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Favorite bands: Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Metallica, Black Sabbath, Death, Slayer, Blind Guardian, Judas Priest, Kreator, Helloween, Behemoth, Immortal, Testament, Symphony X, Nile, Sepultura, Led Zeppelin, Nevermore, Anthrax, Kalmah, Dio, Bathory, Exodus, Moonsorrow, Vader, Motörhead, Gamma Ray, Rush, Overkill, Sodom, King Diamond, Deep Purple, Equilibrium, Obituary, Accept, Deicide, Obscura, Cynic, Annihilator, Bolt Thrower, Mercyful Fate, Edge Of Sanity, Destruction, Rainbow, Vektor, Atheist, Immolation, Entombed, Saxon, Cryptopsy, KISS, Queensrÿche, Rage, Coroner, Krisiun, Dismember, Metal Church, Tankard, Voivod, Pestilence, Arsis, Possessed, Threshold, Death Angel, Grave, Forbidden, Dark Angel, Thin Lizzy, Bloodshot Dawn, Celtic Frost, Unleashed, Sabbat, Onslaught, Xentrix, Razor, Darkthrone, Pantera, Cannibal Corpse, Spawn Of Possession, Fueled By Fire, Fates Warning, Sadus, Sacrifice, Twilightning, Protector, Ensiferum, Sarcófago, Benediction, Whiplash, Hirax, Yes, The Who, Vital Remains, Deceased, Savatage, Running Wild, Exumer, Malevolent Creation, Origin, Insomnium, Deathspell Omega, Nuclear Assault, Hour Of Penance, Artillery, Morbid Saint, Jungle Rot, Anvil, Buckethead, Nocturnus, Paradox, Revocation, Holy Moses, Flotsam And Jetsam, Decapitated, Autopsy, In Flames, Warbringer, Impiety, Tantara, Mekong Delta, Omen, Manilla Road, Gorguts, Tank, Cirith Ungol, Grave Digger, Suicidal Angels, Deathrow, Dust Bolt, Paradise Lost, Primal Fear, Kat, Chthonic, Aura Noir, Angra, Darkness, Morbid Angel, Persefone, Vio-lence, Hypocrisy, Suffocation, Budgie, Crimson Glory, Watchtower, King Crimson, Ayreon, Incantation, Obliveon, Brutally Deceased, Dream Theater, Enslaved, Leprous, Haken, Steven Wilson, Marillion, Riverside, Opeth, Caligula's Horse, Omnium Gatherum, Pain Of Salvation, Porcupine Tree