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2022: Jan-Jun

Honestly curious to see if I get anywhere near 2021's ludicrous album count (~900) this year; should hopefully be some very high-scoring albums in the first couple of months, but otherwise let's hope for some good stuff this year!

Edit: Somehow managed to reach the list character limit, so going to delete some of the comments

Created by: musclassia | 05.01.2022

1. Persefone - Metanoia
[9.0] - Has the exact same transcendental charm and balance of technicality vs. heartfelt melody as the previous two records, a very fine addition to their discography.
2. Hath - All That Was Promised
[8.5] - Really strong Slugdge-esque proggy death sound.
3. Rolo Tomassi - Where Myth Becomes Memory
[8.5] - On initial listens, not quite a masterpiece like its predecessor, but still an incredibly strong record.\
4. Playgrounded - The Death Of Death
[8.5] - Great prog/post-metal sound coming naturally from Pelagic Records.
5. Kardashev - Liminal Rite
[8.5] - Fascinating mesh of deathcore, blackgaze, post-metal and other styles in an emotionally charged package.
6. Panzerfaust - The Suns Of Perdition - Chapter III: The Astral Drain
[8.5] - More potently atmospheric post-black in a similar vein to Chapter II.
7. Shadow Of Intent - Elegy
[8.5] - Rising to the challenge set by Melancholy, this album further cements Shadow Of Intent as frontrunners of the symph-deathcore pack.
8. Pure Reason Revolution - Above Cirrus
[8.5] - A great extension of their successful Eupnea comeback.
9. Path Of Might - Deep Chrome
[8.5] - At times groovy stoner metal, at times almost droning ambient doom, other times more progressive, it's quite unique-sounding and it's great-sounding at the same time.
10. Amorphis - Halo
[8.5] - Probably one of the less notable ones from the Joutsen era, but I'm such a fanboy of their sound that obviously I love this.
11. Gloson - The Rift
[8.5] - Thick, angry, sludgy post-metal, just what I was hoping for from these guys.
12. The Nest - Her True Nature
[8.5] - Wolvennest sound great, Wolvennest + friends also sound great.
13. Kurokuma - Born Of Obsidian
[8.5] - Hypnotic, repetitive and irresistible sludge doom debut.
14. Sum Of R - Lahbryce
[8.5] - Quality drone/ambient doom album featuring Dark Buddha Rising associates.
15. Allegaeon - Damnum
[8.5] - Another strong outing from the melo/prog/tech-death group.
16. Cult Of Luna - The Long Road North
[8.5] - A bit disappointing for a new Cult Of Luna album, but it's still a Cult Of Luna album, so up high it goes.
17. Mathan - Darkroot Tzantza
[8.5] - Wonderfully percussive Amazon-inspired death metal debut.
18. Ode And Elegy - Ode And Elegy
[8.5] - Unique combination of chamber music and post-metal; it doesn't all grip me, but the emotions it stirs at its most passionate are something to behold.
19. Humanotone - A Flourishing Fall In A Grain Of Sand
[8.0] - An album made for Elder fans, of which I am one.
20. Aeviterne - The Ailing Facade
[8.0] - Great atmospheric death metal right up my street.
21. Druids - Shadow Work
[8.0] - Excellent Mastodon/Elder/Dvne/Neurosis-inspired prog sludge/stoner.
22. Iomair - Fishing For An Apparition
[8.0] - Wonderfully ambitious combination of American folk, post-hardcore, indie, melodeath, symphonics and other stuff.
23. Monuments - In Stasis
[8.0] - They've lost the Amanuensis X-factor, but the new guy makes for a very good singer for a more conventional and emotional djent-core sound.
24. Celeste - Assassine(s)
[8.0] - Strong album in a nebulous musical sphere, sounding something like a mesh of Gojira, blackgaze and sludge.
25. Nonsun - Blood & Spirit
[8.0] - Expansive, atmospheric, at-times droning and evocative post-metal.
26. Fit For An Autopsy - Oh What The Future Holds
[8.0] - How Gojira may have sounded if they became a deathcore band.
27. Katharos XIII - Chthonian Transmissions
[8.0] - Highly impressive evolution from the already very promising Palindrome, refining a lot of that record's rough edges.
28. Meshuggah - Immutable
[8.0] - It's a long album, but damn this is a strong comeback - I can't remember the last Meshuggah album I've dug this much front to back.
29. Vanaheim - Een Verloren Verhaal
[8.0] - Just good fun bombastic symphonic folk/melodeath.
30. Bongtower - Oscillator II
[8.0] - Super-long and somewhat derivative, but very fun psychedelic/space stoner doom voyage into the solar system.
31. Pyrithe - Monuments To Impermanence
[8.0] - Very impressive genre-bending effort with a sludge base taken in progressive, atmospheric, dissonant and avant-garde directions.
32. Empire Springs - The Luminescence
[8.0] - Really pleasant melodic modern prog-metal album with strong emotion which manages to exhibit traits of djent-prog bands without using much djent at all.
33. Arð - Take Up My Bones
[8.0] - Very nice evocative atmosphere, effectively taking atmo-black vibes but placing them in a doom setting.
34. Tersivel - To The Orphic Void
[8.0] - This is nothing like I expected it to be based on the only previous experience I've had with Tersivel, and I mean that in the best way possible, a great transformation.
35. Aurora (NOR) - The Gods We Can Touch
[8.0] - Similar vein to Fever Ray, but poppier, I like the sound a lot.
36. Rivers Ablaze - The Black Hole Era
[8.0] - Great space-sounding techy, proggy, melodic extreme metal sound.
37. Niechęć - Unsubscribe
[8.0] - Remarkably evocative jazz/post-rock sound with some lovely sax solos.
38. Messa - Close
[8.0] - Cool and fairly unique doom sound these guys have, the singer is great and lighter tracks such as Rubedo come out really nicely.
39. Ultha - All That Has Never Been True
[8.0] - Finds a good mix of bleak, intense, blast-heavy suffocation, gaze-y shimmering, momentary sections of melody and other features.
40. Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard - The Harvest
[8.0] - Another batch of good-quality weirdo stoner from these guys.
41. Origin Of Escape - Shapes
[8.0] - Eden Circus-esque alt/prog debut that sounds pretty great all around.
42. Et Moriemur - Tamashii No Yama
[8.0] - Intriguing gothic/death/doom sound (light on the death) with a fairly unique sound and a mesmerizing closing song.
43. Tómarúm - Ash In Realms Of Stone Icons
[8.0] - Impressive melodeath-infused prog-black debut.
44. Evergrey - A Heartless Portrait (The Orphean Testament)
[8.0] - Perhaps the strongest entry into this high-quality run the current line-up has been on; the opening track is epic.
45. Morrow - The Quiet Earth
[8.0] - Great mix of hardcore, strings, post-metal, crust punk and other ideas.
46. The Algorithm - Data Renaissance
[8.0] - Very cool, slick, groovy electro-metal tour de force.
47. Saor - Origins
[8.0] - Very stirring and well-crafted folk/black metal.
48. Greyhaven - This Bright And Beautiful World
[8.0] - Mathcore/post-hardcore/metalcore, has plenty of frenetic chaos as well as more straightforward bludgeoning or powerful atmospheric inclinations, and some Puciato leanings in the vocals.
49. Isaurian - Deep Sleep Metaphysics
[8.0] - Tagged as 'doomgaze', this is far too uplifting to be doom, but it's really lush.
50. Acherontas - Malocchio ​-​ The Seven Tongues Of Δαημων
[8.0] - Cool black metal from Greece with sinister shamanic vocals; starts off intense and gets more melodic in the later tracks.
51. Sylvaine - Nova
[8.0] - Really nice ethereal blackgaze sound.
52. Super Satan - Celestial
[8.0] - Melodic-inclined black metal with soothing female cleans on top, it works really well.
53. Innana - Void Of Unending Depths
[8.0] - Tasty long-form death metal songs with infernal atmosphere.
54. Mosaic - Heimatspuk
[8.0] - Black metal with Melechesh vibes in the droney folk parts; very good, except some of the singing sounds slightly off.
55. Abraham - Débris De Mondes Perdus
[8.0] - Bit too hardcore at times, but when it's more post-/sludge, they make some grimly atmospheric music; Fear Overthrown is a killer track.
56. Pylar - Abysmos
[8.0] - Some of the more abstract parts don't quite click, but when it's in an eerie drone groove with ritualistic drumming going on, it sounds pretty great.
57. Soft Ffog - Soft Ffog
[8.0] - Very tasty and fun jazz/prog rock album.
58. Déhà - Decadanse
[8.0] - Another ambitious and creative album from an inspired musician - this one has death/doom, black, industrial, and more in there.
59. Cailleach Calling - Dreams Of Fragmentation
[8.0] - Very blast-heavy, but subtly enthralling cosmic atmo-black sound from the people behind Dawn Of Ouroboros.
60. King Bastard - It Came From The Void
61. A Pale December - Death Panacea
[8.0] - Tagged as atmo-black, there is definitely some of that here, but there's also a sharper, harder edged and a more in-your-face sound; really decent black metal effort.
62. Seer - Vol. 7
[8.0] - Good stoner/sludge/doom mesh with really neat Ozzy-esque vocals and strong guitar leads, this got me more than Seer 6.
63. Wiegedood - There's Always Blood At The End Of The Road
[8.0] - Blast-heavy black metal, with memorable semi-melodic riffs and some nice distinguishing touches, such as the more atmospheric elements in "Now Will Always Be".
64. ZOS - The Whole Of The Body I Call ZOS
[8.0] - Ominous ambient drony stuff with cool percussion.
65. Patroness - Fatum
