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2021 Amusia's Recommendations

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Manuel Castillo (Amusia) is a Mexican youtuber/reviewer specialized in heavy metal, who makes reviews without pression from the labels or distros. His passion and knowledge are the best tools he has and is followed by almost 70,000 people from the Spanish-speaking community. His partner, Carlos 'Black Bujo' Telles, also make reviews but of underground bands.

If you speak Spanish, check their channel, El Canal de Amusia.

This list is not a top but there are some not so well known albums that Amusia recommends listening to this year.

Created by: ChapuLviz | 23.01.2021

1. Asphyx - Necroceros
[8.5-9] brutal and doom, agony and passion in the vocals, honest and simple (but great) record.
2. Nervosa - Perpetual Chaos
[8.5-9] new line-up, aggresive thrash almost-death, low bass sound eclipsed by guitar, is lineal (without variations).
3. Therion - Leviathan
[6] with a heavier sound than their last album but still light. Badly minimalist without passion.
4. Labyrinth - Welcome To The Absurd Circus
[9-9.5] authentic work of art (except the cover and the cover song), true masters when it comes to playing, perfectly presented.
5. Accept - Too Mean To Die
[9] it has all the elements of Accept (the best of... collection), their third guitar is irrelevant, their voices are awesome.
6. Soen - Imperial
[10] refined formula with class, glorious, no exaggerated stunts, this band is at its peak, improves with more listens.
7. Angelus Apatrida - Angelus Apatrida
[N/A] declaration of principles with a lot of energy, they have their own sound and become an icon.
8. Juan Bond - Womb
[N/A] eclectic, original, authentic and avantgarde sound, is not just mathcore, NY is making interesting music. Their vocal transissions are fundamental.
9. Tribulation - Where The Gloom Becomes Sound
[8] monotone voices, they sound lighter and lighter, but not a bad work, they repeat a lot. Their previous album was better.
10. The Ruins Of Beverast - The Thule Grimoires
[8.5-9] sounds some of experimentation and a cavernous ambient, their doom sound makes you in trance, every song comes to a climax finalizing the idea.
11. Sirenia - Riddles, Ruins & Revelations
[8.5] a sound change but towards a good one. Simple with pop elements that make his songs memorable. Elegant presentation.
12. Swampbeast - Seven Evils Spawned Of Seven Heads
[8-8.5] a brutal debut, cavernous production, apocalyptic and deep sound with some grind feeling.
13. Abiotic - Ikigai
[8] more technical than their previous releases, and some caos, regular brutal sound with atmospheric moments.
14. Harakiri For The Sky - Mӕre
[8] too long and monotone songs with some short good moments.
15. Paranorm - Empyrean
[N/A] Vektor-vibes-thrash-metal with almost-disonant accords, long songs with a lot of mutations, good structures in fast and mid tempo.
16. Alice Cooper - Detroit Stories
[8.5] ​​Fan service with a lot of passion for playing rock 'n' roll. Nothing new, but it sounds like a tribute to the old days. Horrible album cover.
17. Moonspell - Hermitage
[7-7.5] an element of prog-rock is present, elegance and gloomy-atmosphere appear, but the idea does not end well.
18. Epica - Omega
[8.5-9] homogeneous album, focused on the vocals and generating epic moments, it is not repetitive.
19. Architects - For Those That Wish To Exist
[7] similar to their last album but lighter, good presentation, they're searching a commercial way and dying slowly.
20. Einherjer - North Star
[8.5-9] epic album, sounds some tribute to Quorthon, rocky but raw vibes appears.
21. A Day To Remember - You're Welcome
[N/A] a troll recommendation (from the audience), they have a simple sound with no metal at all, their lyrics talk about teenage depression issues, there is nothing here.
22. Abominable Putridity - Parasitic Metamorphosis Manifestation
[7.5-8] all the usual slam death metal elements present, enjoyable, focused on the tone and coffee makers.
23. Rob Zombie - The Lunar Injection Kool Aid Eclipse Conspiracy
[5-6] one of the worst album titles in history, tired ideas and incomplete songs.
24. Ad Nauseam - Imperative Imperceptible Impulse
[N/A] a wonderful work, an original dissonant death metal proposal that they brings from their last album, without exaggerated riffs but rather chords that create a sinister panorama and over irregular tempos.
25. Baest - Necro Sapiens
[9] highly certified death metal with many inspirations (old and new), good production and shows youth in their dynamic songs.
26. Syracusæ - Gea
[N/A] modern progressive metal, guttural with rock-clean-vocals, monumental and technical songs.
27. Brand Of Sacrifice - Lifeblood
[N/A] highly technical and addictive, variated vocals, excellent production, good breakdowns, their samplers are totally cinematic.
28. Secret Sphere - Lifeblood
[9-9.5] unsurpassed production, focused on the choirs, old school feeling, fresh classic italian power metal.
29. Evanescence - The Bitter Truth
[7-8] light songs collection, not a great change keeping their essence, good production.
