtf though
12. Chaos Echœs - Mouvement
2018 (++) Atmospheric death. I like the raw sound of it, and also how the songs transitions into each other very swiftly, just like the album is a single piece with different acts. This record goes in the same drawer as Imperial Triumphant, Portal, Convulsing
13. Chapel Of Disease - ...And As We Have Seen The Storm, We Have Embraced The Eye
2018 (++) very good songwriting. This album sounds like Edge Of Sanity crossed with softer rock.
14. Exlimitir - It Weighed Itself In Silver
2018 (++) Nespithe fetish band, very funny to listen to.
15. Cynic - Humanoid
2018 (++)
16. Hardcore Anal Hydrogen - HyperCut
2018 (++) Aah... French metal has become so weird... In a so good way. This album contains: breakcore, grindcore, atmospheric experimentations, thrash, electro, hardcore, brutech... It's something. Also it's pleasantly varied, and if a track would be bothering, the next one would surely not. If you liked the latest Igorrr this is strongly recommended.
17. Marmozets - Knowing What You Know Now
2018 (++) Marmozets was a mathcore band, before turning towards a more "mainstream" audience. This album is full of radio-friendly tunes but they stayed true to their sound and character. Some songs are great, others less, it's only kinda good album, but it's Marmozets' so it's cool.
18. Master's Hammer - Fascinator
★ 2018 (++) MH delivering a new dose of MH, with refined songwriting and more Indian influences
19. Carpenter Brut - Leather Teeth
2018 (++) Synth wave. Cool. Flashbacks of Billy Idol, Turbo, Dead Or Alive, John Carpenter's OST...
20. A Pregnant Light - Lucky All My Life
2018 (++) Obscure post BM act, with a lot a reverb and bad production but neat melodies. In fact it reminds me of old Agalloch demos, I've got the same feelings from it
21. Chasing Dots - Past.Present.We
2018 (+)
22. Long Distance Calling - Boundless
2018 (+) instrumental album, very Gilmour-esque
23. Sumac - Love In Shadow
2018 (+) frightening sludge, with some strange atmospheric segments... It's percussive, has a roary bass, the songwriting really takes its time and stretches to very long but coherent songs.
24. Teleport - The Expansion
2018 (+) black metal with a droplet of Portal ; as opposed to the latter, the riffs are pretty nice sounding and the structure is followable.
25. Kero Kero Bonito - Time'n'Place
2018 (+) Yes this album is in my list... Problem ? The British J-Pop band with cute songs about pink things, well they tried to break their image this year. There's more rock in the formula, and the tone has shifted to darker themes. The maneuvers succeeded, and it's still catchy! Well the album is a bit weak to be frank, and the noisy effects unpleasant, but I like the mood
26. Thérapie Taxi - Hit Sale
2018 (+) Fresh french pop. It's pop with the obvious pop flaws (repetitive, simple, frivolous... 4 chords etc), but it's likable, the lyrics are frank and direct when not totally cheeky, the sound is a bit retro, some tunes are really catchy... It's something, the band has a strong personality. As an album, I think the momentum isn't conducted well, ballads bump into hits stumbling upon fillers... Better listen to the singles.
27. Cult Leader - A Patient Man
2018 (+) great play with rythm and dissonant riffs
28. Sarah Longfield - Disparity
2018 (+) the songwriting is odd, but the music incorporates a lot of diverse elements, from math to prog and ambient. It shines with personnality.
29. Plini - Sunhead
2018 (+) shred/prog/jazz, very good
30. Toundra - Vortex
2018 (+) not much to say about this, it's just a great instrumental album, good to listen to when I've got nothing on mind.