[8.0] - Strong and varied debut with elements of black, sludge, doom and more, with clean and extreme parts.
66. Somali Yacht Club - The Space
[8.0] - More high-quality mellow and melancholic post-tinged stoner rock/metal.
67. Gladenfold - Nemesis
[8.0] - 'Extreme' power metal that isn't particularly extreme, but has lots of heart and character to it.
68. Ufomammut - Fenice
[8.0] - Quite a bite-sized album for these guys, but good to have them back.
69. Wyatt E. - Āl Bēlūti Dārû
[8.0] - Very cool droney record with some middle Eastern instruments (get slight Epigenesis/Face The Sun vibes).
70. Absent In Body - Plague God
[8.0] - Oppressive, industrial post-metal from this Amenra/Neurosis supergroup.
71. Zeal & Ardor - Zeal & Ardor
[8.0] - A good next step to take in terms of balancing the original template with adding new ideas and expanding their sound.
72. Grand Harvest - Consummatum Est
[8.0] - Death/doom with both death and doom, from bursts of OSDM to sinister doom with solid dark melodic guitar leads.
73. Trenches - Reckoner
[8.0] - Solid effort in that sludge/hardcore/post-metal pocket, with some hardcore bursts, some Isis-esque sections, some more alt rock-leaning sections coming together nicely.
74. Animals As Leaders - Parrhesia
75. Soldat Hans - Anthaupt
76. DeathCAVE - II
77. Yarotz - Erinyes
[8.0] - Weighty, mean blackened hardcore with some cool more atmospheric moments in there as well, such as in Vergogna, ultimately evolving to more of a post-metal album later on.
78. Blut Aus Nord - Disharmonium - Undreamable Abysses
[8.0] - Really ominous, effective atmosphere on this record, but perhaps lacking a smidge in range, either in terms of style or intensity.
79. Negativa - 04
[8.0] - Quality space-y ambient-y black metal with distant, faded vocals and nice subtle melody weaved into the sinister soundscapes.
80. Seventh Wonder - The Testament
[8.0] - Juicily hooky, if lacking the album-wide gravitas of their previous records with the lack of a similar concept.
81. Imminent Sonic Destruction - The Sun Will Always Set
[8.0] - A very solid prog metal album with heavy moments, nice melodic moments and interesting song structures.
82. Lux Incerta - Dark Odyssey
[8.0] - Quite captivating gothic doom with some long songs.
83. Epitaphe - II
[8.0] - Very impressive extreme doom that throws everything from cavernous dissonant death to sinister jazzy post-black into just one of its songs; Insignificant is great.
84. Faun - Pagan
[8.0] - More melodic than Wardruna, but without being cheesy, really enjoyable neofolk.
85. The Spirit - Of Clarity And Galactic Structures
[8.0] - Very solid Death-meets-Dissection sound.
86. Entgeist - Res Gestae
[8.0] - Solid proggy black metal album with engaging song structures, riffs and melodies.
87. The Chapter - Delusion Of Consciousness
[8.0] - Rather solid melodic death-y doom album with some lovely melodic guitar work.
88. Tyrannus - Unslayable
[8.0] - Gratifyingly sinister black metal debut; some of the guitar leads threw me a bit, but overall it hits hard and has the right vibe.
89. Desolate Shrine - Fires Of The Dying World
[8.0] - Cavernous yet hooky, has some tasty grooves and stomps, good band.
90. Backbone - Embracing Dissolution
[8.0] - The promise of Grey Foundations Of Stone is mostly delivered on here, albeit with some reservations.
91. Marrasmieli - Martaiden Mailta
[8.0] - Pleasing folk/black metal follow-up; becomes folkier as it progresses and I enjoy it more in the process.
92. Pythonissam - Transcending To R'lyeh
[8.0] - Funeral doom with a decent dynamic range on top of the expected glacial trudge.
93. Vanhävd - Vila
[8.0] - Blackened doom that feels very blackened and very doomy, unlike a fair few bands with that tag; I enjoyed it on the whole, very effective atmospheres and the last song kicks ass.
94. Terzij De Horde - In One Of These, I Am Your Enemy
[8.0] - Tasty post-oriented black metal with some relentless blast-beating.
95. Au-Dessus - Mend
[8.0] - The way this is structured does mean it doesn't feature the peaks that End Of Chapter featured, but this is a solid comeback from the Lithuanians.
96. Thebes - Ziggurat Beyond The Unseen Shroud
[8.0] - Very decent sad meloblack debut EP/album.
97. Bríi - Corpos Transparentes
[8.0] - The mixture of black metal, ambient, and electronic music styles here remains unique and compelling.
98. Unprocessed - Boy Without A Gun
[8.0] - Great alt/djent EP.
99. Kvaen - The Great Below
[8.0] - On the stronger end of the meloblack spectrum, tracks such as In Silence and Ensamvarg stand out positively.
100. Process Of Guilt - Slaves Beneath The Sun
[8.0] - On first listens, not as consistently impressive as their past few albums, but the last song or two are all I was hoping for.
101. Moon Tooth - Phototroph
[8.0] - Solid post-hardcorey melodic prog album with Greg Puciato-sounding vocals.
102. Black Lung - Dark Waves
[8.0] - Bit too psych/hard rock at times, but the doomy parts and the more Elder-ish jams are pretty lush.
103. Besna - Zverstvá
[8.0] - Really decent melo/post-black debut with plenty of atmosphere and some good riffs.
104. Hangman's Chair - A Loner
[8.0] - Cool gothic doom sound on the lighter side, with some nice 80s darkwave vibes on certain songs.
105. Anna Von Hausswolff - Live At Montreux Jazz Festival
106. Dysnerved - Man In The Middle
[8.0] - Solid early-year dissonant black/death debut effort.
107. Riverwood - Shadows And Flames
108. Olhava - Reborn
[8.0] - This ambient-heavy blackgaze record is a huge undertaking, but actually somewhat justifies the length.
109. Heaving Earth - Darkness Of God
110. Hornwood Fell - Sgr A
[8.0] - Diverse and captivating BM release.
111. Notturno - Obsessions
[8.0] - Atmospheric black/doom approach that provides a lighter spin on the blackened doom concept rather successfully.
112. Delvoid - Swarmlife
113. Extinction In Progress - Shades Of Pale
[8.0] - Very promising progressive melodeath/meloblack debut; not every riff lands, but most of them make a good impression.
114. In Aphelion - Moribund
[8.0] - Solid Necrophobic sound from Necrophobic members.
115. Sallow Moth - Failure To Find
[8.0] - Madcap prog death single-song EP that's unfortunately apparently the conclusion of the project.
116. Idol Of Fear - Trespasser
[8.0] - Peculiar mix of more sinister black metal in the vein of Emptiness with theatrical keyboards on top.
117. Aarlon - Dafan
118. Animårum - The Gaian Mind
[7.5] - Encouraging and brief debut prog-death debut with some djent and Amazonian influences in there.
119. Cursed Cemetery - A Frozen Epitaph
[7.5] - is more substantial than most drone albums and also has a really satisfying tone to it, kinda ritualistic and kinda groovy.
120. E-L-R - Vexier
[7.5] - Pretty generic approach, but does sound very good, and has some really neat Wolvennest flavours in there.
121. Hollow Decay - The Frozen Trail
[7.5] - Nice melodeath debut with some progginess, some folky melodies and other bits and pieces; I hear some New World Shadows Omnium Gatherum hints in there.
122. Nordic Giants - Symbiosis
[7.5] - Very dainty cinematic post-rock, and the songs with vocals work really nicely.
123. Copse - Mara
124. Answer From Cygnus - Cygnus
[7.5] - Stirring and evocative melodic/atmospheric black sound with blackgaze leanings, and an intriguing female vocal feature later on.
125. Friends From Moon - Astray
126. Ibaraki - Rashomon
127. Final Light - Final Light
[7.5] - First impressions: not as amazing as it was live, but still very cool.
128. Steroid Puppets - Earthguest
[7.5] - Really nice and upbeat easy-listening jazzy instrumental djent stuff.
129. Mortuus - Diablerie
[7.5] - Evocative and haunting semi-atmospheric black metal.
130. Stengah - Soma Sema
[7.5] - Named after a Meshuggah song, there is Meshuggah-inspired djent in here, but it's also got more dynamic range, with some nice cleaner stretches and nifty song structures.
131. Wovenhand - Silver Sash
[7.5] - Cool Western-tinged acoustic/psychedelic rock sound.
132. Nocturna - Daughters Of The Night
133. Denigrate - Blackguard
[7.5] - Pleasantly evocative guitar melodies in this gothic metal album. Likely to be one of the highlights of the genre this year, generally sounds rather good.
134. Confidential - Devil Inside
135. Shaman - Rescue
[7.5] - Very nice prog/power album with some Seventh Wonder vibes.
136. Terror Cósmico - Miasma
[7.5] - Impressive fiery stoner.
137. Cavernlight - As I Cast Ruin Upon The Lens That Reveals My Every Flaw
[7.5] - Appropriately miserable doomy sludge.
138. Mares Of Thrace - The Exile
139. Envy Of None - Envy Of None
[7.5] - Really cool subdued alt rock album, an interesting new direction for Alex Lifeson.
140. Sergeant Thunderhoof - This Sceptred Veil
[7.5] - Stoner-y, doom-y album with some feels on tracks such as Foreigner.
141. Luminous Vault - Animate The Emptiness
[7.5] - Very effective mesh-up of black, industrial and other metal styles.
142. Yarostan - II
[7.5] - Very solid post-metal/post-hardcore mash-up.
143. Montparnasse Musique - Origins
[7.5] - Very neat Afrobeat/techno.
144. Swampborn - Beyond Ratio
[7.5] - Solid post-black debut on the darker end of the spectrum.
145. Jani Liimatainen - My Father's Son
[7.5] - Surprisingly non-power metally considering the guest list, this is a slightly powery, slightly proggy (particularly on the impressive closer), rather enjoyable melodic metal album, even if I'd probably pick Esa Holopainen's album over it.
