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Favorite bands: 2Cents, 3 Mile Scream, 3rd Strike, 3 Inches Of Blood, 33Degree, 9mm Solution, 10 Second Drop, 10 Years, 12 Stones, 32 Leaves, 36 Crazyfists, 40 Grit, Abysmal Dawn, AC/DC, A Dozen Furies, A Life Once Lost, A Perfect Murder, Accept, Acrassicauda, Acroma, Aeon, Adelitas Way, Adema, After The Burial, Alabama ThunderPussy, Alice In Chains, Allegaeon, Allele, All Shall Perish, All That Remains, AM Conspiracy, American Head Charge, American Pearl, Amon Amarth, Amorphis, Anathema, Animosity, Annihilator, Annotations Of An Autopsy, Another Black Day, Anvil, Arch Enemy, Arkaea, Arsis, Art Of Dying, As Blood Runs Black, As I Lay Dying, Atheist, Atomship, Atom Smash, Atilla, Atreyu, Atheist, At The Gates, Avenged Sevenfold, Audioslave, Audiovent, August Burns Red, Autumn Offering, Autovein, Bad Acid Trip, Baroness, Behemoth, Beneath The Massacre, Beneath The Sky, Between The Buried And Me, Bigelf, Bionic Jive, Bison BC, Black Label Society, Black Sabbath, Black Stone Cherry, Black Water Rising, Bleeding Through, Blitzkrieg, Bloodbath, Bloodjinn, Blood Red Throne, Bloodsimple, Bludgeon, Bolt Thrower, Born Of Osiris, Brand New Sin, Brain Drill, Breaking Benjamin, Broken Hope, Budgie, Bullet For My Valentine, Bullets And Octane, Burn Halo, Burn Season, Burst, Bury Your Dead, Byzantine, Caliban, Cancer Bats, Carnifex, Cattle Decapitation, Cephalic Carnage, Chevelle, Chimaira, Children Of Bodom, Chrome Division, City Sleeps, Clockwise, Closure, Clutch, Cold, Coldseed, Control Denied, Core, Cough, Course Of Nature, Craving Theo, Crossbreed, Crotchduster, Crowbar, Cryptopsy, Cynic, Daath, Damageplan, Dangerous New Machine, Darkane, Dark Angel, Dark Disciple, Dark New Day, Dark Tranquility, Darkest Hour, Darwin's Waiting Room, Decapitated, Deadlock, Dead Rabbits, Death, Death Angel, Decrepit Birth, Deepfield, Deftones, Deicide, Demiricous, Demon Hunter, Depswa, Despised Icon, Destrophy, Destruction, Destruction Of A Rose, DethKlok, DevilDriver, Diamond Head, Diecast, Die Trying, Dillinger Escape Plan, Dimmu Borgir, Dio, Dirge Within, Dismember, Disturbed, Divine Heresy, Dokken, Doves, DoubleDrive, Dream Theater, Droid, Drop, Dropbox, Drowning Pool, Dry Kill Logic, Dust For Life, Echovalve, Edgewater, Egypt Central, Eighteen Visions, Element Eighty, Ekotren, Endo, Erase The Grey, Evans Blue, Exhorder, Exodus, Eye Empire, Eyes Set To Kill, F5, Face Down, Factory 81, Fair To Midland, Faith No More, Faktion, Fear Factory, Fiftywatthead, Fightstar, Fingertight, Fireball Ministry, Five.Bolt.Main, Five Finger Death Punch, Five Foot Thick, Five Pointe O, Flaw, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Flybanger, Forever In Terror, Forever Never, Four Year Strong, Framing Hanley, From Graves Of Valor, From Zero, Full Blown Chaos, Full Devil Jacket, Goatsnake, God Forbid, Godsmack, Gorguts, Gojira, Grade 8, Grave, Great White, Guns N Roses, GWAR, Hail Of Bullets, Hail The Villain, Hatebreed, Hatesphere, Heathen, Heaven & Hell, Heaven Shall Burn, Helloween, Hell Rides North, Helmet, Hemlock, High On Fire, Himsa, Horse The Band, Hotwire, Hourcast, Hurt, Hydrogyn, Hypnogaja, Iced Earth, Ill Nino, Immolation, Index Case, Infernal Majesty, Infidel, In Flames, Indorphine, Injected, Instruction, In This Moment, Into Eternity, Iron Maiden, Iron Thrones, Isle Of Q, It's Alive, Jaldaboath, Janus, Jet Black Stare, Job