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2022: Jul-Dec

Fell just shy of 100 albums per month for the first half of the year, I imagine I won't be matching that but let's try to get to a full 1000 albums for the year at least.

Created by: musclassia | 01.07.2022

1. Panzerfaust - The Suns Of Perdition - Chapter III: The Astral Drain
[8.5] - More potently atmospheric post-black in a similar vein to Chapter II.
2. Wake - Thought Form Descent
[8.5] - One of the most impressive reinventions of recent years continues to impress, with further integration of softer sounds and proggier inclinations into this increasingly unique mesh of styles.
3. Conjurer - Páthos
[8.5] - A truly impressive step forward from one of the UK's hottest up-and-coming bands.
4. Ott - Heads
[8.0] - Quality psybient with infectious reggae grooves and lush trippy mixes.
5. Grima - Frostbitten
[8.0] - In a year of 'good not great' meloblack, this is at a higher level than the competition - very exciting and stirring.
6. Ether Coven - The Relationship Between The Hammer And The Nail
[8.0] - Very accomplished bruising sludge record with good use of dynamics and emotions.
7. Mourir - Disgrâce
[8.0] - Exhilarating post-y, semi-dissonant, beastly black metal record.
8. Xaon - The Lethean
[8.0] - With the hyper-dramatic symphonics, solid riffs, energetic songs and decent clean vocals, I'm much keener on this album that Septicflesh's offering.
9. The Ever Living - Artificial Devices
[8.0] - Very cool post-metal with bright vibrant mixes like some Rosetta tracks.
10. Behold! The Monolith - From The Fathomless Deep
[8.0] - Wide-ranging and captivating mix of bruising sludgy/stoner doom with some more psychedelic moments, particularly with The Seams Of Pangaea.
11. Torturized - Aftermath
[8.0] - Very solid proggy death metal album with a good variety and some really quality moments.
12. GoGo Penguin - Between Two Worlds
[8.0] - A lush EP from one of the lushest jazz acts around.
13. My Sleeping Karma - Atma
[8.0] - Another strong collection of psychedelic stoner jams.
14. My Diligence - The Matter, Form And Power
[8.0] - Very neat stoner-prog/post-metal sound from this trio.
15. Ianai - Sunir
[8.0] - Very nice neofolk debut with some Rohan vibes (e.g. Vasariah), with just a handful of slightly offputting songs/moments putting it slightly below my favourite albums in the genre.
16. Ashenspire - Hostile Architecture
[8.0] - Exuberant and fascinating album that fills the void until the next A Forest Of Stars record.
17. Scarcity - Aveilut
[8.0] - Very intriguing mix of at-times Oranssi Pazuzu-esque psychedelic and semi-dissonant black metal with more noise/dark ambient stretches.
18. Macondø - II
[7.5] - Better late than never in discovering this really decent instrumental post-rock/metal album from January.
19. Imperial Triumphant - Spirit Of Ecstasy
[7.5] - Another unholy cacophony - I don't enjoy it, but I do respect it.
20. Kekal - Envisaged
[7.5] - Slightly suffers from the consistency that sometimes comes with avant-garde albums, but there's some great moments here, The Ascending Collective chief among them.
21. Tuskar - Matriarch
[7.5] - Rather cool post-y sludge doom debut from London duo.
22. Dornen - Leidensweg
[7.5] - Pretty great blackened sludge/post-black debut EP.
23. Satyr - Totem
[7.5] - Nice post-hardcore/djent sound with solid vocals.
24. Asunojokei - Island
[7.5] - Bright shiny Deafheaven-esque post-hardcore/blackgaze.
25. Raat - Celestial Woods
[7.5] - Some really nice shimmering blackgaze/atmo-black.
26. Bong-Ra - Meditations
[7.5] - Ominous, sinister drone metal with some chaotic saxophone.
27. Body Void - Burn The Homes Of Those Who Seek To Control Our Bodies
[7.5] - 2 more tracks of misanthropic, noisy sludge from these purveyors of vile sounds.
28. Psycroptic - Divine Council
[7.5] - A solid tech-death effort that balances technicality with groove, plus has some nice flourishes such as the symphonic bits on Enslavement.