146. Silent Kingdom - The Shadowless Queen
[7.5] - Ambitious 30-minute prog song-album with hints of Riverside and more classic prog rock; a bit too wanky later on though.
147. Naxatras - IV
[7.5] - Lacking the long-form psychedelic energy of III in favour of a more prog rock style, it's still got lots to enjoy.
148. Yoo Doo Right - A Murmur, Boundless To The East
[7.5] - Another cool psych-rock odyssey from these guys.
149. Carpenter Brut - Leather Terror
[7.5] - Some good collabs here and some synthwave bangers too.
150. Mizmor - Myopia [Collaboration]
[7.5] - Solid sludgy blackened doom combination, but one that runs on for a bit too long at 83 minutes.
151. Wilderun - Epigone
[7.5] - Like the last record, ambitious and impressive, but not one that quite clicks with me.
152. In Angles - Cardinal
[7.5] - Fun, poppy, hooky post-hardcore.
153. Qaalm - Resilience & Despair
154. Helsótt - Will And The Witch
[7.5] - Fun saloon-y Western folk melodeath.
155. Crossed - Morir
[7.5] - Ferocious, malicious hardcore with the riffs to back up the aggression.
156. OK Wait - Well
157. Neurotech - Symphonies II
[7.5] - A definite step up from the last album, the metal feels more purposeful, and the electronics have more character; this long-form songwriting works well for Neurotech's sound.
158. Freja - Tides
[7.5] - Nicely atmospheric melodic black metal.
159. Saidan - Onryō II: Her Spirit Eternal
[7.5] - An eclectic mixture of meloblack, blackgaze, post-hardcore, pop punk and further-reaching styles.
160. Bâ'a - Egrégore
[7.5] - Good solid black metal sound with neat subtle hints of melody.
161. Enterprise Earth - The Chosen
[7.5] - Overly long at 67 minutes, but a very respectable melodic deathcore sound with some great clean vocal sections.
162. Bjorn Riis - Everything To Everyone
[7.5] - Really soothing, mellow soft prog album.
163. Allt - The Seed Of Self-Destruction
[7.5] - Solid djentcore EP from a band that will probably make some waves soon.
164. Cave In - Heavy Pendulum
[7.5] - A bit overlong, but probably one of the most enjoyable Cave In records I've listened to, some proper rowdy stuff.
165. Worm Shepherd - Ritual Hymns
[7.5] - Not in the elite tier of deathcore, but there's plenty of tasty tracks here. Also a good example of less developed symphonics in deathcore that highlight how good Shadow Of Intent are at incorporating them.
166. Venom Prison - Erebos
[7.5] - Neat death metal/metalcore (not necessarily deathcore) mash-up.
167. Urzah - II
[7.5] - Enjoyable proggy sludge EP from Bristol.
168. Oddland - Vermilion
[7.5] - Sounding like a djent-y mix of Pain Of Salvation and Evergrey, I rather like it, particularly the vocal aspect of it and softer segments.
169. The Midgard Project - The Great Divide
[7.5] - Well-written prog/power album with similarities to Symphony X amongst others, featuring Stu Block on vocals.
170. Windrunner - Tan
171. Platon Karataev - Partért Kiáltó
[7.5] - A really pleasant emotional rock album taking cues from post-rock, shoegaze and arguably neofolk.
172. Oh Hiroshima - Myriad
[7.5] - Dreamy post-rock with gaze-y vibes.
173. Huntsmen - The Dying Pines
174. Miseration - Black Miracles And Dark Wonders
[7.5] - Sounds very Lorna Shore/SoI to me, so I'm surprised I don't see it described as a deathcore album anywhere, but I naturally rather like it.
175. Strange Pop - Ten Years Gone
[7.5] - Mellow and pleasant cinematic prog sound.
176. Wo Fat - The Singularity
[7.5] - Cool album when it's not bog-standard desert rock; 75 minutes is a bit excessive though.
177. Poliça - Madness
[7.5] - Mellow, subdued, evocative synthpop.
178. Ataraxy - The Last Mirror
[7.5] - Very decent doomy death release.
179. The Last Oblation - Ascend
[7.5] - Kinda techy, slightly melodic, has some punching riffs and quality solos, generally a good time death metal album.
180. Red Eye - The Cycle
[7.5] - At times feeling a bit by the numbers, this stoner doom album does have nice soft parts (including a Wardruna-esque opening track) and can really push the heaviness at times, with Morþor particularly hefty.
181. Agathodaimon - The Seven
[7.5] - Blackened, occasionally gothic, occasionally symphonic, it's not an easy album to categorize but I quite like it.
182. FT-17 - Aisne 1914
[7.5] - More melodic and not quite as compelling as 1914, but still a very decent WWI-themed black metal record.
183. My Useless Life - Bittersweet Agony
[7.5] - Quite a moving a heartfelt-sounding DSBM album.
184. Hellbore - Panopticon
[7.5] - Imposing prog-death album with nice use of symphonics, techiness and deathcore inclinations.
185. Te Ruki - Marako Te Ruki
[7.5] - Overall fairly interesting, but there's hints in here of something potentially greater if they exploit the elements that are seemingly inspired by their traditional music in French Polynesia; the 90s Fisher Price BM synth sounds don't add too much to the record.
186. Towers Of Jupiter - III
[7.5] - Upper-tier evocative post-rock with Porcupine Tree-ish vocals.
187. Civil War - Invaders
[7.5] - Rather solid power metal album with some satisfying grit in the lead vocalist's voice.
188. All Things Fallen - Shadow Way
[7.5] - Nice prog/power, albeit not at Seventh Wonder levels.
189. Fostermother - The Ocean
[7.5] - Generic but very enjoyable stoner doom sound at the lighter, groovier end of that spectrum.
190. Cirkeln - A Song To Sorrow
[7.5] - Pagan-edged meloblack with some good melodies.
191. Non Est Deus - Impious
[7.5] - Rudimentary, but strong and hook-laden full-pelt meloblack.
192. Brood Of Hatred - The Golden Age
[7.5] - Fairly brief but enjoyable proggy melodeath album that doesn't follow any obvious template.
193. Buried Realm - Buried Realm
[7.5] - Tech-death-bordering melodeath/extreme power feast (MPE vibes).
194. Tinlicker - In Another Lifetime
[7.5] - A really nice house record with some really soothing vibes and nice hooks/beats, even if a few tracks don't click with me.
195. Mass Worship - Portal Tombs
[7.5] - Strong deathcore (albeit more death metal + hardcore than straight deathcore), got some tasty grooves, riffs and atmospheres.
196. Falls Of Rauros - Key To A Vanishing Future
[7.5] - Feels slightly off at times, but is a rather pleasant melodic atmo-black sound that's quite uplifiting on the likes of Desert Of Heart.
197. Haunted Shores - Void
198. The Family Crest - The War: Act II
[7.5] - Nice indie stuff.
199. Atlantis Chronicles - Nera
[7.5] - Nifty prog-metalcore with a bit of Protest The Hero to some of the instrumental work, as well as a bit of Shadow Of Intent to it as well.
200. Darkher - The Buried Storm
[7.5] - Mellow and melancholic, this remains engaging despite its subdued nature.
201. IATT - Magnum Opus
[7.5] - Nifty prog-black release.
202. Helioss - Contre Ma Lumière
[7.5] - Symphonic progressive meloblack, it's ambitious and it comes together well.
203. Feral Light - Psychic Contortions
[7.5] - Pretty solid semi-melodic crusty black.
204. Jumalhämärä - Of Enlightenment And Righteousness Pt. III
[7.5] - Well-crafted black-tinged prog long-song EP.
205. Deathwhite - Grey Everlasting
[7.5] - Pretty solid doomy goth release.
206. Mortal Thrall - A Path To Fire
[7.5] - Very Deafheaven-y, but also with some darkness too.
207. Misery Index - Complete Control
[7.5] - Rather decent death metal album with occasional semi-melodic moments; it was let down mostly by a couple of trudgers like Necessary Suffering when it hit hard going at top speed.
208. Harbinger - A Letter To Anguish
[7.5] - Very likeable blackened deathcore EP with good hooks.
209. Poets Of The Fall - Ghostlight
[7.5] - Lush, evocative soft prog in the vein of Antimatter and The Pineapple Thief.
210. Deathspell Omega - The Long Defeat
211. Sakis Tolis - Among The Fires Of Hell
[7.5] - Gothic detour from the Rotting Christ man, some nice Paradise Lost-influenced guitars here.
212. Mergö - Depths
[7.5] - Nice morose blackgaze with decent lead guitar melodies.
213. Merrow - Mojave Repressions
[7.5] - Tasty dissonant death EP.
214. Sadist - Firescorched
[7.5] - Somewhat peculiar prog-death with non-intense techiness and some intriguing Eastern musical elements.
215. Sisyphean - Colours Of Faith
[7.5] - Sharp-edged deathy black metal with tasteful dissonance and measured aggression.
216. Watain - The Agony & Ecstasy Of Watain
[7.5] - A pretty solid return, although there's not too much on here that truly stands out to me.
217. Shape Of Despair - Return To The Void
[7.5] - Arr, here be funeral doom.
218. Heriot - Profound Morality
[7.5] - Fiery industrial hardcore debut EP; this is how to make that combination actually good, Code Orange.
219. Deathbell - A Nocturnal Crossing
220. Babeheaven - Sink Into Me
221. Dreariness - Before We Vanish
[7.5] - At-times doomy, and times post-metallic blackgaze that works quite well.
222. Lacrimae - Contradiction
[7.5] - Cool and fairly different-sounding prog debut with good female vocals, an enjoyable mix of complexity and heavier alt-influenced grooves, and eerie softer moments.
223. Winter's Gate - The Voyage In Becoming
224. Vanum - Legend
[7.5] - Rather decent meloblack/atmo-black album, one that I think sounds best in its most melancholic moments, such as on The Gateway And The Key.
225. Ho99o9 - Skin