30. Pupil Slicer - Mirrors
[N/A] an example of mathcore evolution, very fast, energetic and technical album, every song presents different elements, oldschool listeners can listen them and their new sound.
31. Philm - Time Burner
[N/A] heavy sound with influences of 70's progressive rock with jazz elements, very potent and a long progression.
32. Smile A Velociraptor - Code Raptor
[N/A] mathcore/deathcore with their own identity, cavernous with a good technical work, near to dissonant death metal but exploring the frontiers of extreme music.
33. Helloween - Skyfall
[9] this single is a short version but looks like a complete song, classic sound of Helloween, nothing new but very good, there are a high potental to the new album.
34. Memoriam - To The End
[8] melodic (and groovy) songs as some experimentation, good but sterile sound with worn vocals, old school death metal close to doom although they need to change their focus.
35. Crypta - From The Ashes
[N/A] sounds like Cradle Of Filth in melodic lines (without keyboards), good vocals and their two guitars, the bass doesn't sound, more extreme than Nervosa.
36. The Crown - Royal Destroyer
[9] high octane metal, very complete album, they mixes new sound with old school elements, recorded with class, fury and hate.
37. Cannibal Corpse - Violence Unimagined
[9] obviously brutal with infectious groove, Rutan integrates with his own style, nothing new because it is a successful formula.
38. Necronomicon - The Final Chapter
[8.5] energetic thrash metal, good production except for the bass, vocals performed with passion, solid drums, good melodies, every song have personality.
39. Humanity's Last Breath - Välde
[9] high quality album, better production with more atmosphere, concordant technically with little moments of experimentation, good attack moments.
40. Stortregn - Impermanence
[9-9.5] technical with atmosphere elements, good work on guitars and bass, magistral construction of the album, elegant details in their composition, ideal ending.
41. Liquid Tension Experiment - Liquid Tension Experiment 3
[8.5-9] present all their classic elements, they are prodigies, balanced, fresh and enjoyable album.
42. Bodom After Midnight - Paint The Sky With Blood
[9] last musical testament of Aleksi Laiho, Children Of Bodom's vintage sound is present; sweet and sour taste, we wanted more.
43. Solitude (MEX) - Exogenesis
[9] high gauge band, good production, excellent guitar work, energetic and expressive vocals, fabulous drums.
44. While She Sleeps - Sleeps Society
[8.5] a free band, good presentation of their chorus, elegant keybords and guitars, nothing different, just effective.
45. Evergrey - Escape Of The Phoenix
[8.5-9] they maintain their own sound, that choirs create a spectral ambient, good fast and contemplative moments, the vocals makes this band special, good production.
46. Gojira - Fortitude
[8-8.5] heavier than Magma, they have a groovy presence, optimist lyrics, good and elegant elements, two unnecessary songs, simple progressions, and ends up boring.
47. Gojira - Fortitude
[N/A] 2nd review, not much different from their last two albums, paused songs, near to groove metal and post-metal, it seems self-plagiarism (or own identity), very linear album not focused on the technical.
48. Evile - Hell Unleashed
[9] masterful and powerful execution, good production, all essential thrash elements, monotone vocals, to satisfy fans and infectious album.
49. Cryptosis - Bionic Swarm
[N/A] this album is a son of Vektor, excellent technical resources, good changes on the road, very fast with a lot technical intention.
50. Vreid - Wild North West
[8.5-9] eclectic concept album that narrates the valleys and mountains of life, each song has its own identity, some freeze hearts and others have a rock sound from the 70s, it has a worthy ending, not suitable for black metal purists.
51. Tomahawk - Tonic Immobility
[N/A] they have their own personality with some of experimentation, focused on parsimony and ambient, they add a lot of influences, good performance of Mike Patton.
52. Los Males Del Mundo - Descent Towards Death
[10] awesome artwork, passionate black metal, album that freeze the bones, memorable riffs, excellent vocals, cruel lyrics, the hype of this album is true.
53. Greta Van Fleet - The Battle At Garden's Gate
[8-8.5] still influenced by Led Zeppelin (clones) but also by other bands, not to listen with headphones, bad production, good songs but the album is too long, nice solos.
54. Artillery - X
[7.5-8] good production, the two ballads cut off thrash inspiration, furious thrash songs close to speed metal, cringe lyrics, simple artwork, similar songs.
55. Phlebotomized - Pain, Resistance, Suffering
[N/A] traditional structure but with background arrangements, they have an original sound, an organic idea, a different way of doing death metal.
56. Ancelot - Rompe El Cristal
[N/A] heavy metal very hard, epic, and convincing, with a lot of technique but not exacerbated, good instrumentations, presents good dynamics and inspiration, powerful guitars and vocals.
57. Dark Horse / White Horse - Dark Horse / White Horse
[N/A] sophisticated and epic songs, complex music around the impressive voices, virtuosity is present, brutally technical but passionately symphonic.
58. Nursing - Self Care
[N/A] different mathcore with vocals similar to black metal, technical and brutal songs, focused on attack, good ambiental transitions (some post, some jazz).