29. Ştiu Nu Ştiu - New Sun
[7.5] - Very decent psychedelic rock album with a dark edge at times, particularly on the Wolvennest-esque closing track.
30. Asuryan - Abraxis
[7.5] - Really pleasant mix of power metal with bits of melodeath, folk and metalcore.
31. Mico - Zigarut
[7.5] - Frenetic, aggressive, compelling dissonant blackened hardcore (FFO namedrops Plebeian Grandstand, for reference).
32. The Dear Hunter - Antimai
[7.5] - Bar the annoying Luxury, this is a nice return from TDH to a less indie style in favour of something proggier and more in my tastes.
33. Walg - II
[7.5] - Solid meloblack with dramatic flair.
34. Ithaca - They Fear Us
[7.5] - Good vocals, nice songwriting turns and generally enjoyable mathcore/metalcore record.
35. Lathe - Tongue Of Silver
[7.5] - Nice Americana/post-rock fusion.
36. Ammothea - Terminal Burrow
[7.5] - Interesting concept lurking somewhere between ambient black metal and blackgaze - incredibly fuzzy and droning backdrop but with some shoegaze inclinations.
37. Anticreation - From The Dust Of Embers
[7.5] - Cavernous, semi-dissonant death metal, starts off standard enough but develops an added oomph on later tracks such as Unborn.
38. Belphegor - The Devils
[7.5] - My first proper taste of Belphegor, a pretty solid chunk of black/death metal.
39. Am Himmel - As Eternal As The Starless Kingdom Of Sorrow
[7.5] - Intriguing ambient black metal sound overloading with bright fuzz.
40. A Concrete Failure - Remnants Of Times To Come
[7.5] - Solidly enjoyable prog/stoner/post-rock debut EP.
41. Telekinetic Yeti - Primordial
[7.5] - Solid stoner effort with a mixture of driving rock parts and gnarlier doomy bits; Stoned Ape Theory is a highlight.
42. A Feast For Lampreys - Graveyard Abyss
[7.5] - Intriguing proggy extreme metal venture.
43. Unity of Opposites - Inner Sketches
[7.5] - Nice, emotionally resonant prog debut EP.
44. The Neologist - Oracle
[7.5] - Starts off slowish, but eventually reminds me why I liked Coming Full Circle back in the day, has some nice feelz here.
45. Kuedo - Infinite Window
[7.5] - Cool mellow electronic release.
46. Carrion Vael - Abhorrent Obsessions
[7.5] - Some kind of technical melodeathcore fusion that works out pretty well.
47. Ou - One
[7.5] - Exuberant and wide-ranging prog debut that features frenetic technicality but also some moments of eerie ambience.
48. Doldrum - The Knocking, Or The Story Of The Sound That Preceded Their Disappearance
[7.5] - Meandering dissonant black metal with a sinister atmosphere.
49. Greylotus - Dawnfall
[7.5] - A cool technical deathcore debut with some neat symphonic and blackened touches, but a few too many wanky bits to be as great as it could be.
50. In Slumber - While We Sleep
[7.5] - Rather decent melodeath effort taking cues from both Gothenburg and Finnish styles.
51. Krisiun - Mortem Solis
[7.5] - Chunky and generally satisfying DM effort from these veterans.
52. Moonshade - As We Set The Skies Ablaze
[7.5] - Solid melodeath record with good hooks.
53. Kokoroko - Could We Be More
[7.5] - Fun, lush Afro-jazz debut.
54. Liminal Shroud - All Virtues Ablaze
[7.5] - Solid atmo-black album on the blacker end of the spectrum.
55. Dance Gavin Dance - Jackpot Juicer
[7.5] - A solid album that marks another turbulent period in this band's history.
56. Greg Puciato - Mirrorcell
[7.5] - Less varied than his debut, but still a solid alt-rock/alt-metal venture.
57. Xenoglyph - Spiritfraud
[7.5] - Subtly 'off' cosmic black metal that is moderately alluring.
58. Thūn - II
[7.5] - Solid mix of trad-heavy, doom and death/doom with Karl Sanders on guitar.
59. Alatyr - Do Zeme Zabudnutia
[7.5] - Pleasantly stirring symph-tinged atmoblack.