226. Earthless - Night Parade Of One Hundred Demons
[7.5] - A return to super-long-form jams and no vocals, there's no Sonic Prayer here but it's good.
227. We Broke The Weather - We Broke The Weather
[7.5] - Cool jazzy psychedelic rock sound.
228. Azaab - Summoning The Cataclysm
[7.5] - Rather good death metal debut with some OSDM and some tech inclinations, but also some good bursts of melody or ripping solos.
229. Atramentum - Through Fire, Everything Is Renewed
[7.5] - Good disso-black, not RLHT-tier despite the similar artwork though.
230. Rejuvenation - Crystalline
[7.5] - Nicely melodic prog/tech-death record.
231. Design Flaw - Beasts Of A Future Decay
[7.5] - Very promising atmospheric post-rock/post-hardcore/whatever EP.
232. Kuolemanlaakso - Kuusumu
[7.5] - Enjoyable melodic death-doom sound with a good mixture of melodic bombast and genuine extreme aggression.
233. Mental Fracture - Disaccord
234. Sataray - Blood Trine Moon
[7.5] - Neat dark ambient EP with slight Chelsea Wolfe vibes.
235. Magnatar - Crushed
[7.5] - Cool post-y sludge with occasional rougher moments.
236. Mournful Congregation - The Exuviae Of Gods - Part I
237. Tableau Mort - Visio In Somniis
238. Tranzat - Ouh La La
[7.5] - Quirky prog-metal album with some very cool ideas but also some moments where the exuberance becomes irritating.
239. Arkaik - Labyrinth Of Hungry Ghosts
[7.5] - Chonky tech-death with some meaty riffs.
240. Aequorea - DIM
[7.5] - Conventional but quality post-metal, has some really nice builds.
241. Slowbleed - The Blazing Sun, A Fiery Dawn
[7.5] - Groovy, chunky and satisfying thrash/death/hardcore mash-up.
242. Whales Don't Fly - The Golden Sea
[7.5] - Somewhat promising prog debut, one that exhibits clear similarities in some songs to Persefone but is also generally geared towards a more mainstream metal sound, whilst also having some nicer softer detours. Definitely peaks on the last three songs, when it goes proper Persefone.
243. Incandescence - Le Coeur De L'Homme
[7.5] - Slightly melodic, slightly proggy black metal with some quality in its arsenal, without quite reaching greatness.
244. Pensées Nocturnes - Douce Fange
[7.5] - Another solid slice of their circus/black metal fusion.
245. Yin Yin - The Age Of Aquarius
[7.5] - Weird but cool psychedelic disco thing.
246. Dunerider - Ascend To The Void
[7.5] - Tasty stoner doom with filthy tone.
247. The Hangmans Sorrow - Divided Dimensions
[7.5] - Pretty solid gothic-but-not-really-gothic heavy album with nice vocals and melodicism.
248. End Boss - They Seek My Head
[7.5] - Fem-fronted stoner with more dirty sludge to the riffs, which works in its favour.
249. Eisflammen - Следуй За Мной
[7.5] - Fairly strong post-black album, with black metal bits, blackgaze bits and post- bits; generally likeable but too not many moments that really made an impact (the Enslaved-style clean vocals midway through Like Ash were cool).
250. Phreneticis - Maze Of Time
251. Soichi Terada - Asakusa Light
[7.5] - Cool, mellow house record from seemingly a genre legend.
252. Immolation - Acts Of God
253. Helpless - Caged In Gold
[7.5] - Ferocious mathgrind with mania and some decent riffs too.
254. Astronoid - Radiant Bloom
255. Grayscale Season - Do You Like Violence
[7.5] - Overlap of post-hardcore, metalcore, deathcore, djent, basically the -core spectrum in an accessible and pleasant package.
256. Anna Sage - Anna Sage
[7.5] - Hardcore album with bite but with appreciation of the importance of enjoyable riffs, as well as some potent moody moments, such as in Lost In A Cage.
257. Jo Quail - The Cartographer
258. Dychromia - The Dangers Of Curiosity
[7.5] - Nifty djenty/BTBAM-y/deathcorey debut.
259. Kalandra - Kingdom Two Crowns: Norse Lands Soundtrack (Extended)
[7.5] - A good soundtrack album, but also not quite what I want from them, hope they return to The Line with the next album.
260. Tishina - Uvod...
[7.5] - Solid gothic-tinged death/doom debut with lush guitar lead melodies.
261. Black Void - Antithesis
[7.5] - The 'evil twin' of White Void, this crusty black metal (+ Borknagar melodicism) debut is perhaps more up my street than most of White Void's debut.
262. Lettuce - Unify
[7.5] - 70 minutes is a lot of funk, but this is pretty slick.
263. Exocrine - The Hybrid Suns
[7.5] - Cool Obscura-esque tech-death.
264. Cosmic Putrefaction - Crepuscular Dirge For The Blessed Ones
[7.5] - Has clear OSDM moments, but some of the use of melodic or clean tones elevates it above similar albums.
265. Andromida - Wrath Of The Vanguard
[7.5] - Synth/electronic-heavy instru-djent, sounds cool, particularly in its more synthwave moments.
266. Lords Of The Trident - The Offering
[7.5] - Nicely melodic USPM-leaning heavy metal sound with great vocals and solid solos.
267. I Built The Sky - The Quiet Place Away
[7.5] - Pleasant instru-prog in acoustic form.
268. Mendel - Equilibrium
[7.5] - Too long for an instru-djent album, but pretty tasty.
269. Gardenjia - Invictvs
[7.5] - Chaotic, maddening disso-black/death.
270. High Pulp - Pursuit Of Ends
[7.5] - Cool jazz fusion album with nice electronics and soloing.
271. Vile Creature - A Hymn Of Loss And Hope [Collaboration]
[7.5] - Grim single-song drone doom with a brief piano interlude; it does the job, but most of it is just plodding feedback.
272. Blue States - World Contact Day
[7.5] - Soothing yet slightly peculiar, I'm not quite sure what this is classed as but I enjoy it and the the way the vocals float around these songs.
273. Heidra - To Hell Or Kingdom Come
[7.5] - Quite a nice album with an array of heavy, power, melodeath and folk influences nicely coalescing.
274. Billy Howerdel - What Normal Was
[7.5] - Really pleasant moody synthpop in the vein of recent Ulver albums.
275. Divided By Design - Irretraceable Steps
[7.5] - Nice upbeat instru-prog record; there's some djent here, but it feels more shreddy/Dream Theater-y than other albums in this field.
276. Burned In Effigy - Rex Mortem
[7.5] - Pretty neat TBDM-esque debut.
277. This White Mountain - The Final Sorrow
[7.5] - Black metal with melodic inclinations, black n' roll sections, and some solid lead guitar work.
278. Zela Margossian Quintent - The Road
[7.5] - Nice mellow jazz sound.
279. The Sun Burns Bright - A Hollow World
[7.5] - It's very conventional post-rock, but it sounds good.
280. Soulsplitter - Connection
[7.5] - Has a bit too much of early Haken in the sound to my current liking, but it's a good modern prog album, not especially heavy but with some djenty passages as well as more conventional prog-metal, and has some nice lead guitar passages as well as smooth vocals.
281. Haunter - Discarnate Ails
[7.5] - Chaotic and abrasive blackened death metal.
282. Primitive Man - Insurmountable
[7.5] - Malevolent long-form sludge doom with a bit of ambient noise in there too; pretty chunky effort.
283. Dessication - Cold Dead Earth
[7.5] - Respectable doomy black metal debut.
284. Toundra - Hex
[7.5] - Very nice instrumental post-metal/heavy post-rock with a few standout moments, such as in Part II of the opening suite and La Larga Marcha.
285. Pact - God Only Knows
[7.5] - A good blast of intense and noisy black metal that uses dissonance well while also shining well in more atmospheric/melodic moments.
286. - This World Is Going To Ruin You
[7.5] - A solid continuation of the hardcore aggression/nu metal groove fusion from the debut album, one that is very abrasive while still have a solid alt-metal sense of groove and punch.
287. Breaths - Though Life Has Turned Out Nothing Like I Imagined, It Is Far Better Than I Could Have Dreamt
[7.5] - Blackgaze/post-metal mesh, prefer it when it's closer to the latter (e.g. The Tormented).
288. Aethereus - Leiden
[7.5] - The first significant tech/prog-death album of the year, albeit slightly too tech for my tastes.
289. Dark Millennium - Acid River
[7.5] - Eclectic proggy, stonery, sludgy, deathy, doomy album, has quite a few cool moments but isn't always quite as compelling as I'd like it to be - manages to fit in some nice and interesting melodic moments though.
290. Marillion - An Hour Before It's Dark
[7.5] - Band still sounds good, particularly Hoggarth's vocals; their mellow prog sound is a lot more enduring than some other classic prog rock groups.
291. Fireproven - Epilogue
[7.5] - Decent melodeath-y prog record with good clean femme/growled vocal trade-off.
292. Depressed Mode - Decade Of Silence
[7.5] - Bit overlong, but I like this funeral-ish symphonic doom sound.
293. Hollow Front - The Price Of Dreaming
[7.5] - Typical but catchy djenty metalcore.
294. Downfall Of Mankind - Vile Birth
[7.5] - Intense deathcore with Lorna Shore-inspired symphonic inclinations.
295. Michael Romeo - War Of The Worlds, Pt. 2
[7.5] - It's rather good, but the vocalist has such a Russell Allen tone that it just sounds like a BTEC Symphony X.
296. Dark Funeral - We Are The Apocalypse
[7.5] - Solid melodic-tinged BM rampage, but gets a bit repetitive before it's over.
297. Artificial Astronaut - Deep Black Out
[7.5] - Neat metal-tinged heavy rock album with clear 'Download alt' influence to it.
298. Lastryko - Sesje
[7.5] - Cool, mellow psychedelic space rock journey.
299. This Is Oblivion - This Is Oblivion
[7.5] - Cool dark trippy electronic stuff.
300. Esoctrilihum - Consecration Of The Spiritüs Flesh