59. Solstice (USA) - Casting The Die
[8.5] ugly artwork, old school death/thrash with conviction but repetitive, good production, good solos (melodics and fury), average drums, hardcore or crossover vocals, excellent bass, honest album.
60. Yoth Iria - As The Flame Withers
[8.5-9] modern and ellegant black metal, presents an alegorie of ancient civilizations, ghostly guitars, effective vocals, high class keyboards, music with conviction.
61. Black Brigade - Infernal Invocations
[N/A] deathgrind debut with dark themes, fast songs but recorded with focus on intentions and techniques, classic voices close to hardcore, bass with a lot of presence.
62. Majestic Downfall - Aorta
[9-9.5] dark lovers album, excellent production, balanced, presents a lot of passion and different emotions, honest, expressive and powerful vocals, heavy bass, melodic lamentations on guitars, well woven songs with subtle embellishments, funeral drums.
63. Impaled Nazarene - Eight Headed Serpent
[8.5-9] economic album to the grain, good production, aggressive vocals, abrasive guitars, drums near to grind, enjoyable end, a breath of fresh air.
64. Portal - Avow
[9] inmense album, atmospheric, demoniac, infernal, clear, guttural, noisy, insane and clear sound, the most accesible album of Portal, monocromatic but understandable vocals (official narrator of nightmares), understandable guitars and thunderous bass, it's an acquired taste.
65. Portal - Hagbulbia
[9] deep noise/ambient being a complement of Avow, it's like floating in something dark, sonic attack, album for fans not for everyone, infamous, they don't repeat formulas.
66. Flotsam And Jetsam - Blood In The Water
[9-9.5] good album, furious thrash and speed metal, dominant guitars, ballad in the exact position, really memorable, drums like clockwork, good bass and production.
67. Crypta - Echoes Of The Soul
[8.5] acceptable death metal artwork, all elements good, notable guitars, nice vocals, good presented bass, they need to do memorable songs like four songs of this album, with a lot of potential.
68. Atreyu - Baptize
[6.5-7] interesting line-up changes, a light sound for beginners of metal/rock, sugary music with little inspiration, less focused on metal, repeated formulas for 15 songs, effective at startup but diluted.
69. Desaster - Churches Without Saints
[8.5] spreading the devil's gospel, filthy good production, high on adrenaline with all the attitude, all their classic elements are presents, the songs project conviction.
70. Machine Head - Arrows In Words From The Sky
[N/A] a change of attitude, their drums are aggressive and awesome, first song is pure powerful attack, the second is groovy with good chorus and the third is a reflexive ballad, this EP looks good.
71. Helloween - Helloween
[8.5-9] three vocalists was a good idea for the tours, but for the album there would be one sacrifice: Hansen, the hype is for Kiske, the riffs are enthusiastic, fabulous drums, remarkable guitars, elements of their entire career are present, truly memorable and epic, no song out of tune, a successful album.
72. Fear Factory - Aggression Continuum
[8.5-9] classic sound of Fear Factory, aggressive vocals, precise melodic keyboards, good riffs, inhuman drums, unique sound today, Burton C. Bell's vocals will be missed.
73. Grave Miasma - Abyss Of Wrathful Deities
[7-7.5] effective cover, pure cavernous atmosphere with good sound on drums, production has focused on brutality, swamped and evil occultism, dark guitars and random solos, non-memorable songs, uniform sound, loses effect at three songs, frustrating job to ramble.
74. Darkthrone - Eternal Hails......
[7] nostalgic journey, ugly cover art, minimal atmospheric elements, their best moments are doom metal, fatalistic solos, creeping voices, the sound makes you sleep, nothing dynamic, the only fast song sounds like Satyricon, music to imitate outdated sounds, too long album to forget.
75. Darkthrone - Eternal Hails......
[N/A] 2nd review, unnecessary slow album,own vision of heavy metal but too lineal, exhausted speech, monotone songs, does not transmit something, there is no definite intention.
76. Pestilence - Exitivm
[9-9.5] it's totally Mameli's idea, close to Testimony Of The Ancients with keyboards/synths to create passages between songs to connect them, good solos, not a cold record, the first four songs are memorable, very enjoyable.
77. Pestilence - Exitivm
[N/A] 2nd review, recovering the esscence of the Testimony Of The Ancients, first album since their return with the proper identity, an album with heart, value and energy, a little bit of complexity in traditional death metal.
78. Thy Catafalque - Vadak
[N/A] totally different from their previous album, with many new resources creating a different concept, very eclectic with different forms and without ceasing to be extreme music, there are only words of praise to talk about this album.
79. Unidad Trauma - Arte Médica Siniestra
[N/A] good production of a furious deathgrind, neat and brutal album, sharp guitars, dynamic lyrics, good cover art.
80. At The Gates - The Nightmare Of Being
[9-9.5] great surprise this work, their classical essence is present, more misanthropic voices, each song has its own identity, there are some progressive moments and jam, good orchestral passages, the most interesting album of the band, very entertaining and memorable.