31. Modern Day Babylon - Coma
2018 (+) Very nice prog/djent instrumental. A bit reminiscent of Animals As Leaders sometimes. Try it if you liked Night Verses, even though this one isn't as innovative, and may even be generic if it wasn't for the sweet atmosphere around djenty 0-0-00-lines. And then jump to Arsafes
32. Soreption - Monument Of The End
2018 ★ (+) Quality TBDM, song after song it's just a marvelous display of crazy riffs with very nice grooves
33. Deceased - Ghostly White
2018 ★ (+) Typical DM/TM except they managed to set a mood, especially with the lot of reverbed crazy solos, used as a texture for the songs rather than climactic leads. So the music is wildly melodic. The songstructures are interesting too.
34. Kriegsmaschine - Apocalypticists
2018 ★ (+) Repetitive BM, but somewhat psychedelic, and with a groove. The drums are crazy in this one
35. Khanus - Flammarion
2018 (+) Death+Black metal, raw like I like it to be.
36. Sigh - Heir To Despair
2018 (+) avantgarde. I love the acoustic parts of the album, and its hypnotic qualities. The album is overall very funny, and incorporates all lot of ideas in the music without losing coherence. And this without the lack of grooves and loud riffs, yeah!
37. Irreversible Mechanism - Immersion
2018 (+) Atmospheric tech death. It mixes saturated and clean parts, helped by distant reverb and beautiful melodies. It tops Obscura in my opinion, and I should try a comparison with Augury too...
38. Holiness - Missing Pieces In Time
2018 (+) Very good PM with a prog speck
39. Voivod - The Wake
40. Thy Catafalque - Geometria
2018 (+) gothic, slightly psychedelic, nice atmosphere slowly developed
41. TTNG - Animals Acoustic
2018 (+) acoustic math rock. Nice melodic groovy and emotional.
42. Weedpecker - III
2018 (+) Great Stoner !!! More like psychedelic rock in fact, some moments really sound like Pink Floyd
43. Set And Setting - Tabula Rasa
2018 •
44. Wytch Hazel - II: Sojourn
(+) good ol' hard rock. It's basic but efficient. I like the dated tone and dual vocals, it sounds like Pagan Altar
45. Barren Earth - A Complex Of Cages
2018 • Reminds me of Devin Townsend sometimes, the riffing, the sounds used, the mix of growls and clean vocals... That's just my random thoughts, Barren Earth is a band on their own of course, it's a pleasant album, with a lot of melodies.
46. Elvellon - Until Dawn
2018 ★ Pff... one more Nightwish clone... Oh their introduction track is neat and well-groomed. The songwriting in general is very good, everything flows well. Track after track, yes, yes it's good. And that's a debut album ?? well, it's great for sure. The singer has a cutting edge when going in the highs, that's cool too.
47. Benighted - Dogs Always Bite Harder Than Their Master
2018 ★ TBDM. Not a fan of the studio mix, but the live tracks are really great
48. Arkona - Khram
2018 • great, it sounds more bm than folk, a bit long however
49. Khôrada - Salt
2018 • Agalloch's heir. The music goes in a different direction but you can hear it shares a lot of similarities with Agalloch, the mood in particular. This album is noteworthy, but eventually drags and turns out be a bore. Or I need to let it grow too
50. Vôdûn - Ascend
2018 (+) I hope you like the cowbell... Once again this is hard to describe, it's stoner, plus soul influences, plus extra-percussions, plus a somewhat progressive take too. I like that the song structures can be unexpected, even though some moments sound like fillers. Vodun can pull out awesome riffs or longer neat segments in a unique atmosphere. I also appreciate the effort inputted to the lyrical themes. It's great overall
51. Kontinuum - No Need To Reason
2018 • post, gothic. It's very nice but maybe a bit boring overall. Although I really like Erotika and Stargaze
52. Lenore S. Fingers - All Things Lost On Earth
2018. For a gothic album, the production is a bit odd, with the vocals overlapping everything, and overdone, but the music is very pleasant, and one can easily run through all tracks without noticing. It has something a bit 'pop' to it, idk what...