[7.5] - Good, but missing the unbound creativity that made Eternity of Shaog so impressive.
301. Von Hertzen Brothers - Red Alert In The Blue Forest
[7.5] - Quite emotional and well-made artsy prog rock album, albeit one that does drag along at times.
302. Devil Master - Ecstasies Of Never Ending Night
[7.5] - Blackened punk, works pretty well, but not quite my thing.
303. Author & Punisher - Krüller
[7.5] - A cool sound, even if it's not one that I'm massively into.
304. Déhà - Averses
[7.5] - The unstoppable music machine has a second 2022 record in the form of a decent atmo-black/blackgaze album.
305. Deadscape - Of The Deepest Shade
[7.5] - Decent melodeath debut, takes cues from CoB extreme power and folky Finnish melodeath.
306. Emmeleia - III
[7.5] - Rudimentary but relatively compelling doomy atmo-black record.
307. SOM - The Shape Of Everything
[7.5] - Fuzzy heavy shoegaze with very husky vocals.
308. Apes - Lullabies For Eternal Sleep
[7.5] - Hefty and relatively satisfying grindcore EP.
309. Dance With The Dead - Driven To Madness
[7.5] - Very fun metal-oriented darksynth.
310. Pike Vs The Automaton - Pike Vs The Automaton
[7.5] - Sounds a bit like the B-sides from High On Fire, but it's good fun.
311. Septicflesh - Modern Primitive
[7.5] - Septicflesh continue in the vein they've been in for a while, which is fine, but not that exciting.
312. Helms Alee - Keep This Be The Way
[7.5] - This bans remains in the good-but-not-great tier with this album.
313. Portal-Hex - A Decay In Gray Matter
[7.5] - An instrumental 'trap metal' record that leans closer to metal than most albums with that tag, while still getting lots of use out of trap beats.
314. Lalu - Paint The Sky
[7.5] - Self-described by Lalu as 'Yes metal', it has that upbeat charm of Yes in the form of dad prog-metal songs, with Damian Wilson doing a good job on vocals.
315. Virocracy - Ecophagia
[7.5] - Slight Obscura vibes at times, this is a decent enough prog death album with some dirty heavier parts and nice subtle melody, albeit one that's not quite got that X factor to stand out against the competition.
316. Golgothan Remains - Adorned In Ruin
[7.5] - Dirty semi-dissonant, occasionally atmospheric death metal with a decent amount going for it.
317. WAIT - The End Of Noise
[7.5] - Oddball djent/prog album seemingly a long time in the making, mainly a cleaner prog sound but occasionally goes harder.
318. Autumn's Tomb - The Raven's Lament
[7.5] - Cool black metal debut EP.
319. Turpentine Valley - Alder
[7.5] - Good, satisfying heavy instrumental post-rock sound.
320. Tangerine Dream - Raum
[7.5] - Pleasant and expansive ambient electronic record.
321. Urushiol - Pools Of Green Fire
[7.5] - Mad, chaotic death metal with plenty of ventures into the weird and avant-garde; can't say I like listening to it, though.
322. Famyne - II: The Ground Below
[7.5] - Solid doom release with occasionally Marmite vocals but generally nice vocal melodies and solid riffs.
323. Pure Wrath - Hymn To The Woeful Hearts
[7.5] - Nice pagan-y atmo-black that can be quite aggressive at times.
324. Desolate Grave - Det Sista Steget
[7.5] - Cool symphonic death/doom debut record.
325. Novarupta - Carrion Movements
[7.5] - Definite improvement on the previous Novarupta albums, a bit more substance and emotional depth to it.
326. Rise To The Sky - Every Day, A Funeral
[7.5] - Conventional but well-made melancholic death/doom.
327. Besvärjelsen - Atlas
[7.5] - Cool stoner-y blues rock.
328. Katharos - Of Lineages Long Forgotten
[7.5] - Rudimentary but well-produced symphonic black metal that clearly likes Emperor.
329. Sabaton - The War To End All Wars
[7.5] - I have to be honest, I didn't hate this - I even liked a couple of the songs (Unkillable Soldier and Valley Of Death).
330. The Troops Of Doom - Antichrist Reborn
[7.5] - Gnarly death-thrash with some strong riffs amidst a lot of low-end churn.
331. Cold Night For Alligators - The Hindsight Notes
[7.5] - Light on the djent, more focused towards emotional melodic singing and accessible alt/prog instrumentation; generally sounds good, if not completely clicking.
332. Hello Meteor - Comfortable Loneliness
[7.5] - Mellow and somewhat evocative chillwave album.
333. Dawn Of Solace - Flames Of Perdition
[7.5] - Starts off strong; drops off a bit later, but still has some very nice melodies littered throughout.
334. Obscurcis Romancia - The Bringer Of Light
[7.5] - Suitably flamboyant and energetic symphonic black metal.
335. Bonobo - Fragments
[7.5] - I find Bonobo a bit hit and miss, and that remains, but it's generally very likeable.
336. Schizophrenia - Recollections Of The Insane
[7.5] - Good gnarly deathrash.
337. Thomas Giles - Feel Nothing
[7.5] - Nice little electronic EP with a blast of BTBAM at the end.
338. Vorga - Striving Toward Oblivion
[7.5] - Straightforward, no-nonsense, slightly melodic black metal debut.
339. Hex - Behold The Unlighted
[7.5] - Hefty doom-death EP with a tasty production.
340. Knoll - Metempiric
[7.0] - Explosing mathy grindcore.
341. Thy Kingdom Will Burn - The Void And The Vengeance
[7.0] - The backing instrumentation for these melodeath songs is rather good, but the hoarse harsh vocals and flat sung vocals let it down a bit.
342. Sound Of Ceres - Emerald Sea
[7.0] - Dreamy art-pop.
343. Sunczar - Bearer Of Light
[7.0] - Solid Down worship.
344. Master Boot Record - Personal Computer
345. Fjara - Kuušiveneh
[7.0] - Very pleasant Nordic acoustic folk EP.
346. Einvigi - Yö Kulje Kanssani
[7.0] - Rather Alcest-y sound, it's a pleasant one and some of the folkier melodies that appear elevate it a bit as well.
347. Al-Namrood - Worship The Degenerate
[7.0] - No-frills, sharp-edged black metal, but the production has improved since the last album and features some cool little features, such as the Arabic influences early in Guerillas.
348. Astodan - Évora
[7.0] - Decently moving heavier post-rock.
349. Seven Kingdoms - Zenith
[7.0] - Vocals are still great and there's some exciting moments here, but a few too many moments that go awry.
350. Askeesi - Genetic Grief
[7.0] - A rather solid overtly melodic atmo-black record, although 83 minutes is a bit excessive; it's not Trisagion.
351. Gwendydd - Censored
[7.0] - Feisty, brief metalcore with some chunky riffs and decent cleaner sections.
352. Semblant - Vermilion Eclipse
[7.0] - Quite nice symph-tinged gothic-lite album.
353. Kaipa - Urskog
[7.0] - Very retro prog album in the vein of Transatlantic and the like, but it's enjoyable enough.
354. Bog Wizard - Frog In The Bog
[7.0] - Fun split between Bog Wizard and Froglord.
355. Deadlife - Tortured Waters
356. Morgue Supplier - Inevitability
[7.0] - Respectably bizarre doomy, deathy grindcore.
357. Horn - Verzet
[7.0] - Conventional but fun black-tinged folk metal.
358. Hällas - Isle Of Wisdom
[7.0] - A good retro-prog/hard rock album, although there's times when the vocalist gripes me a bit.
359. Grand Old Wrath - Every Man For Himself
[7.0] - By the books tech-death but sounds good.
360. Dir En Grey - Phalaris
[7.0] - Interesting genre-crossing alt album with extravagant vocals.
361. Umbra Conscientia - Nigredine Mundi
[7.0] - Brief, effective BM burst.
362. Concilivm - A Monument In Darkness
[7.0] - Somewhat OSDM but more cavernous and doomy, making it more interesting than OSDM worship.
363. Dreamtale - Everlasting Flame
[7.0] - Memorably hooky, fully energetic and not excessively cheesy, this is pretty solid on the power metal front, but is too long.
364. RLYR - RLYR
365. Iron Griffin - Storm Of Magic
[7.0] - Very retro production on this heavy/doom album, but the prog and folk influences give it a fairly distinctive feel.
366. And So I Watch You From Afar - Jettison
[7.0] - It's nice post-rock, but on the lighter and less emotionally resonant side compared to a Maybeshewill.
367. Nightrage - Abyss Rising
[7.0] - Generic NWOAHM-leaning Gothenburg metal, but hooky with some solid songs.
368. Thumos - The Republic
[7.0] - Rough around the edges, but this instrumental blackened post- album sounds easily different to most instru-post debuts these days.
369. Seven Sins - My Triumph
[7.0] - Pretty decent accessible symphonic black metal from Kazakhstan.
370. Without Waves - Comedian
371. Aquarian - Mutations I: Death, Taxes & Hanger
[7.0] - Cool dnb/IDM EP project.
372. Saphath - Ascension Of The Dark Prophet
[7.0] - Enjoyable gothic- and black-tinged melodeath slightly hindered by subpar clean vocals.
373. El Ten Eleven - New Year's Eve
[7.0] - Similar energy to Aiming For Enrike, but more a post-rock format.
374. SunStare - Ziusudra
[7.0] - Sludge-heavy post-metal with some really solid moments, but also little to truly stand out.
375. Firebreather - Dwell In The Fog
[7.0] - Decent fiery stoner effort.
376. Nechochwen - Kanawha Black
[7.0] - The folk/black combination works well, but this wasn't as impactful as I'd hope.
377. Unlucky Morpheus - Evolution
[7.0] - Bit too 'turned to 11' at times, but the anime soundtrack power metal sound is fun.
378. Diablo - When All The Rivers Are Silent
[7.0] - The alt bits are a bit offputting, but the proggier/melodeathy parts sound good.
379. (Dolch) - Nacht
[7.0] - Pretty solid darkwave album, although a bit up and down.
380. VRSTY - Welcome Home
381. Void Dancer - Prone Burial