81. Aldabaoth - Umbra Maledictus (The Book of Shadows)
[N/A] slow black metal with some symphony and atmospheres, it features some melancholy and fury, there's a bit of experimentation, long-standing ominous record.
82. Astarot (MEX) - Lake Of Endless Stars
[N/A] experimental black metal with lugubrious atmospheres, minimalistic auditive creations with their keyboards, a singular album, an evolutionated band.
83. Born Of Osiris - Angel Or Alien
[9-9.5] not a new sound but fresher, more energetic and good, composition and production combine well, guitars and keyboards are in a fantastic duel, precise drums, there is a thoughtful saxophone, well crafted and wanting to produce good songs.
84. Hellcrash - Krvcifix Invertör
[N/A] sounds like Venom with Motörhead but actual, really fun with some of punk, lineal and rudimentary idea.
85. Mayhem - Atavistic Black Disorder / Kommando
[10/6] good new song and the songs that were bonus of Daemon -the same production-, the punk covers sounds simply good, nothing more, is material for collectors.
86. At The Gates - The Nightmare Of Being
[N/A] 2nd review, this is a surprise, the songs are not a repetition of their old records, their dynamics are really smart, with good attack and melodies, rhythm with some experimentation and essence, they are working on the melodic intention with other resources.
87. Iron Maiden - The Writing On The Wall
[N/A] multiple biblical references, the song is interesting with the typical sound of Maiden and a good solo, the vocals sounds better on Spotify, the bass is not the better, nothing new but so good.
88. Batushka - Царю Небесный / Carju Niebiesnyj
[N/A] the same as both bands have been doing, it uses atmospheric sounds with transitions close to blackened death metal, it mixes the mid-tempo well to make some doom moments.
89. Stöner - Stoners Rule
[N/A] this album transmits happiness and fun, it is very attractive and entertaining, this is an electrified blues with a lot of feeling, it has that groove and psychedelic of the 70s.
90. Powerwolf - Call Of The Wild
[10] good cover art, extraordinary work of german power metal, vocals and keyboards stand out, the keyboards features different experiences, the solos made good transitions, precise drums, glorious album with a complete concept.
91. Mordred - The Dark Parade
[9-9.5] their classic sound is present, and it is always a breath of fresh air, there is experimentation in the vocals, there are unusual elements in metal here, fabulous use of solos, excellent production, this album is not for easy ears, really integrated all the elements, a unique flavor.
92. Ravnkald - The Pagan Resistance
[N/A] modern black metal with a high content of melodic variations, entertaining album, they have many voices, each song has different ideas and dynamics.
93. Attila - Closure
[N/A] good production, aggressive guitars but the mixture of lyrics and different genres loses energy, adults creating lyrics for teenagers, gimmicky music not extreme or serious, the best moments are in deathcore.
94. Seputus - Phantom Indigo
[N/A] a new jewel and a new step of more intense dissonance, the cohesion of the songs seems cacophonic, a methodical chaos, a furious anti-melodic technical death metal, they create atrocious and technical concepts, you are going to say: what the fuck?
95. Fractal Universe - The Impassable Horizon
[8.5] clear production, precise drums, delicious bass, guitars are leaders, is obvious their influences (Obscura, Gojira, Alkaloid, Periphery) almost copy, there are a dark atmosphere, easy to listen, good saxophone, lack definition of originality.
96. Hexorcist - Evil Reaping Death
[8.5-9] old school production with cavernous sound, slow voices, not clean drums, background guitars, perfect guitars attack, enjoyable album with a fabulous cover art.
97. Guns N' Roses - Absurd
[N/A] not a new song, repeated energetic riffs, classic solos, weird vocals, good song in general but just a simple pretext.
98. Yngwie Malmsteen - Parabellum
[N/A] most of the songs are instrumental, the best songs are with vocals, the drums sound like a drum machine, the bass does not sound, basic keyboards, the composition is the same from the 80s.
99. Slaughter To Prevail - Kostolom
[8-8.5] very uniform songs using only one trick, they have a lot of attack, there are nu metal elements (like Slipknot), incredible vocals, the melodic elements are gimmicky, good production.
100. Lorna Shore - ...And I Return To Nothingness
[N/A] EP to present their new vocalist, abrasive sound in the voices, inspiration from Coroner on the cover, dramatic keyboards, melancholic solos, devastating breakdowns, very entertaining EP with a lot of conviction and honesty, the have all the elements to made an album of high quality.
101. Iron Maiden - Stratego
[8] in YouTube the vocals sounds strange (better in Spotify), classic riff of Maiden, shy keyboards, good solo, seems to a sober and economic sound.
102. Sodom - Bombenhagel
[8] just a new version of Bombenhagel, the new songs have the classic sound of Sodom of the last times, raw and fast, to stay relevant.
103. Exodus - The Beatings Will Continue (Until Morale Improves)
[9] classic attack of the band, good solos, fabulous drums, intereseting phrasing of Zetro Souza.
104. Between The Buried And Me - Colors II
[9-9.5] it is not for beginners of the band or for lazy ears, they present all their elements in excess, the last song is monolithic, the ideas seem to have no coherence but they do, the heaviest album of the band, this is a good second part although it could very well be self-titled.
