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Favorite bands: Above Symmetry, Adagio, Agent Steel, Alice In Chains, Akribi, Alarum, Alter Bridge, Amogh Symphony, An Endless Sporadic, Anubis Gate, Appearance Of Nothing, Arcane, Astra, Atmosfear, At Vance, Auvernia, Axxis, Ayreon, Bad Salad, Bak, Benedictum, Beyond The Bridge, Beyond Twilight, Biomechanical, Blaze Bayley, Cage, Caligula's Horse, Comma, Communic, Dark Arena, Dark Empire, Dark Moor, Darzamat, Day Six, Deadsoul Tribe, Delta, Derdian, Devastation, Diablo Swing Orchestra, Dissona, Distorted Harmony, Divinefire, Division By Zero, Dream Theater, Dreyelands, Echoes, Eidolon, Elegy, Emir Hot, Empty Tremor, Empyrios, Epica, Essence Of Sorrow, Ethereal Architect, Eumeria, Flaming Row, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Forbidden, Flotsam & Jetsam, Futures End, Galneryus, Gamma Ray, Gorod, Guilt Machine, Haggard, Haken, Hangar, Heart Of Cygnus, Heavenly, Helloween, Helstar, Hourglass, Khallice, Knight Area, Ice Age, IQ, Iron Maiden, Iron Mask, Juvaliant, Kingcrow, Last Empire, Leprous, Lost In Thought, Luca Turilli, Luca Turilli's Rhapsody, Machine Head, Magic Kingdom, Majestic, Manticora, Mastodon, Meduza, Mercenary, Metal Church, Metallica, Metroid Metal, Mindflow, Mind's Eye, Mob Rules, Mortal Sin, Muse, Myrath, Mystic Prophecy, Necrophagist, Nevermore, Oddland, Odious Mortem, Operatika, Opeth, Ouroboros, Outworld, Pain Of Salvation, Pathos, Porcupine Tree, Powerwolf, Psychotic Waltz, Queen, Queens Of The Stone Age, Realm, Reckless, Red Circuit, Riverside, Rhapsody Of Fire, Royal Hunt, Sacrifice, Sanctuary, Scariot, Scar Symmetry, Shadow Gallery, Shaolin Death Squad, Silent Edge, Solid Vision, Sonata Arctica, Soul Secret, Space Odyssey, Speaking To Stones, Status Minor, Stratovarius, Steel Attack, Sun Caged, Superior, Symphony X, Testament, Tetrafusion, The Aurora Project, The Dust Connection, The Reign Of Terror, Therion, Third Eye [DEN], Threshold, Time Requiem, Toadies, Tomorrow's Eve, Tourniquet, Trophallaxy, Unexpect, Vangough, Vendetta [GER], Violentory, Virtuocity, Voyager, Winter's Verge, Wolverine, Wolf, Wuthering Heights, Xystus, Yngwie Malmsteen, Zero Gravity, Zihard, Zonata, Dark Suns

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