[7.0] - Decent but forgettable proggy -core release; The Unread Palm is the obvious highlight.
382. Dol Theeta - Monad
[7.0] - Quite interesting proggy operatic/symphonic album, albeit a bit flat on the metal production.
383. Malignant Aura - Abysmal Misfortune Is Draped Upon Me
384. Xaoc - Proxime Mortis
[7.0] - Technically inclined death metal with lots of rage but not much to latch onto.
385. The Big Deal - First Bite
[7.0] - Super catchy heavy arena rock band.
386. The Gathering - Beautiful Distortion
[7.0] - Has some nice songs, but lacks the highlights of Disclosure.
387. Dead Head - Slave Driver
[7.0] - Ballistic thrash rocketing by at full speed, with some decent riffs and solos.
388. Dirty Shirt - Get Your Dose Now!
389. Eight Bells - Legacy Of Ruin
[7.0] - A bit of a 'weird for weird's sake' type of album, but one that does deliver in parts, particularly when it goes closer to a Dreadnought-style sound.
390. Bekor Qilish - Throes Of Death From The Dreamed Nihilism
[7.0] - Avant-garde instrumental insanity with a few too little moments that offer more than just technical chaos.
391. Temple Of Void - Summoning The Slayer
392. Decapitated - Cancer Culture
[7.0] - Pretty decent groove/death metal with some tasty parts, albeit with some irritating moments too.
393. The Chasm - The Scars Of A Lost Reflective Shadow
[7.0] - Fairly classic-sounding death metal album with some cool riffs and melodic hints that lift it above average.
394. Beyond The Structure - Scrutiny
[7.0] - Decent proggy/techy death metal effort.
395. Black Oath - Emeth Truth And Death
[7.0] - Fairly classic doom sound, but with a bit more appeal to me than a lot of the retro stuff.
396. Pjusk - Sentrifuge
[7.0] - Soothing, mellow ambient electronic album with just enough substance to avoid becoming too much of a drag.
397. City Of Dis - Alterity
[7.0] - A pretty good prog-metal debut, albeit a slightly forgettable one.
398. Coma Hole - Coma Hole
399. Hurakan - Via Aeterna
[7.0] - Chonky deathcore that's satisfying if unremarkable.
400. Bhleg - Fäghring
401. Elegeion - Plight Of The Heretic
[7.0] - Fairly good doom with beauty/beast vocals and a nice atmosphere.
402. Visions Of Atlantis - Pirates
403. Crown Compass - The Drought
[7.0] - Thrashy prog supergroup debut that has its share of promising moments, but also enough rough edges to work on with future records.
404. Thou - Norco Original Soundtrack
[7.0] - Bit of a weird combination to have 80% mellow ambient and electronica and then a bunch of Thou songs at the end, but both parts of this split are decent.
405. Melt Yourself Down - Pray For Me I Don’t Fit In
406. The Mountain King - WolloW
407. Volcandra - Border World
[7.0] - Neat meloblack EP with some cool shredding.
408. Stygian Oath - Midnight Flames
[7.0] - Assimilation of lots of 70s/80s heavy metal sounds.
409. Soliloquium - Soulsearching
410. Treat - The Endgame
[7.0] - Basically Stratovarius/Avantasia making arena rock, it means it's more likeable than a lot of arena rock due to the power metal-ish layer of cheese on top.
411. Mountaineer - Giving Up The Ghost
[7.0] - Nice pleasant gaze-y/post- sound, but I don't find the vocals fit that well with it at times.
412. Coffin Nail - Years Of Lead
[7.0] - Straight-up grindcore, but on the more enjoyable end of the spectrum.
413. Elektro Guzzi - Triangle
[7.0] - Nice little techno record.
414. Solipsism - Our Night Never Ends
[7.0] - Pretty neat black metal debut with some nice piano bits.
415. Shapeshifter - Dark Ritual
[7.0] - No-nonsense grindcore with some brief lighter interludes.
416. Negative Plane - The Pact
[7.0] - I just don't dig the vocals on this retro-first wave BM record.
417. Darkmatter - Project Darkmatter
[7.0] - Pretty fun nu metal/djent EP.
418. The Land Of Lucy - Moksha
[7.0] - Decent tech-death effort.
419. Amalunga - We Are Stardust, This Is Our Sound
[7.0] - Very standard instrumental post-rock, but the first couple of songs are rather good.
420. Lucida Dark - Of Death, Of Love
421. Glasya - Attarghan
[7.0] - Generic operatic femme-fronted symphonic metal (with clean male vocals - who does he remind me of??), and not super memorable but fairly good.
422. Bleed From Within - Shrine
423. Undeath - It's Time​.​.​.To Rise From The Grave
[7.0] - Serviceable and weighty Swedish OSDM sound.
424. Tome Of The Unreplenished - Earthbound
[7.0] - Arrr, here be atmo-black; has some folky/pagan moments and nice melodies, but nothing out of the ordinary.
425. Mydreamfever - Rough And Beautiful Place
[7.0] - Long-winded but peaceful ambient-oriented piano music.
426. Viande - L'abime Dévore Les Âmes
[7.0] - Cavernous, dissonant and unpleasant death metal, but lacking a little something on top of that.
427. Skee Mask - A
[7.0] - Decent compilation of techno tracks.
428. Purgatory - Apotheosis Of Anti Light
[7.0] - Has a bit more to it than straight-up OSDM worship, and is more enjoyable as a result, even though it's fairly generic.
429. Oceans Of Illusion - Unrecognizable
[7.0] - Generic but satisfying deathcore.
430. Hugar - Rift
[7.0] - Dainty neoclassical post-rock, one that's a tad lightweight at times.
431. Soreption - Jord
[7.0] - Technically accomplished tech-death missing much in the way of moments to latch onto.
432. Saxon - Carpe Diem
[7.0] - For a 24th album, it's very impressive, even if it's not something I'm interested in.
433. Moonlight Sorcery - Piercing Through The Frozen Eternity
[7.0] - By-the-books but fun symph-tinged meloblack record.
434. Shores Of Elysium - Plaguewrought
[7.0] - The keyboard parts are the best bit of this deathcore EP, they should expand more on them.
435. Power Paladin - With The Magic Of Windfyre Steel
436. Pattern-Seeking Animals - Only Passing Through
437. Abstracted - Atma Conflux
[7.0] - Respectable thrashy prog-death debut with some nice melodic proggy moments and intense extreme complexity, but lacking a bit in terms of engaging material.
438. Flummox - Rephlummoxed
[7.0] - Bit too weird for its own good at times, but quite cool and quirky.
439. Nite - Voices Of The Kronian Moon
[7.0] - I can't tell if the whispered black metal vocals on this heavy metal album are genius or rubbish, but they're at least memorable one way or the other.
440. Ereb Altor - Vargtimman
[7.0] - Sounds a bit like a blackened Tyr based on the vocals, or something Borknagar-y; found the more black-heavy songs more interesting.
441. Wolf - Shadowland
[7.0] - Listenable power metal-tinged classic heavy sound.
442. Spheric Universe Experience - Back Home
[7.0] - Very classic-sounding prog/power album, has some genre excesses that detract but is generally solid.
443. Véhémence - Ordalies
444. Obsidian Sea - Pathos
[7.0] - Somewhat uneven but decent-sounding retro hard rock/proto-doom sound.
445. Candina - Apparitions
[7.0] - Raw, impassioned post-hardcore/DSBM crossover.
446. Oshiego - Jaljalut
[7.0] - Enjoyable Middle Eastern tones to the death metal riffs here, although I find the vocals slightly offputting.
447. An Evening Redness - An Evening Redness
[7.0] - Blood Meridian-themed ambient record gos on a bit.
448. Collapsed Skull - Eternity Maze
449. Sadness (USA) - I
[7.0] - This guy is overly prolific considering the consistency in style, but he does make decent feels.
450. Vimur - Transcendental Violence
[7.0] - Tremolo/blast-o-thon.
451. Midnight - Let There Be Witchery
[7.0] - Rudimentary black n' roll/thrash sound, but it's got some nice Motorhead-esque grooves and solos, and is generally decent fun.
452. Chaos Invocation - Devil, Stone & Man
[7.0] - Decent quasi-melodic BM record.
453. Out Of The Mouth Of Graves - Harbinger Uncerimonious
[7.0] - Sickening cacophony of death metal; 25 minutes is a short debut album, but it's a long time to suffer through this.
454. Thos Ælla - Sempiternal Mobocracies
[7.0] - Aggressive, semi-melodic, loud, a bit whatever.
455. Predatory Light - Death And The Twilight Hours
[7.0] - Very retro-sounding heavy/black metal; considering I don't like first wave BM much, it's not surprising I'm not totally into this.
456. Satan - Earth Infernal
[7.0] - Upper-tier NWOBHM, but still NWOBHM, which is why it's here.
457. Gutrectomy - Manifestation Of Human Suffering
[7.0] - Unlike the symphonic deathcore, I'm not totally taken by slam/deathcore, but this album's pretty chonky.
458. Black Fucking Cancer - Procreate Inverse
[7.0] - Black metal with lots of venom, but doesn't quite grip me.
459. Verikalpa - Tunturihauta
[7.0] - Lots of energy and enthusiasm, if no real staying power beyond that.
460. Enthrallment - Against The Will To Live - Macabre Universe Embrace
[7.0] - Brief slab of death metal with some decent textures and hooks, albeit with some rougher patches too.
461. Valley Of The Sun - The Chariot
[6.5] - Pleasant but very conventional desert rock.
462. Space Coke - Lunacy
[6.5] - Generally good stoner doomy release, but a bit tonally inconsistent.
463. Runecaller - Runecaller
[6.5] - Passingly enjoyable proggy stoner/sludge album, but one with room for improvement.
464. Jungle Rot - A Call To Arms
465. Mattergy - Primordial Wrath
[6.5] - Decent djenty prog-metal album with some cool, almost Placebo-y vocal inflections, but it has a bit too much 'technicality for technicality's sake' for my tastes.
466. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Omnium Gatherum
467. Kreator - Hate Über Alles
468. Demonical - Mass Destroyer