105. Deafheaven - Infinite Granite
[6-6.5] it is no longer blackgaze but a continuation of the previous album, it is more hipster post-rock, predictable and squishy album, they are becoming one more band of the lot, focused on emotions and not music, they return to the attack in the last two minutes without sense, forgettable album.
106. Leprous - Aphelion
[9-9.5] still with exquisite vocals, good keyboards, restrained but emotional guitar, explosive and meaningful drums, sober bass; in Pitfails it lacked balance, but now it is corrected although without returning to metal, this album respects its own legacy and marks the future of the band.
107. Wolves In The Throne Room - Primordial Arcana
[9-9.5] beautiful covers, there are feelings of mystery and evocation, emotional keyboards, cold vocals, everything on the album makes sense, good mix of attack moments and beautiful atmospheres, this band is very mature, there are many varieties here.
108. Jinjer - Wallflowers
[8-8.5] more heavy than ever, clean vocal lines that become childish, the order of the songs is not coherent, the songs do not have their own brand, the drums do not sound good, there is a lot of groove but little experimentation, it is a YouTube band.
109. Iron Maiden - Senjutsu
[7.5-8] good start, good solos, they still don't make a bad album but it's already a recycled recipe, shy keyboards, unnecessarily long songs, songs made by Steve Harris sound the same, no new ideas.
110. Hooded Menace - The Tritonus Bell
[8.5] features an old heavy metal production, there are an unifinished song, interesting and strange cover song, expressive solos, this album sounds fresh, good transitions, the band can give more.
111. Carnifex - Graveside Confessions
[8.5] extensive album, charismatic and powelful vocals, constant attack on production spanning the entire space, good drums and guitars, they needed to lower the volume and open spaces in the production (very noisy), they seek to adapt to new trends in the genre, the cover song is contrasting with its original version.
112. Nunslaughter - Red Is The Color Of Ripping Death
[8.5-9] attractive cover art, sticky, honest and violent songs, vocals excited to perform, they project a lot of energy but without great variety, conviction is their greatest virtue, is not remarkable within their discography.
113. Thyrfing - Vanagandr
[9-9.5] fabulous album with a lot of elements, powerful riffs, expressive and epic vocals, good drums and keyboards, there a real viking ambient, two key songs: Fredlös and Jordafärd, triumphant return of the band.
114. Hypocrisy - Chemical Whore
[8.5-9] is a basic idea, good and expressive vocals, features a mix of elements similar to Carcass and Behemoth, nothing new but hateful.
115. To Kill - Over Your Dead Body
[8.5] a fair dose of brutality, violent death metal, punishing drums, infectious guitars, sick vocals, has a lot of attack with chaotic solos, you feel the wrath of Latin American problems.
116. Inferi - Vile Genesis
[9] good artwork, there a lot of brutality, are awesome the fast changes and the melodies on those moments, they want to made better songs of their own sound, interesting lyrics and atmosphere.
117. Iron Maiden - Senjutsu
[7] 2nd review, all the songs are similar, they do not sound bad because it is the definite sound of the last 20 years of the band, this album is the band's own current vision, it is a medium album, little risky, very linear, there is no proposal but it is not a bad album either, a couple of songs stand out but nothing else, they are in a comfort zone.
118. Carcass - Torn Arteries
[8.5-9] better album than Surgical Steel, the riffs are classic sound of the band, good production, sober sound almost groove, economic duration, solid and polished songs but without proposal, the sound exploration is no longer present, the bass sounds better.
119. Alien Weaponry - Tangaroa
[6] simple groove metal, there are no good riffs, the drums are not impressive, although the vocals do seem from the Maori culture, they do not know how to convey emotions, the album is very long and monotonous.
120. Aborted - ManiaCult
[8.5-9] they features a traditional sonic assault, sick vocals, they work harder on blastbeats, all songs are devastating, no difference from the latest albums but delicious.
121. Ex Deo - The Thirteen Years Of Nero
[10] this album sounds epic on the keyboards, fabulous guitars working something monolithic, monumental sound like its theme, emotional vocals, well composed songs.
122. Rivers Of Nihil - The Work
[6] unnecessarily long album, progressive and atmospheric in a bad way, weak and simple metal with little Death, boring songs, not a bad album but no longer elegant, they seem not to be proud of playing metal music, a bad decision after the success of the previous album.
123. Spiritbox - Eternal Blue
[8.5-9] fluid album, it has a cold and emotional panorama, it has many different elements and colors, elegant songs with precise moments and use of their resources, remarkable modern metal work, no song is boring.
124. Graveland - Hour Of Ragnarok
[8.5-9] raw sound, controversial production, keyboards and guitars are very integrated, very harsh and folk vocals, epic and cinematic atmosphere, fantastic drums, almost irrelevant bass, great songs.
125. Criminal - Sacrificio
[7] no proposal, good production, highlights the drums, monotonous album without inspiration, this band didn't evolve, strange song composition.