53. Unreal Overflows - Latent
2018 • Let's focus on The Sound Of Perseverance by Death and especially on each harmonized riffs with tricky patterns. Also the contrapuntal riffs. Also the way of playing long backing chords with reverb. Also the riffs including tremolo picking... Well this album clearly tried to copy that (may I say Chuck's singing too maybe). And it works, I like those nice melodic riffs... It also reminds me of Decrepit Birth... A shame that the vocals sound so weak.
54. Satan - Cruel Magic
2018 • Not really "efficient" compared to other 2018's HM releases, but this album really sticks to an old-school NWOBHM sound, and eventually offers really good moments hither and yon
55. Huntsmen - American Scrap
2018 • stoner/sludge/folk. The record alternates between clean acoustic parts and sludgy ones, hence really breathes. I finally sat through the 40-minute clip. I'm sorry it felt like a random montage of "American scrap" I guess... On the other hand, the music is really good
56. Vola - Applause Of A Distant Crowd
2018 • I want to like this, it has an interesting sound and input, but I'm a bit underwhelmed, mostly by the dragging pop/post elements
57. Rolo Tomassi - Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It
2018 • I'm not sure about this one. It starts splendidly, with such an intricate rhythm and sound texture, but eventually goes back to some more generic vibe, it's like only the first song makes it for me. I have to let it grow maybe... So yeah it's been 4 spins, I still dig Towards Dawn / Aftermath a lot, and completely lose it when it goes metal, I don't like those stale growls, the album has great potential to create an atmosphere but it fails at it by throwing high and low dynamics songs quite randomly.
58. Ostura - The Room
• Good symphonic metal, with a lot of sweet instrumental parts
59. Horizon Ablaze - The Weight Of A Thousand Suns
2018 • That's what I call great melodeath. Nice work with drums. Nice guitar tone. Crazy riff on "Delusion Of Grandeur". A bit dragging here and there.
60. Reviving Waves - A Leap Through Time
• good ol' heavy metal
61. Impellitteri - The Nature Of The Beast
2018 • This could have been a totally generic HM album if not for some reminiscence of Racer X, in some guitar licks, and the way the vocals are mixed. I don't think this album can be excellent, but I give it a try. - As expected nothing stands out, and the drums are a bit too straightforward. But it's fun though, stay for the shreddy riffs.
62. Augury - Illusive Golden Age
2018 • TBDM: Great musicianship, the solos and riff ideas are impressive and melodious, all instruments complement one another perfectly.
63. Elysian Blaze - The Virtue Of Suffering
2018 • doom/BM with grand instrumentation
64. Ænimus (SWE) - The Final Warning
2018 • Good HM, quite doomy, easy but pounding riffs, and with epic moments, on choruses and solos notably. I like the singer, who's got a distinct voice. Unfortunately, the pace is a bit dragging, songs quickly lose momentum, and I'd rather shorten the songs, or the album, because 55min is too long.
65. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
66. Forgotten Silence - Kras
2018 prog/exp. I could just listen to song previews but this seems definitely interesting. Sounds a bit Zappa inspired.
67. Un - Sentiment
68. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
69. Aborted - TerrorVision
2018 (-) TBDM
70. Agrimonia - Awaken
2018 (-)
71. Alkaloid - Liquid Anatomy
2018 (-)
72. Arkheth - 12 Winter Moons Comes The Witches Brew
2018 (-) The brew tasted funny.
73. Ars Magna Umbrae - Lunar Ascension
2018 (-)
74. Arsafes - The Silk Road Experience Pt​.​1
2018 (-) Proggy, djenty, very good
75. ASG - Survive Sunrise
2018 (-)
76. Auri - Auri
2018 (-) This is supposedly folk but it focuses on singing and orchestration rather than folk elements. I must say I'm surprised and pleased
77. Avatar - Avatar Country
2018 (-) Really solid guitar work and effort to consistently mix a bunch of stuff together with this efficiency. Fundamentally not my thing, but it's really good. idk why the site labels this Nu metal, it's not.