[6.5] - Completely generic but very competent Swedish OSDM.
469. Grafix - Half-Life
[6.5] - Has a few Pendulum-style bangers, but a few too many tracks I don't dig.
470. Saviour - Shine & Fade
[6.5] - Djentcore very much in the vein of their compatriots in Polaris.
471. Angel Nation - Antares
[6.5] - Let down by a flat production, but I generally quite liked it; very Wishmaster-era Nightwish-influenced.
472. Månegarm - Ynglingaättens Öde
[6.5] - Has some rather nice folky melodies, but also too much that's pedestrian, and the vocals are a tad grating at times.
473. Pharmacist - Flourishing Extremities On Unspoiled Mental Grounds
[6.5] - Mostly nasty goregrind/death metal with some surprisingly melodic moments that pop up.
474. Rammstein - Zeit
475. Trick Or Treat - Creepy Symphonies
[6.5] - Nice 80s Helloween-esque sound let down by a few iffy tracks.
476. Kuoleman Galleria - Armon Loppu
[6.5] - Some nice melodies weaved in and good use of group singing, but overall not the most gripping meloblack release.
477. Izthmi - Leaving This World, Leaving It All Behind
[6.5] - Promising prog-black metal sound, but one that's lacking solid moments to keep me engaged.
478. Kirk Hammett - Portals
479. Konvent - Call Down The Sun
480. Sanhedrin - Lights On
[6.5] - Pretty cool NWOBHM throwback with moments that also send my mind to Rush and Queensryche, but not quite my thing.
481. Moonlight Haze - Animus
[6.5] - Listenable accessible-sounding symphonic record, although not as interesting as something like Nocturna.
482. Pendejo SS - The End Of The Beginning
[6.5] - Conventional angry grindcore with some decent riffs; the main standout feature is the more demented high-pitched style of one of the vocals.
483. Northlane - Obsidian
[6.5] - I've never really gotten on the Northlane hype train, and this is pretty underwhelming for the most part.
484. Nekrogoblikon - The Fundamental Slimes And Humours
[6.5] - Fairly fun but prone to being irritating.
485. Disquiet - Instigate To Annihilate
[6.5] - The thrash parts of this are pretty run-of-the-mill (particularly the Machine Head-inspired parts), but some of the more melodeath-y bits give it a bit more of an interesting dimension.
486. Chalk Hands - Don't Think About Death
[6.5] - Fine but unremarkable post-hardcore.
487. Oar - The Blood You Crave
[6.5] - Competent post-black debut, but lacking in a killer element beyond the builds, blasts and shrieks.
488. Seven Nines And Tens - Over Opiated In A Forest O Whispering Speakers
[6.5] - Mixture of metalgaze, post-metal, alt rock, all with soporific vocals and a bit too little regular gripping material.
489. Sulphur Nurse - Roopkund
[6.5] - Grim harsh noise from Eeli Helin (Fawn Limbs) amongst others.
490. Come To Grief - When The World Dies
[6.5] - Deathly sludge that's lacking a bit of spark.
491. Crashdïet - Automaton
[6.5] - Pretty decent glam sound, but the ballad does suck.
492. Heart Attack - Negative Sun
[6.5] - Merges some underwhelming standard thrash vocals and riffs with some more melodic or extreme parts that work quite nicely.
493. Venator - Echoes From The Gutter
[6.5] - Has some of the usual pitfalls of trad heavy, but also has its bright moments.
494. Nostalghia - Olvido
[6.5] - Rudimentary blackgaze/atmo-black with lots of bright guitars and Deafheaven shrieks; sounds nice.
495. The Mist From The Mountains - Monumental: The Temple Of Twilight
[6.5] - Nothing really noteworthy about this, but also fairly solid meloblack.
496. RGRSS - A World Of Concern
[6.5] - Fairly substantial deathgrind effort.
497. Det Eviga Leendet - Reverence
[6.5] - Generic semi-melodic lo-fi black metal, not much that lingers once you finish playing.
498. Ditch Organ - A Rapid Flicker Of Light
[6.5] - Madcap 5-minute mathgrind EP.
499. Beleriand - In The Book Of Life One Leaf Turned
[6.5] - Nice extensive use of keyboards in this otherwise relatively unremarkable atmo-black record.
500. Illuminated Void - Illuminated Void
[6.5] - Fluctuatingly good space-themed dark ambient/electronic from one of the Sleestak guys.
501. Dream Widow - Dream Widow
[6.5] - It's another respectable venture into metal from Dave Grohl, even if it's a bit of a 'jack of all trades' tracklist.
502. Decoherence - More Is Different
[6.5] - Closer to System I than Unitarity in terms of my enjoyment.
503. Crowbar - Zero And Below
[6.5] - Quintessential-sounding Southern sludge, but doesn't quite have much to it beyond having the basics nailed down.
504. Wounded Soul - Lost In Uncertainty
[6.5] - Very generic but pleasant blackgaze/atmo-black sound, with nice uplifting/sorrowful melodies and soundscapes.
505. Wolfbastard - Hammer The Bastards
[6.5] - Decent fun black/speed metal.
506. Nadja - Nalepa
[6.5] - Another Nadja drone album, it's par for the course but sounds decent, they've definitely had less listenable records.
507. Sasami - Squeeze
[6.5] - Interesting pop/alt-rock/industrial fusion with a metal tinge, but I can't say I truly enjoy it.
508. Destruction - Diabolical
[6.5] - It's pretty listenable thrash, I guess.
509. HammerFall - Hammer Of Dawn
[6.5] - Nothing bad, but not especially interesting; like a duller version of Deris-era Helloween.
510. Audrey Horne - Devil's Bell
[6.5] - Perfectly decent hard rock, but also a bit boring and irritating at times.
511. Artisan - The Stain Of Life
[6.5] - Promising proggy death-tinged thrash debut hampered by the vocals.
512. Ysyry Mollvün - Ysyry Mollvün
[6.5] - Bit too lo-fi and basic for the style considering the packaging suggested something a bit more tribal, particularly based on the mentions of native instruments on the Bandcamp.
513. Voivod - Synchro Anarchy
[6.5] - Yet another album that cements Voivod in the 'I appreciate what they're doing, but I don't like it' club.
514. Dagoba - By Night
[6.5] - Easy-going electronic-heavy alt-metal sound; not sold on the vocals but generally quite catchy.
515. Veonity - Elements Of Power
[6.5] - Typical moderately bombastic Europower metal, neither too memorable nor too cheesy.
516. Thin / The Winds In The Trees - Split
517. Battle Beast - Circus Of Doom
518. Jethro Tull - The Zealot Gene
519. Maule - Maule
[6.5] - Extremely generic but adequate heavy metal sound (very Maiden-inspired but a bit on the heavier/faster side).
520. Nebula Orionis - Ephemeral
[6.5] - Slightly lightweight Mesarthim-esque electronic (black) metal sound.
521. Vio-lence - Let The World Burn
522. Boris - W
[6.5] - It's fine, probably preferred the heavier tracks that the slightly shoegaze-y ones.
523. Krallice - Crystalline Exhaustion
[6.5] - Impressive as they are compositionally, I just do not enjoy listening to this band.
524. Confess - Revenge At All Costs
525. Dead Sun Rising - As Above, So Below
[6.5] - Respectable alt/grunge/post-metal debut with some nice moments, if it is a tad dour overall.
526. VoidCeremony - At The Periphery Of Human Realms
[6.5] - Some enjoyable guitar soloing, but lies slightly in a no man's land between OSDM and tech-death that doesn't totally bring me in.
527. Blood Incantation - Timewave Zero
528. HRFTR - Spectre
529. Terror (USA-LA) - Pain Into Power
530. Bad Omens - The Death Of Peace Of Mind
[6.0] - Maddeningly, can't remember quite who this reminds me of; it's a very saccharine metalcore sound, a bit too saccharine for me.
531. Black Matter Device - Autonomous Weapons
[6.0] - Fairly exhausting mathcore release.
532. MNRVA - Hollow
533. AngelMaker - Sanctum
534. Ambrotos - Transcendental Mastery
535. Malevolence - Malicious Intent
[6.0] - Metalcore, I like; metalcore-groove metal fusions, less so.
536. Winter In Eden - Social Fake
[6.0] - Somewhat pleasant fem-fronted symphonic, but it's quite thin texturally, so it's impact is quite stunted, and the quality of the songs doesn't compensate.
537. Gnod - Hexen Valley
538. SheWolf - SheWolf
539. Malthusian - Time's Withering Shadow
[6.0] - The Suffering Hour tracks are good, but the Malthusian ones are a chore to get through.
540. Ghost - Impera
541. Party Cannon - Volumes Of Vomit
542. Mizmor - Wit's End
543. Druid Lord - Relics Of The Dead
544. Necrophagous - In Chaos Ascend
545. As Within, So Without - Salvation
546. Sleepwulf - Sunbeams Curl
547. Rings Of Saturn - Rings Of Saturn
[6.0] - Electro-heavy trap-instru-deathcore, I don't hate it, but 30 minutes is already enough to get a bit boring.
548. Hegeroth - Sacra Doctrina
549. Mechina - Venator
550. Vulcano - Stone Orange
551. Astral Tomb - Soulgazer
[6.0] - Fairly unique avant-garde death metal, but quite irritating to listen to.
552. And Hell Followed With - Quietus
553. 40 Watt Sun - Perfect Light
554.'redead - Sugar Rot
555. Licho - Ciuciubabka
556. Skullshitter - Goat Claw
[6.0] - Grindcore that does the job and no more, so not my jam.
557. Spitfire - Denial To Fall
558. Excellent Enemies - Interlocks
559. Battlelore - The Return Of The Shadow
[5.5] - Competent songs, but flat production and anemic vocals.
560. Anvil - Impact Is Imminent
561. Halestorm - Back From The Dead
562. Satan's Host - This Legacy Will Never Die
563. Star One - Revel In Time
564. Corpsegrinder - Corpsegrinder
565. Eucharist - I Am The Void
566. Bloodywood - Rakshak
567. Quantum Oscillations - EX​-​word XD​-​SK2800VP Dictionary Japanese
568. Imonolith - Progressions
569. Ramp - Insidiously
570. Leviathan Project - The Final War