126. Carcass - Torn Arteries
[7.5] 2nd review, they combine different points of their varied discography, good uses of blastbeats, funny variations, they use the Heartwork times with good guitar games, there are a lot of fan service, it's not an extraordinary album but it does contribute to their discography.
127. Insomnium - Argent Moon
[8] it was not the expected music but it was what they should do, it is more ambient and deep, they lose strength and force but gain in melodic and contemplative presence.
128. Hacktivist - Hyperdialect
[9] they play quite rough, with technique and solidity, they don'tt follow the metrics of rap but of math metal, they have a lot of power and experimentation, it is a new and fun way of presenting music, there are proposal.
129. Silver Talon - Decadence And Decay
[9.5] good cover that shows the darkness of the concept, a spectacular guitar work, really progressive, amazing vocals, the band has presence, good production, the bass has authority, the drums are very talented, the last song has bad vocal handling.
130. KK's Priest - Sermons Of The Sinner
[8.5-9] unnecessary introduction, magnificent vocals, guitars give Judas Priest elements and very good own elements, memorable album, cheesy lyrics, good bass and drums, decent work.
131. Delirium (MEX) - Cycles
[N/A] it'ss not a traditional melodeath, it sounds compact and risky, a rough album, not very repetitive and very technical.
132. Trivium - In The Court Of The Dragon
[10] they improve with each album, modern and honest music, full of melody and technique, they know how to combine memorable and elegant choruses with groove and heavy metal, they project good energy, very good composition, precise, brutal and demonstrative drums, they do not follow trending sounds.
133. Fawn Limbs - Darwin Falls
[10] this album brings external sounds to their chaotic mathcore mass, and creates an avant-garde and progressively nurturing instrumental piece, including electronic, darkwave, dark cabaret and jazz noir sounding instrumentation with their brutal sound and technique.
134. Maleficarum - Diabolical Splendour Light
[N/A] they continue with brief atmospheric moments, minimalist black metal, sophisticated concept, honest sound and well recorded.
135. Ministry - Moral Hygiene
[7.5-8] there are a couple of respectable riffs, better than the previous album, nice sound, badly played cover, the political message has changed.
136. Asking Alexandria - See What's On The Inside
[7.5] the album sounds enthusiastic with an emphasis on emotional vocals, their riffs are more hard rock, the backing vocals are memorable, there are enjoyable samplers, it is still an album more emotional than rocker, many songs start energetic but lose strength, it is better than the previous album but not so much.
137. Diskord - Degenerations
[9-9.5] interesting band, album with many layers -groovy, technical, chaotic, voivodian-, all the instruments are important at work doing spectacular things, it is not easy to listen, each song seems part of a whole, there are progressions and mathcore elements.
138. El Escuadrón Ataque Tormento - Crudo Y Oscuro Metal Bélico
[8] debut EP of frenetic and honest grindcore, has a punk sound without sophistication, good production, almost harsh vocals, leaves you wanting to hear more.
139. The Agonist - Days Before The World Wept
[7-7.5] simpler metalcore although better than what Arch Enemy presents, this EP is looking for more catchy sounds, there are vocals that seem like a scolded girl, the last song has the same riff of Meshuggah's Bleed, the clean vocals sound poorly worked.
140. Blood Red Throne - Imperial Congregation
[8] It has an old school sound but with thrash touches, the production and the style of the album is less dark and ominous, brutal vocals, simple but striking riffs, they lacked to explore good elements from the previous album and they lack modernity, it sounds generic.
141. Deviant Process - Nurture
[10] here are instrumental experimentations, it has elements of mathcore being progressive death metal, it combines progressive elements, jazz fusion, techdeath and math are in each song, this album is superior to the previous one, it is Cynic on steroids, authentic sound.
142. Dream Theater - A View From The Top Of The World
[8.5-9] typical band sound but fresher, guitars and bass sound heavy, good vocals, the last song gets tired and stretched on purpose, good work on the drums, they still don't offer anything new.
143. Cradle Of Filth - Existence Is Futile
[9-9.5] more drama is included in the music, the theatricality on the keyboards and Anabelle Iratni's operatic vocals are a great addition, the drums are brutal, the guitars are almost scalpels, it sounds heavy and black, it's a good job.
144. Aeon - God Ends Here
[7] the songs present brutality but then fade away, the brutality is not enough to require soft moments, this album did not contribute something, there are riffs too similar to classic riffs, the atmospheric passages sound childish, Just One Kill is extremely boring.
145. Vildhjarta - Måsstaden Under Vatten
[6] the elements of the band are still present but with few ideas and dynamics, it does not justify the long duration of the album, there are no new ideas, after 15 minutes it becomes boring.
146. Hate - Rugia
[8-8.5] no change in the band's formula, the drums are devastating, full of evil riffs, blasphemous vocals, cheap length, competent album.
147. Vulvodynia - Praenuntius Infiniti
[6-7] tiring album, typical production of these genres, overly processed drums, there are unnecessarily long songs, wasted solos, they're a generic band, they have no direction.
