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Favorite bands: Orbit Culture, Gojira, Imminence, Soen, Opeth, Atlas, Kardashev, Anathema, Hallatar, Vanha, Nachtblut, Angelus Apatrida, Alustrium, Ethereal Darkness, Møl, Antimatter, Fit For An Autopsy, Clouds, Soreption, Swallow The Sun, Dimmu Borgir, Fires In The Distance, Inanimate Existence, Empyrean Throne, Gorod, Entheos, Osiah, Bodyfarm, Ne Obliviscaris, Sylosis, Tiamat, Leprous, Shadow Of Intent, Vildhjarta, Lorna Shore, Fit For An Autopsy, Cripper, Humanity's Last Breath, Fractalize, Atlas, Ghost Iris, Rivers Of Nihil, Crystal Lake, Wormwood, Ablaze In Hatred, Lake Of Tears, Forest Of Shadows, Saturnus, Godgory, Pantera, Infant Annihilator, Empyrium, The Lost Sun, In Mourning, Moonspell, Arch Enemy, Cult Of Luna, Hanging Garden, Before The Rain, Antimatter, Chimaira, Lamb Of God, Wine From Tears, Phinehas, Kataklysm, Graveworm, Dark Tranquillity, Novembers Doom, Doom:VS, Katatonia, God Is An Astronaut, Cavalera Conspiracy, Hypocrisy, The Foreshadowing, Dissection, Agalloch, Chelsea Grin, Dying Wish, October Tide, Virgin Black, Riverside, Shadecrown, Night Crowned, Enforced, Tribulation, Anomalie, Bloodred Hourglass, Yoth Iria, Stortregn, Thron, Mgła, Hooded Menace, Unto Others, Impending Doom, ShamRain, Doedsvangr, Havamal, Kotiteollisuus, Burial In The Sky, Wage War, Bad Omens, Amorphis, Bleed From Within, Upon A Burning Body, Sakis Tolis, Helioss, Ulthima, Triptykon, Blood Red Throne, Necronautical, Marianas Rest, Hannes Grossmann, Havamal, Slaughter To Prevail, Tribulation, Anomalie, Alustrium, Demonical, Livløs, Kvaen, Damnation Defaced, Evergrey, Scar Symmetry, Watain, Motionless In White, Darkane, Spite (USA-CA), W.E.B., Brymir, Black Crown Initiate, Whispered, Belzebubs, Worm Shepherd, Shylmagoghnar, Nordjevel, Vulvodynia, Fit For A King, Ellende, Invictus, Ingested, Xeno, Kampfar, Lamentations, Mother Of Graves, Theotoxin, No Return, The Antichrist Imperium, Wear Your Wounds, From The Vastland, Above The Stars, Demon Hunter, Black Anvil, Khold, Sinnery, Jungle Rot, Revocation, Psycroptic, Kuolemanlaakso, Demonical, Inclination, Grima, Rolo Tomassi, Månegarm, Persefone, Grand Harvest, Corpsegrinder, Wolfheart, Fallujah, Hath, An Abstract Illusion, Belphegor, Wheel, Frozen Soul, Obscura, 1914, Cân Bardd, Ethereal Shroud, HellLight, Wilderun, Allegaeon, Malevolence, Horizon Ignited, Heart Attack, Non Est Deus, Long Distance Calling, Ereb Altor, Nicolas Cage Fighter, Cavernous Gate, Enterprise Earth, Evadne, Duskmourn, Thyrfing, Be'lakor, The Halo Effect, Insomnium, Winds Of Plague, Once Awake, Disillusion, Aenaon, Opened Paradise, Hecate Enthroned, Iskald, Stormlord, Mors Principium Est, Nailed To Obscurity, Souldrainer, Bloody Falls, Playgrounded, Borealis, Gaerea, Slowbleed, Black Therapy, Burned In Effigy, Wintersun, Tool, Eluveitie, Paradise Lost, Enslaved, Septicflesh, My Dying Bride, Draconian, Kalmah, Rotting Christ, Satyricon, Omnium Gatherum, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Eternal Tears Of Sorrow, Ihsahn, Melechesh, Enisum, Tulus, Ethir Anduin, Between The Buried And Me, Shining, Ghost Brigade, Carach Angren, Before The Dawn, Shape Of Despair, Barren Earth, Shade Empire, Parkway Drive, Daylight Dies, Slumber, Catamenia, A Forest