78. Barús - Drowned
2018 (-) boring? nice cover anyway
79. Below A Silent Sky - A View From Afar
2018 (-)
80. Black Fast - Spectre Of Ruin
2018 (-) good blackened thrash
81. Black Wizzard - Livin' Oblivion
2018 (-)
82. Bloodbath - The Arrow Of Satan Is Drawn
2018 (-) poor songwriting
83. Boss Keloid - Melted On The Inch
2018 (-) Nice prog stoner in the vein of Mastodon. Nice singing
84. Burial In The Sky - Creatio Et Hominus
2018 (-) I don't like the vocals, nor the compressed drums. The guitar work saves it, and it tries to bring that special atmosphere that's Cynic's or Obscura's, with lancinant open chords. I like the arrangement of piano, harp, and saxophone too. Nautilus' Cage is a great track
85. Chaostar - The Undivided Light
2018 (-)
86. Conjurer - Mire
2018 (-) Really good sludge
87. Cosmic Atrophy - The Void Engineers
2018 (-) Morbid Angel's "Gateways" + Pestilence's "Spheres". Good but a bit dragging
88. Cryptopsy - The Book Of Suffering - Tome 2
2018 (-) I don't like the vocals. It's so gibberish. Why do I love Lord Worm then? ... :/ On the musical side, it kicks ass like always, regular Cryptopsy
89. Daughters - You Won't Get What You Want
2018 (-) This is not meant to be enjoyed. However curious, I'm not enjoying it
90. Dirge - Lost Empyrean
2018 (-)
91. Dirty Shirt - Folkcore Detour
2018 (-) Transylvanian folk metal, live, with the band and a traditional ensemble
92. Divine Ascension - The Uncovering
2018 (-) prog-pm. Cool but not really interesting
93. Dol Ammad - Cosmic Gods: Episode II - Astroatlas
2018 (-) This is original: symphonic PM focused on litanic choirs and spacey keyboards. Worth the listen. But it's not really my thing.
94. Dreyelands - Stages
2018 (-)
95. Drudkh - Їм Часто Сниться Каl (They Often See Dreams About The Spring)
2018 (-) Nice BM but too repetitive
96. Convocation - Scars Across
2018 (-) death doom
97. Finnr's Cane - Elegy
2018 (-)
98. Fórn - Rites Of Despair
2018 (-) death/doom with a great sense of dynamics; may drag a bit sometimes
99. Gaerea - Unsettling Whispers
2018 (-)
100. Greenleaf - Hear The Rivers
2018 (-) really good and enjoyable stoner album, just one I don't think I could listen eternally without getting bored ... it's already starting somehow
101. Halestorm - Vicious
2018 (-) hard rock
102. Harakiri For The Sky - Arson
2018 (-)
103. Hate Eternal - Upon Desolate Sands
2018 (-) the sonic quality reminds me of Morbid Angel, or Imperial Triumphant, with very raw drums and murky tone, hence I like it, but I'm a bit annoyed by the songwriting, especially those lame repetitive riffs and goofy melodies when the band attempts to add a layer of guitar. For the first songs at least, I think it gets better later on.