148. Massacre - Resurgence
[7.5-8] the same theme of the band, the vocals are tired, the guitars look for riffs similar to that of From Beyond, raw production, some good songs, it is music for fanboys, the sound is the same throughout the album, generic old school death metal, it's overflowing nostalgia.
149. Nelchael - Grimorio
[N/A] it has a raw and traditional sound with melodic variations of black metal, it has a lot of fury, it is a young and worked proposal.
150. Maquahuitl - Con Su Pistola En La Mano
[N/A] good cover, raw black metal with a lot of attack, minimalist, works a western sound, solid concept.
151. Limp Bizkit - Still Sucks
[5] thirty-one minutes is a troll album, the cover turned into a ballad, good guitars, the songs are not so energetic, after song 6 the album falls into a debacle, the songs end too soon, ten years for this?
152. Archspire - Bleed The Future
[9] perfecting the formula, using more melodic passages, exaggeratedly technical and fast, the vocalist could do something more interesting, cheap album, inhuman drums, it can tire you.
153. Slipknot - The Chapeltown Rag
[8.5-9] remember the original hatred of the band in the lyrics, it has the sound of everything the band was originally, you hear every instrument, the screams continue to sound furious.
154. Be'lakor - Coherence
[8.5-9] honest and dark melodeath, you feel the passion of the band, the vocals can be considered monotonous, the guitars are a good base with their riffs, discreet drums, sober bass, could have been shorter.
155. Bullet For My Valentine - Bullet For My Valentine
[8.5-9] it is a surprise, it sounds groovy, heavy, thrash, full of energy, honest, it has conviction, it is a breath of fresh air for the band, good screams, it is a good commercial album.
156. Mastodon - Hushed And Grim
[7] does not justify the length of the album, there are several songs that sound similar, inflated album, interesting but not attractive vocals, album for fans, minimal progressive passages.
157. Whitechapel - Kin
[8-8.5] it sounds like a sequel to The Valley, melody present with heavy and acoustic guitars, the order of the songs is not the best, good guttural and clean vocals, the introspection was not enough, the acoustic is overexploited.
158. First Fragment - Gloire Éternelle
[8-9] spectacular work on strings, there is a technical saturation, it should have been a shorter album, the drums are slaughtering, strange techdeath due to the flamenco and neoclassical sound, it presents joy in the notes, it is enjoyable but the trick gets boring after a certain time.
159. Thulcandra - A Dying Wish
[8.5] total devotion to Dissection, honest sound with 90's production, melancholy attack on riffs, missing landscapes, interchangeable songs.
160. Beast In Black - Dark Connection
[9] highly melodic, interesting cover song, cyberpunk theme reflected in an ugly cover, good production, infectious riffs, keyboards sounds like 90's pop, energetic guitars, sober drums, memorable choruses, passionate vocals, better than Battle Beast.
161. Running Wild - Blood On Blood
[6] terrible cover, the album sounds like it's not to forget the existence of the band, decent production, empty choruses, lack of inspiration, honesty and energy, there are soft riffs, it really sounds made by old people.
162. Diablo Swing Orchestra - Swagger & Stroll Down The Rabbit Hole
[8] long album but with varied songs, the metal sound sounds generic, there is no inspiration in the guitars, in the rest of the instruments it sounds good, it does not sound artistic or serious but effectist, the composition is predictable.
163. Exodus - Persona Non Grata
[9] Exodus is a dirty thrash metal machine, you can't ask for more, there are simple melodies, devastating guitars, the vocals are provocative but scratchy.
164. Unleashed - No Sign Of Life
[8.5-9] it continues the line of the two previous albums, currently they play a more melodic death metal, the vocals are more understandable, solid riffs, adequate solos, there are heavy metal sensations, necessary blast beats.
165. Obscura - A Valediction
[8.5-9] more melodeath is heard which provides variety, although they should evolve in techdeath and take advantage of the fretless bass, the solos sound more melodic and happy, the hook is guaranteed, the album is less prog and the band begins to recycle.
166. Omnium Gatherum - Origin
[8] the first song points the way to the album, 80's keyboards, it's not so death metal but more atmospheric, economic solos, highly melodic emotional passages, it's an attempt at a new proposal, it sounds like Evergrey with guttural vocals, it sounds strange.
167. Hypocrisy - Worship
[7.5-8] good production, usual band work, groovy and fatalistic guitars, regular drums and bass, no surprises here, no musical maturity, routine and forgettable album.
168. U.D.O. - Game Over
[8] ugly cover, it's just Udo playing with Accept in the 80s, competent drums, it's a very long album, their ballads are very ugly because of the voice, shows enthusiasm for recording.
169. Sunless - Ylem
[9.5] one of the best extreme music albums, presents dissonance, discordance and progressive, there are masterful executions, complex drums and bass, well created dissonance for the initial ear, very memorable, proposal with melody that envelops you in a cosmic environment, each member collaborates in a good way.
170. 1914 - Where Fear And Weapons Meet
[8.5-9] more polished and effective album, the duration is justified, it looks like a soundtrack, interesting samplers, the guests sound very good, it's a perfect combination, it doesn't present anything new.