Of Stars, In Vain, Poisonblack, Agathodaimon, Born Of Osiris, For I Am King, The 69 Eyes, A Perfect Circle, Ex Deo, Blackfield, Dark Lunacy, Doomas, Avatar, Auðn, Kauan, Zeal & Ardor, Officium Triste, Caliban, Architects, Thy Light, Thy Catafalque, Darkseed, October Falls, Aeternam, Ektomorf, Lethian Dreams, Remembrance, Process Of Guilt, White Ward, Akhlys, Aetherian, Dååth, Lost Society, Sun Of The Sleepless, Parasite Inc., Vorna, Veil Of Maya, In Flames, Distant, Deviser, Enslavement Of Beauty, Cemetary, Bury Tomorrow, Walg, After The Burial, Mork, August Burns Red, Decapitated, Thormesis, Where's My Bible, Genus Ordinis Dei, Grá, Forgetting The Memories, Betraying The Martyrs, Depressed Mode, Tómarúm, (EchO), Deserted Fear, Red Moon Architect, Any Given Day, Rise Of Avernus, Periphery, Ocean Of Grief, Nawabs Of Destruction, Dark Millennium, In Slumber, Æther Realm, Embryo, Vale Of Pnath, Keep Of Kalessin, WAIT, The Risen Dread, Charlie Griffiths, Imperialist, Defamed, Ontborg, Ciemra, Sulphur Aeon, Anaal Nathrakh, Abigail Williams, Viscera, Ashen, Oceano, Svartkonst, Carcariass, Sodomisery, Blodtørst, Skeletonwitch, Enthring, Ryth, Nightland, Enshine, Shores Of Null, Alluvial, Blackbraid, Kaunis Kuolematon, Kuoleman Galleria, Ov Sulfur, Mistveil, Currents, Amiensus, Oak Pantheon, Imperium Dekadenz, Slow Fall, Creeping Death, Mystic Circle, Suotana, Invent Animate, Ironmaster, Gyrdleah, Deathbringer, Haliphron, Liquorworks, In The Woods..., Crown The Beast, Tryglav, Brand Of Sacrifice, Cattle Decapitation, Dark Fortress, Atlases, Dawn Of Ouroboros, Cytotoxin, The Modern Age Slavery, Shodan, Unearth, Prevail In Darkness, LANDMVRKS, Cloak, Exocrine, Aethereus, Ondfødt, Vomitory, Phlebotomized, Vintersea, Mythos, The Voynich Code, Frozen Dawn, Vredehammer, Sleep Token, Thulcandra, The Divergent, Downfall Of Gaia, Sworn, Mental Cruelty, The Zenith Passage, Rannoch, Lokust, Signs Of The Swarm, Astralborne, Vexed, Structural, Krigsgrav, Thy Art Is Murder, Glass Casket, Immorium, Silence In Solitude, Eternal Delyria, Alphoenix, Rotten Tongue, She Must Burn, Féleth, Descarnado, Kassogtha, Saltwound, Hypermass, Sold Soul, Never Back Down, Jared Dines, Sephath, Locust Grove, Blind The Eye, ChuggaBoom, Cultø, Despite Exile, Timor Et Tremor, The Gloom In The Corner, Neverland In Ashes, Death Note Silence, Sjakal, Extortionist, Glass Crown, Casket Robbery, Airbag, Demotional, Scarnical, Decathect, Dystopia A.D., CABAL, Dead Crown, I Drink My Coffee Alone, Kim Dracula, Across The Divide, Exist Immortal, Dissentient, Hostage, Before I Turn, Altar Of I, Born Through Fire, Drown In Sulphur, Aviana, Levitated, Disembodied Tyrant, Omnicidal, Korribann, Harkla, Velaraas, Nest Of Plagues, Dawn Of Existence, Agasch, Mammon XV, Cultists, Ekosa, Epidemic Scorn, Scars Of The Flesh, Heedless Elegance, Path Of Giants, Crown Magnetar, The Dialectic, Aramis, Justified God Killing, Avarice, Psithurism, Eridu, Paleface Swiss, Bloodlight, The Anchor, Druids Of Eld, Draconian Reign, Ocean Of Illusions, Psithurism, Fighting The Phoenix, AmongRuins, Remission, Infinity, The Guild, Distention, Horrendous, Dead Talks, Fall Of Terra, After Earth, Massen, Morokh, Alkaloid, War Of Ages, Mercenary, Omnivortex

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