104. Hissing - Permanent Destitution
2018 (-) portal-like dm
105. Horrendous - Idol
2018 (-) 6 spins and I've got nothing to say... I'm sure this is great music, but it leaves no trace in my mind :/
106. Into Eternity - The Sirens
2018 (-) prog-hardcore, with different inflections: power, thrash, neo-classical, folk... It's very much compelling, until being fed up with the blast-beats and double kick course, generic deep growls, and cliché breakdowns or solos (there's even a C-D-E song). Quite enjoyable anyway
107. In Vain - Currents
2018 (-) nothing to say yet ; interesting riff and structure for the second song
108. Intercourse - Everything Is Pornography When You've Got An Imagination
2018 (-)
109. ION - A Path Unknown
2018 (-) This album has very good moments of mixed bm and post and ambiance and dissonance, but dies several times in long repetitive segments. It's a shame
110. Kekal - Deeper Underground
2018 (-) Very good avantgarde BM
111. Khemmis - Desolation
2018 (-)
112. Kingcrow - The Persistence
2018 (-) I don't really like the singing (in the mix, and it sounds a bit out of tune ?), but the music is nice. In fact not unlike Kontinuum it's got great moments but smothers them amongst long and slow and boring tracks
113. King Witch - Under The Mountain
2018 (-)
114. Krisiun - Scourge Of The Enthroned
2018 (-) DM. Not that different
115. Lowen - A Crypt In The Stars
2018 (-) good doom with female vocals, creating an astral atmosphere
116. Maladie - Of Harm And Salvation
2018 (-) Supposedly BM, but with saxophone, thirsty-bat-growls and clean singing, spoken parts, in English and French and maybe other, melodeath moments, post-metal moments, folk-metal moments, noise moments, industrial moments... other stuff I don't find words to describe, synths/samples/choir in the background, songs over 10 min... The "avantgarde" tag wasn't a scam. When I say "moment" I mean it can switch briefly from a savour to another inside a song. It's a bit messy, but there's definitly a lot of things going on here. from other DM releases this year, but I like the general mood of it, those Bememoth-like blast-beat, tempo variations. Nothing too impressive.
117. Marduk - Viktoria
2018 (-)
118. Master Boot Record - Direct Memory Access
2018 (-) That's more electro than metal isn't it ? It's nice and all, but like most electro it goes over my head. The neoclassical vibe is rather bothering, as much as Oxxo's vocals.
119. Maudlin - Sassuma Arnaa
2018 (-) good stoner/sludge
120. Merlin - The Wizard
2018 (-) Cool sound, with sax, harsh fuzz and wahwah, but this is too repetitive
121. Mongrel's Cross - Psalter Of The Royal Dragon Court
2018 (-) melo bm
122. Necrophobic - Mark Of The Necrogram
2018 (-)
123. NeuroWulf - Prototype
2018 electro, and not metal. This belongs at Carpenter's Brut's side I suppose. ...mmh it's fun for 5 minutes, but not my cup of tea
124. Nookie - Исключения
2018 (-) Energic, enjoyable.
125. Obscura - Diluvium
2018 (-) Good Obscura, not as colored as the previous one
126. Omit - Medusa Truth, Part 2
2018 (-) gothic focused on smooth singing
127. Omnium Gatherum - The Burning Cold
2018 (-) I'm not a fan of the current melodeath trend, but this record has some nice moments, amongst the generic growls and generic synths and cliche breaks
128. Orphaned Land - Unsung Prophets & Dead Messiahs
2018 (-) Nothing really stands out on this album, I prefer older albums. It's still a very good album, beautiful as Orphaned Land can make.
129. Panegyrist - Hierurgy
2018 (-)
130. Panopticon - The Scars Of Man On The Once Nameless Wilderness
2018 (-)
131. Parius - The Eldritch Realm
2018 (-)
132. Paul Wardingham - Electromancer
2018 (-) djent/electro/shred. Nothing I haven't heard in shred, mostly swept arpeggios and Jason Becker like trick sounds. The backing track sounds too mechanical, I wouldn't be surprised if everything was programmed. Anyway it has a spacey mood
133. Poem - Unique
2018 (-)
134. Portal - ION
2018 (-) I'm sorry, this is interesting, but that's also so boring...
135. Progenie Terrestre Pura - starCross
2018 (-) bm+cyber+choirs
136. Pryapisme - Epic Loon OST
2018 (-) That's a video game OST, and the game is as weird as the music. Also look at the song titles. It twirls with metal, electro, avant-garde, a bit of classical, a bit of folk... a bit of anything, it's crazy and fun.
