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Favorite bands: ÆGES, (EchO), ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, 11 As In Adversaries, 5ive, Abstract Spirit, Absvrdist, Abysmal Darkening, Acacia, Afgrund, Age Of Silence, Agrimonia, Agrypnie, An Autumn For Crippled Children, Anathema, Anhedonist, Antimatter, Arcturus, Astral Sleep, Atoma, Audrey Horne, Bad Brains, Bast, Battle Of Mice, Beseech, Beyond Terror Beyond Grace, Black Arrows Of Filth & Impurity, Black Monolith, Black Shape Of Nexus, Black Sun, Blazing Eternity, Blockheads, Bossk, Buried Inside, Caïna, Canaan, Candiria, Cave In, Celeste, Chaos Echs, Clinging To The Trees Of A Forest Fire, Coffinworm, Crowhead, Dark Buddha Rising, Darkseed, Dead In The Dirt, Dead Instrument, Decline Of The I, Deep-Pression, Defeatist, Deftones, DevilDriver, Dog Fashion Disco, Dredg, Earthtone9, East Of The Wall, Empyrium, En Declin, Eternal Deformity, Eyes Of Fire, Fair To Midland, Fen, Filter, Fu Manchu, Fudge Tunnel, Gaza, Gordian Knot, Grey Waters, Grey Widow, Hacride, Hail Spirit Noir, Harakiri For The Sky, Hatred Surge, Head Control System, Helmet, Helms Alee, In The Woods..., Incubus, Isis, Jesu, Jucifer, Karnivool, Katatonia, Kayo Dot, KEN Mode, Klimt 1918, Klone, Kontinuum, Lair Of The Minotaur, Leprous, Life Of Agony, Long Distance Calling, Lord Mantis, Lunatic Soul, Magrudergrind, Maudlin Of The Well, Menace Ruine, Misery Loves Co., Morne, Mudvayne, Nahemah, Nails, Neurosis, Noisear, Nothingface, Obscure Sphinx, Occultation, Old Silver Key, Ophis, Owl, Pigs, Pin-Up Went Down, Polkadot Cadaver, Porta Nigra, Primitive Man, Psyopus, Raging Speedhorn, Redwood Hill, Regarde Les Hommes Tomber, Rorcal, Russian Circles, Sólstafir, Scald, Secret Chiefs 3, Serotonal, Sevendust, Shaolin Death Squad, Shining (NOR), SikTh, Skeletal Spectre, Skullflower, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Slumber, Smohalla, So Much For Nothing, Soilent Green, SpiRitual, Stealing Axion, Subrosa, Sunpocrisy, Terra Tenebrosa, Tesseract, Textures, The 11th Hour, The Angelic Process, The Blind Surgeons Operation, The Body, The Death Of Her Money, The Doors, The Fall Of Every Season, The Moth Gatherer, The Old Wind, The Ruins Of Beverast, The Secret, This Empty Flow, This Gift Is A Curse, Thou, Tiamat, Tomahawk, Tombs, Towards Darkness, Transient, Transitional, Trap Them, U.S.S.A., Ufomammut, Ultralord, Universe217, Ved Buens Ende, Verwüstung, Volumes, Watchmaker, Weedeater, What Mad Universe, Who Dies In Siberian Slush, WHOURKR, Withered, Woebegone Obscured, Wolvhammer, Worm Ouroboros, Wormfood, Yakuza, Yurei

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