For A Cowboy, Judas Priest, Karnivool, Katatonia, Kill Switch (local Mankato, MN Band), Killswitch Engage, Kingdom Of Sorrow, KhZ, Kilgore (Smudge), Kittie, Korn, Kreator, Krisiun, Kyuss, Lacuna Coil, Lair Of The Minotaur, Lamb Of God, Landmine Marathon, Led Zepplin, Life Of Agony, Lifer, Light This City, Liquid Gang, Living Sacrifice, Look What I Did, Lo-Pro, Love.45, Lyzanxia, Luna Mortis, Macabre, Machine Head, Mad At Gravity, Madball, Malevolent Creation, Manmade God, Martriden, Mastodon, Memoira, Mercy Drive, Mercy Fall, Megadeth, Memento, Meshuggah, Mesh STL, Metallica, Middian, Midnight To Twelve, Ministry, Misery Signals, Mnemic, Modern Day Zero, Molotov Solution, Monster Magnet, Morbid Angel, Motograter, Mountain Ash, Mudvayne, Municipal Waste, Mushroom Head, Mutiny Within, Napalm Death, Necryptic, Neuraxis, Nevermore, Nightrage, Nine Inch Nails, Nocturnus, Noise Therapy, Nonpoint, No One, Nothingface, North Side Kings, Nuclear Assault, Nullset, Obituary, Obscura, Omniblank, Onesidezero, One Way Mirror, Opeth, Oppressor, Origin, Otep, Our Lady Peace, Outspoken, Overkill, Pain Principle, Panic Cell, Pantera, Papa Roach, Periphery, Pestilence, Pink Floyd, Pissing Razors, Powerman 5000, Presence, Pressure 4-5, Pre)thing, Primer 55, Primus, Prong, Pro-Pain, Pulse Ultra, Putrefied, Psycroptic, PsychoStick, Queen, Queens Of The Stone Age, Ra, Racer X, Radiohead, Rage Against The Machine, Rainbow, Raven, Rearview Mirror, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Relative Ash, Revelation/Rev. Theory, Reveille, Revis, Revocation, Rob Zombie, Rose Funeral, Sacred Reich, Sanctity, Saxon, Savatage, Saviours, Scarpoint, Scars Of Life, Scar Symmetry, Scum Of The Earth, Seasons After, Seemless, Seether, Sepultura, Serj Tankian, Sev, Severe Torture, Sevendust, Seven Wiser, Shadows Fall, Shadow Theory, Shaman's Harvest, Shinedown, Shrinebuilder, Sikth, Sinch, Sister Sin, Six Feet Under, Sixx A.M., Skeletonwitch, Skid Row, Skindred, Slaves On Dope, Slayer, Sleep, Slipknot, Sloth, Slunt, Slur, Smile Empty Soul, Spawn Of Possesion, Speak No Evil, Spineshank, Socialburn, SOiL, Soilwork, Soulfly, Souls At Zero, Souls Harbor, Staind, Static-X, Stemm, Stereomud, Stormtroopers Of Death, Strapping Young Lad, Submersed, Suicide Silence, Suffocation, Sunset Black, Superjoint Ritual, Switched, Sworn Enemy, Sybreed, Symphony X, System Of A Down, Systematic, Taproot, Tenacious D, Tenet, Testament, Texas Hippie Coalition, The Abominable Iron Sloth, The Agonist, The Arusha Accord, The Black Dahlia Murder, The Blank Theory, The Buzzhorn, The Cursed, The Destro, The Dillinger Escape Plan, The Dreaming, The Duskfall, The Exies, The Faceless, The Haunted, The Human Abstract, The Red Chord, The Revolution Smile, The Rotted, The Showdown, The Sword, The Used, The Vanished, The Who, Thine Eyes Bleed, Three (3), Threat Signal, Three Days Grace, Through The Eyes Of The Dead, Throwdown, Tonic, Tool, Toxic Holocaust, Trigger Point, Trivium, Trust Company, Twin Method, Twisted Method, Twisted Sister, UFO, Ultraspank, Under A Veil, Unearth, Union Underground, Unleashed, Unloco, V Shape Mind, Vader, Vampire Mooose, Veil Of Maya, Venom, Ventana, VietNam, Walls Of Jericho, Whitechapel, White Lion, White Zombie, Within Chaos, Within Temptation, Wintersun, Wrathchild America, Zebrahead, Zimmer's Hole, Cellador, Powermad, Charred Walls Of The Damned, Devildriver, Demolition Hammer, Skyfire