137. Redemption - Long Night's Journey Into Day
2018 (-)
138. Revocation - The Outer Ones
2018 (-) Nice solos and nice riffs in between more generic tech death. It has some very good moments, a piece of bass or arpeggios here and there. Oh, and there's a Nespithe-like riff on The Outer Ones
139. Riverside - Wasteland
2018 (-)
140. Sathanas - Necrohymns
2018 (-) Blackened thrash, the job is done well. I like how the growls sound female even though they're not.
141. Scars On Broadway - Dictator
2018 (-) A fragment of System Of The Down. It's not really my kind of stuff, but it gives me good recollections. It's headbang-able enough too.
142. Serpent Column - Invicta
2018 (-) tm/bm
143. Skeletonwitch - Devouring Radiant Light
2018 (-) SW changed their style to a less thrashy black metal, with a slower tempo and longer songs. Which affects the song writing, since songs were previously around 3 minutes and worked as hit singles. Now they're more structured around the album. With this and their new singer it doesn't sound like SW at all, except a little something in the tone and some precise moment in the composition, more typical. I never digged SW a lot, and this neither.
144. Slave To Sirens - Terminal Leeches
2018 (-) good TM, reminds me a bit of Arch Enemy's Doomsday Machine sometimes, even though the singers differ from each other
145. Solstice - White Horse Hill
2018 (-)
146. Somali Yacht Club - The Sea
2018 (-)
147. Sorcier Des Glaces - Sorcier Des Glaces
2018 (-)
148. Spaceslug - Eye The Tide
2018 (-)
149. Striborg - Blackwave
2018 (-) This was the weirdest thing ever. Not for everyone. I don't even think it's good. It's just... so awkward
150. Subsignal - La Muerta
2018 (-)
151. TesseracT - Sonder
2018 (-)
152. The Algorithm - Compiler Optimization Techniques
2018 (-)
153. The Armed - Only Love
2018 (-) I usually like noise but this is going nowhere
154. The Bipolar Disorder Project - Unshipped Packages [Split]
2018 (-)
155. The Eternal - Waiting For The Endless Dawn
2018 (-)
156. The Men - Drift
2018 (-)
157. Them Moose Rush - Don't Pick Your Noise
2018 (-) Stoner/rock/alternative. Sounds fresh, great songwriting and dynamics
158. Uada - Cult Of A Dying Sun
2018 (-) melodic BM, songs are a bit long but the riffs are nice
159. Underøath - Erase Me
2018 (-) Advanced Linkin Park.
160. Vein - Errorzone
2018 (-) nu
161. Wagakki Band - Otonoe
2018 (-) folk metal / J-pop. Well it's still the same product, nice songs with flute, shamisen, wadaiko and koto. No surprise then. I guess they never gonna try to experiment further. It's still good, but I dread Japanese bands don't want to lose their market and just make the same album year after year until fans are fed up... (thinking about Onmyou-za too). Highlights: 沈まない太陽, パラダイムシフト
162. Wayfarer - World's Blood
2018 (-) Atmospheric BM with organic production and slightly dissonnant riffs
163. Winterfylleth - The Hallowing Of Heirdom
2018 (-) Acoustic folk with choirs. Great but a bit slow
164. Zeal & Ardor - Stranger Fruit
2018 (-) I was surprised at first by the esthetic and radio-like sound, but on a second spin it's not that great...
165. 虚极 - 森罗万象
2018 (-) post BM folk. I don't really like the post BM side but it has a bunch of traditionnal elements, notably the flute, along some drums and throat singing, and that's what struck my attention. The music is nice but also drags a bit...

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25.02.2019 - 13:26
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since this is one of the most complete 2018 lists with meaty comments (lists without comments are meritless if you ask me) I've seen so far. Besides, it does not place emphasis on genres I just can't stand anymore.
Nice list to gain a quick overview of last year's relevant BM/DM releases, but luckily, it contains quite some odd but interesting exceptions of the rule, too...

Thanks for setting this up!
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Thanks for your comment ; I'm a bit mixed on the list length, and also I should have written a line for each release, but I'll try to tackle those issues for 2019
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