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Favorite bands: Abbath, Accept, Ahab, Amon Amarth, Amorphis, Anathema, Arch Enemy, Arcturus, At The Gates, Autopsy, Avatarium, Ayreon, Batushka, Before The Dawn, Behemoth, Bell Witch, Black Sabbath, Bloodbath, Borknagar, Burzum, Candlemass, Carach Angren, Celtic Frost, Chevelle, Children Of Bodom, Clouds, Cradle Of Filth, Crematory, Dark Tranquillity, Darkthrone, Devin Townsend, Dimmu Borgir, Dio, Djerv, Doom:VS, Draconian, Emperor, Empyrium, Ensiferum, Enslaved, Epica, Ereb Altor, Evergrey, Finntroll, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Ghost, Gojira, Haken, Hallatar, Heaven And Hell, Heaven Shall Burn, Heavenwood, Helevorn, Ihsahn, Immortal, In Flames, Insomnium, Iommi, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Kamelot, Katatonia, Kauan, Khemmis, King Diamond, King Goat, Leaves' Eyes, Leprous, Mar De Grises, Mayhem, Melechesh, Mercyful Fate, Mgła, Moonsorrow, Moonspell, Motörhead, Mourning Beloveth, My Dying Bride, Myrath, Myrkur, Nailed To Obscurity, Nightwish, Novembre, Obscura, Oceans Of Slumber, October Tide, Omnium Gatherum, Opeth, Orphaned Land, Ozzy Osbourne, Pallbearer, Paradise Lost, Pentagram, Porcupine Tree, Pyramaze, ReVamp, Riverside, Rotting Christ, Saturnus, Septicflesh, Shape Of Despair, Sirenia, Skepticism, Slugdge, Slumber, Soen, Soilwork, Steven Wilson, Swallow The Sun, Symphony X, System Of A Down, The Vision Bleak, Theatre Of Tragedy, Threshold, Tool, Trees Of Eternity, Trials, Triptykon, Tristania, Type O Negative, Vader, Volbeat, Weeping Silence, Witherscape, Wolfheart, Wormwood, Yob, Aenaon, Ava Inferi, Black Crown Initiate, Eye Of Solitude, Hooded Menace, Gorgoroth, Equilibrium, Anciients, Liv Kristine, Marilyn Manson, Meshuggah, Metallica, Rammstein, Slipknot, Týr, Månegarm, Antimatter, Woods Of Ypres, Caligula's Horse, Ne Obliviscaris, Tribulation, Barren Earth, Esoteric, Kriegsmaschine, Wintersun, In Mourning, On Thorns I Lay, Voyager, Cult Of Luna, Brymir