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Favorite bands: Doom:VS, Saturnus, Draconian, Swallow The Sun, Ahab, Anathema, Agalloch, Katatonia, Amorphis, Empyrium, Abandon, Septicflesh, Death, Daylight Dies, Ghost Brigade, Paradise Lost, Uaral, Woods Of Ypres, Rapture, Insomnium, We Lost The Sea, The Moth Gatherer, Ophis, Gris, Shattered Hope, Celtic Frost, My Dying Bride, The 3rd And The Mortal, 1000 Funerals, Esoteric, Skepticism, Walk Through Fire, Necrophagist, Watain, Estatic Fear, The Ruins Of Beverast, Vulture Industries, Leprous, Novembers Doom, Mournful Congregation, Mono, Infestus, Kauan, Gazpacho, Lethian Dreams, Nest, A Forest Of Stars, Cult Of Luna, Forest Of Shadows, Ihsahn, Ulcerate, Ataraxie, Obscure Sphinx, Deafheaven, Isis, October Tide, Burzum, Collapse Under The Empire, Shape Of Despair, Void Of Silence, Desire, Kingcrow, Edge Of Sanity, Dan Swanö, Satyricon, Funeralium, Emperor, Subterranean Masquerade, Summoning, Sleepmakeswaves, Kruger, Nachtmystium, Scale The Summit, Botanist, Burning Witch, Mayhem, Eye Of Solitude, Pallbearer, Cloak Of Altering, ColdWorld, Before The Rain, Atoma, Steven Wilson, Vinterriket, Darkspace, Rosetta, Old Man Gloom, Arcana Coelestia, Virgin Black, The Morningside, Until Death Overtakes Me, Earth, Grey Widow, Profetus, Giant Squid, Electric Wizard, Usnea, Kylesa, Bloody Panda, Blut Aus Nord, Sunn O))), Primordial, The Ocean, Neurosis, Diabolical Masquerade, Witherscape, Clouds, Om, Nightingale, Hail Spirit Noir, Sólstafir, Mouth Of The Architect, Jakob, Overmars, Oranssi Pazuzu, Amenra, Menace Ruine, Kayo Dot, Blues Pills, Evoken, Bölzer, Nadja, Arizmenda, Nero Di Marte, Soen, Be'lakor, Anciients, Dead Congregation, Schammasch, Omit, Alaskan, Vaura, Slugdge, Les Discrets, Rishloo, Los Random, Tyrant Of Death, Inquisitor, Horrendous, Plebeian Grandstand, Thaw, Tort, Year Of No Light, Arcturus, King Crimson, Toundra, Long Distance Calling, Desolate Shrine, Lord Dying, Napalm Death, Phlebotomized, Lycus, Moanaa, Manes, Solefald, October Falls, Altar Of Plagues, Gnaw Their Tongues, Callisto, Elend, Dragged Into Sunlight, Death Karma, Deathspell Omega, Lurker Of Chalice, Enslaved, Leviathan, In The Woods..., Last Sacrament, Minsk, Thurisaz, Izah, Mourning Beloveth, Wormphlegm, Tyranny, Negură Bunget, Dolorian, Murmuüre, Disembowelment, Tribulation, Irreversible, The Meads Of Asphodel, Abyssal, Embrace Of Thorns, Cobalt, Seirom, Bell Witch, The Angelic Process, Undersmile, Steak Number Eight, Light Bearer, Subsignal, Pelican, Vaee Solis, Arktika, Dirge, Akhlys, Negative Plane, Nagelfar, Grave Miasma, Dreadnought, Virus, Igorrr, P.H.O.B.O.S., Indesinence, Ixion, Carpe Noctem, Horseback, Anekdoten, Devil Doll, Cult Of Fire, Colosseum, Faal, Nightbringer, Irkallian Oracle, Caligula's Horse, Below The Sun, Unholy, Alkerdeel, Emptiness, Funeral Tears, Cruciamentum, Abigail Williams, Secrets Of The Moon, Grey Heaven Fall, The Lion's Daughter, Flourishing, Ego Depths, Khthoniik Cerviiks, Ved Buens Ende, Aluk Todolo, Junius, Skáphe, Death Fetishist, Ævangelist, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Monolithe, Keeper, Hexvessel, The Doors, Pogavranjen, Wailin Storms, Howls Of Ebb, Nortt, Withered, Begrime Exemious, Misþyrming, Glorior Belli, Svartidauði, Valerinne, Magister Templi, Haken, Wormlust, Miserere Luminis, Bossk, Almyrkvi, Atomikylä, Dark Buddha Rising, Terra Tenebrosa, Sun Of The Blind, Hypno5e, The Amenta, Akercocke, The Vision Bleak, !T.O.O.H.!, Bloodiest, Vulturium Memoriae, Dissection, Bethlehem, Vanhelgd, Ulver, Ebonylake, Godkiller, Aaskereia, Crowhurst, The Secret, Portal, Agruss, 40 Watt Sun, Ortega, The Great Old Ones, The Fall Of Every Season, Mar De Grises, Lorn, SubRosa, Dodecahedron, Chaos Ech-s, Tchornobog, Bolt Thrower, Loss, Bent Knee, Entombed, Gorguts, Elysian Blaze, Primitive Man, Furia, Death Grips, Death. Void. Terror., Imperial Triumphant, Asphyx, Plasmodium, Dawn, Entropia, Kwade Droes, Decoherence, Windir, Paysage D'Hiver, Suffer Yourself, Cerebral Rot, Worship, The Devouring Void, Paysage D'Hiver, Chaos Echœs, Tenhi, Ars Magna Umbrae, Paysage D'Hiver, Ustalost, Station Dysthymia, Darkher, Assumption, Faceless Entity, Ataraxy, Ill Omen, Funeral Mourning, Fvnerals, Hell (USA), Khanate, Longing For Dawn, Chat Pile, Swans, Muyubyosha, Volahn, Panzerfaust, Hwwauoch, The Nihilistic Front

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