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05.01.2022 - 12:17
A Nice Guy
Make it your challenge this year to reach 1000 albums, I believe you can do it and to make it more challenging, you could review all 1000 albums
05.01.2022 - 12:39

Written by AndyMetalFreak on 05.01.2022 at 12:17

and to make it more challenging, you could review all 1000 albums

lol I think I'd need to quit my job/stop sleeping to manage that - 3 reviews a day!
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Go the exact opposite route. Only one new album a day.
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Where's Cult Of Luna? Should be on the top spot But nice to see Aequorea and Animårum high up on the list. Two very good albums. And it seems that I have some other bands and albums to check out.
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Where's Cult Of Luna? Should be on the top spot

Feel like I should probably wait to hear the album first :p
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Written by musclassia on 21.01.2022 at 00:17

Feel like I should probably wait to hear the album first :p

Only a fool would let such puny things as not having heard the album stop them from rating/reviewing it.
Do you think if the heart keeps on shrinking
One day there will be no heart at all?
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Written by musclassia on 21.01.2022 at 00:17

Written by Nejde on 20.01.2022 at 20:49

Where's Cult Of Luna? Should be on the top spot

Feel like I should probably wait to hear the album first :p

Two songs are already out. That should be enough

Also got tricked since Persefone's album isn't released yet. If you got a promo, that's cheating
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Wow you've been busy!
I haven't really been following this year's releases too closely yet. But that's about to change! Time to explore
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We aren't even half way through the year yet and you are already half way to 1000 albums! Alot of my discoveries this year are from searching through your list
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Written by AndyMetalFreak on 01.06.2022 at 16:37

We aren't even half way through the year yet and you are already half way to 1000 albums! Alot of my discoveries this year are from searching through your list

I want to see if I can manage to average 100 albums/month for the rest of the year, I'm ahead of the curve just about
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A Nice Guy
Written by musclassia on 01.06.2022 at 20:50

I want to see if I can manage to average 100 albums/month for the rest of the year, I'm ahead of the curve just about

Your doing a great job, and also with your reviews, excellent work

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