171. Rhapsody Of Fire - Glory For Salvation
[9] good album, presents a good evolution of the band, choirs and keyboards are still the strong point, the composition recalls the old power metal songs, it has epic vocals, good solos that play with rocker and shred, they are still passionate about making music.
172. Insania - V (Praeparatus Supervivet)
[8-8.5] typical European and Germanic power metal, the band is good, educated vocals, good production, duel of competent guitars, unnecessarily lengthened songs, too many choruses.
173. Terra Odium - Ne Plus Ultra
[9.5] there are songs well worked but without being extravagant, there is high quality progressive, good vocal lines, fabulous interpretation of Steve DiGiorgio, there is a lot of dense and futuristic inspiration.
174. Archgoat - Worship The Eternal Darkness
[9] pure blasphemy and organic darkness with raw distortion, underground essence, attack solos, vocals that read the dark gospel, with some punk sound.
175. Imperialist - Zenith
[8.5-9] better than their first album, modern production, they pretend a dark cosmos atmosphere, focused on the quality of the riffs and rhythm changes, there is no mercy on the drums, this album does not define the band, some songs are unnecessarily extended.
176. Cynic - Ascension Codes
[7-7.5] here there is progressive rock, although the songs are still the same, there are effects on the vocals, it is heard only for morbidity, it does not contribute anything, it's a simple prog.
177. Pathology - The Everlasting Plague
[9] nice cover, continues a brutal death metal sound with all its elements, there is a cleaner production, the guitars add melodic parts, the songs are fun and memorable, the rhythms are intense, the last song is instrumental and generates nostalgia.
178. Black Label Society - Doom Crew Inc.
[8-8.5] heavy metal with boggy groove, shredding is present, real male vocals, beer vibe, mid-step music, nothing new so it loses interest.
179. Swallow The Sun - Moonflowers
[9-9.5] it has a bit of a gothic and prog sound, it has harsh and effective vocals, the songs are very well articulated to demonstrate human pain, they convey feelings well, effective and elegant melodic lines, the solos pierce the spirit, there is a dark and poetic atmosphere.
180. Volbeat - Servant Of The Mind
[9.5-10] fabulous commercial metal album, stellar production, great vocals, great guitar work, the band has many melted styles, they are not afraid to vary genres and condense them, they have a lot of class and power, not boring, nobody sounds like Volbeat.
181. Frontierer - Oxidized
[8-8.5] the vocals stand out less, it has djent touches, it is inferior to the previous records, it is cold and sterile, the guitar effects have less impact, other bands present more progress.
182. Voices - Breaking The Trauma Bond
[9] they take up the elements of the first two albums, striking cover, there is black metal as a base but mixed with many other sub-genres, there are many sound elements and themes, it is eclectic and a bit avant-garde.
183. Cognos - Cognos
[9-9.5] nice music, really progressive songs, fed by innovative bands in the 90s, the vocals are a bit reminiscent of Blind Guardian and Devin Townsend, the album sounds modern, they have technique without exhibitionism, focused on songwriting, transitions they flow thanks to the vocals and choruses, a fabulous result for their atmospheres, it does not provide information about the band makes you focus on the music.
184. Funeral Mist - Deiform
[9.5] outstanding work, presents extreme violence, surpasses Marduk, has an epic and devastating start, they are projected with impact, the drums are impressive, the vocals are varied, it has interesting atmospheres, simply wild, the guitars are dark and expressive .
185. Grey Aura - Zwart Vierkant
[9.5] has varied vocals, there is post-black with jazz touches, it sounds strident and neurotic with many colors, good work on bass and drums, there are many proposals, the vowels give identity to the songs.
186. 6:33 - Feary Tales For Strange Lullabies: The Dome
[N/A] has an interesting mix of genres with a good vocal load, it goes beyond the labels that were awarded to the band, their music is multifaceted, experimental, cinematic and outgoing.
187. C V L T O - Tetralogos
[N/A] has an original concept and with an experimental result, their vocals are existential and crooner, it has a base of doom but accompanying the vowels, they work on a complex concept.
188. Lacrimosa - Leidenschaft
[8-8.5] the vocals are in good convergence, the classic elements of the band are still present, very simple but passionate guitars, it feels honest and emotional, it sounds more orchestral than symphonic.
189. B Chaos - Sweet Funky Hole
[N/A] funny cover, good work with the use of sarcasm, it bases its sound on comedy with brutal music, the result has avant-garde ideas, it has a different thrash metal, the vocals transcend, it's an original album with a lot of groove, power and dynamics.
190. Dormant Ordeal - The Grand Scheme Of Things
[9.5] very violent with dissonances, there are wild riffs with grooves, there are dark melodies on the guitars, a very well worked album, the drums are brutal.
191. Healing Harm - Shapes Of Alienation
[N/A] evolved proposal of the melodeath, the vocals take on different tonalities, the attack remains, it has a clear presentation, it has many progressive elements, riffs with good ideas and there are different dynamics.

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