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Favorite bands: 4th Dimension, 8-Point Rose, Accept, Aethra, Alice Cooper, Altaria, Angra, Argion, Armory, Ascension (UK), Avantasia, At Vance, Axenstar, Axxis, Blessdivine, Blind Guardian, Bloodbound, Cain's Offering, Celesty, Conquest, W. Angel's Conquest, Cromonic, Cryonic Temple, Dark Moor, Delfinia, Derdian, Desdemona (ITA), Dionysus, Doro, Draconicon, DragonForce, Dragonland, Dragony, Dreamtale, Edguy, Elvenking, Emerald Sun, Eons Enthroned, Eunomia, Europe, Excalion, Falconer, Fallen Sanctuary, Fellowship, Freedom Call, Freternia, From The Depth, Frozen Crown, Frozen Land, Galderia, Galloglass, Gamma Ray, Gloryhammer, Golden Resurrection, Gotham City, HammerFall, Heavenly, Heavens Gate, Helloween, Highland Glory, Highlord, Insania, Iron Maiden, Iron Mask, Iron Savior, Kamelot, Kamijo, Kardinal Sin, Kiske/Somerville, KISS, Kotipelto, Krilloan, Labyrinth, Lacrimosa, Lake Of Tears, Lancer, The Lightbringer Of Sweden, Luca Turilli, Lunatica, Mad Hatter, Magic Kingdom, Majestica, Majesty, Metalforce, Majustice, Manowar, Magic Opera, Memories Of Old, Mentalist, Metallica, Nightscape, Nightwish, Nocturnal Rites, NorthTale, Old Man's Child, Palantír, Pathfinder, Planeswalker, Power Paladin, Power Quest, Powerwolf, Primal Fear, Pyramaze, ReinXeed, Revolution Renaissance, Rhapsody Of Fire, Rhapsody, Riot, Riot V, Royal Hunt, Sabaton, Saint Deamon, Savage Circus, Scorpions, Sebastien, Serenity, Serious Black, ShadowStrike, SheWolf, Silent Fall, Silent Knight, Silverlane, Sinbreed, Sinergy, Skyblazer, Sonata Arctica, Steel Attack, The Storyteller, Stratovarius, Sunrise, Symfonia, Symphonity, Terra Atlantica, Thornbridge, Thunderstone, Timeless Miracle, Trick Or Treat, Twilight Force, UFO, Vandor, Veonity, Versailles, Victorius, Virgin Steele, Warkings, Warlock, Wings Of Destiny, Destiny (CRC), Wonders, Yngwie Malmsteen, Alquimia, DarkTribe, Cellador, Crosswind, Evermore, Black Majesty, Alestorm, Anthem, Attack, Crystal Viper, Dream Evil, Evil Masquerade, Fogalord, Forgotten Tales, Guardians Of Time, Hammer King, Fifth Angel, Instanzia, Iron Fire, Ironflame, Jupiter, Metalium, Morton, New Horizon, Noble Beast, Nostradameus, Olympos Mons, Orden Ogan, Pertness, Pretty Maids, Ring Of Fire, Rocka Rollas, Sacred Outcry, Seven Sisters, Shadowquest, Solar Fragment, Stormwarrior, Tristan Harders' Twilight Theatre, Titanium, Vandroya, Wardrum, X Wild, White Skull, Black & Damned, Evertale, Battle Born, Kaledon, Sonic Haven, Bruce Dickinson, Judicator, Prydain, Jacobs Dream, King Diamond, Vhäldemar, Arion, Dark Horizon, Winterage, Warrior Path, Dragonfly, Narnia, Savage Grace, Crystal Eyes, Lost Horizon, Human Fortress, Scarleth, InnerWish, Saurom, Vision Denied, Opera Magna, Dream Theater, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Rainbow, Running Wild, Andi Deris And The Bad Bankers, Dio, Jack Starr's Burning Starr, McAuley Schenker Group, Michael Schenker Group, Mötley Crüe, Ozzy Osbourne, Cathalepsy, Heimdall, Lanzer, Place Vendome, Samson, Saxon, Twilight Guardians, Twisted Sister, Eternal Champion, Mark Boals, Icon Of Sin, Dark Sky, Twilightning, Masterplan, Dragonheart, Alpha Tiger, Marc Hudson, Moravius, X Japan, The Unity, Hansen & Friends, Saidian

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