60. In Nothingness - Black Sun Funeral
[7.5] - Really captures the Jester Race vibe at times; just wish they didn't have the St Anger snare.
61. Deathbringer - IT
[7.5] - Interesting techy proggy death, but a bit overlong.
62. Blizzard Hunter - The Path Of Triumph
[7.0] - Peru pumping out some tasty NWOBHM worship.
63. Emberla Firgasto - Temporal Capsule
[7.0] - Decent disso-death from the school of Ulcerate.
64. Marlugubre - Maladie
[7.0] - Still Life-era Opeth with a post-black/blackgaze twist.
65. The Wind In The Trees - Architects Of Light
[7.0] - Vicious mathy grindcore with some neat twisty bits and gnarly riffs/sequences.
66. Tulip - Derangement, Exquisite Tenderness
[7.0] - Slightly less mathy grindcore with similarly solid bursts of aggression, as well as occasional more restrained moments (Saccade).
67. Norma Jean - Deathrattle Sing For Me
[7.0] - Decent fiesty metalcore record from these vets.
68. Shades - From A Vein
[7.0] - Dubstep isn't quite my thing, but this record was already.
69. Triumvir Foul - Onslaught To Seraphim
[7.0] - Tasty cavernous dissonant death metal.
70. Conan - Evidence Of Immortality
[7.0] - Gnarly stoner doom, sounds best at its most epically slow and ponderous (Grief Sequence), less so the more up-tempo brawly stuff.
71. Chaosbay - 2222
[7.0] - Very catchy and accessible djent with occasional -core moments.
72. Abhorson - A Weather Front
[7.0] - Chonky djenty instru-post, pretty hefty and decent with tranquil post-rock parts.
73. Lord Elephant - Cosmic Awakening
[7.0] - Fun jammy stoner album with some Weedpecker-y moments.
74. Mosara - Only The Dead Know Our Secrets
[7.0] - At-times gnarly but approachably stoner-y sludge doom record.
75. Oceans Of Slumber - Starlight And Ash
[7.0] - The extreme metal is gone, and so is the prog for the most part; vocals are still great, and less self-indulgent than the last album, but a bit boring.
76. The Halo Effect - Days Of The Lost
[7.0] - Decent debut, but a bit unremarkable
77. Sleestak - Harbinger
[7.0] - Surprisingly rough-around-the-edges experience that pales a tad in comparison to their strongest albums.
78. Hysterial Blindness - Notre Héritage
[7.0] - Pretty decent black/post-black album, albeit not super memorable.
79. Diakron - Spectre At The Feast
[7.0] - Lengthy, moody blackened prog/doom album with a decent atmosphere.
80. Teethgrinder - Dystopia
[7.0] - Chonky deathgrind release.
81. Locrian - New Catastrophism
[7.0] - More substantial than Ghost Frontiers, it's quite dreamy at times (even with the harsh vocals).
82. Black Magnet - Body Prophecy
[7.0] - Pretty decent alt-y industrial rock/metal album.
83. Last - The Sinless Birth
[7.0] - Fiery hardcore EP with some chonky riffs/grooves.
84. Arch Enemy - Deceivers
[7.0] - Never been much of an Arch Enemy fan, but I enjoyed this more than Amon Amarth's latest at least.
85. Contemplator - Morphose
[7.0] - Well-crafted and at-times gnarly instrumental prog effort.
86. A Pit Of Me - Seven Stones
[7.0] - Pretty decent djenty prog debut, albeit with some ineffectual vocal hooks.
87. Spire Of Lazarus - Soaked In The Sands
[7.0] - Solid tech-deathcore with some really nice moments, but also quite a bit of directionless wankery.
88. Pestilent Hex - The Ashen Abhorrence
[7.0] - Full-on and fairly exciting symph-tinged meloblack.
89. The Mountain King - Tsunami Of Hope
[7.0] - Busy boys produce another album this year, very different to WolloW - this is a 20-minute lo-fi hip-hop/electronic-sounding effort, and is pretty nice and mellow.
90. Spektrvm - Blood For Heaven
[7.0] - Alt/prog record with some strong husky post-grunge vocals.
91. Orthodox - Proceed
[7.0] - Interesting sprawling mix of doom sounds, covering stoner, drone and a couple of other niches.
92. Northless - A Path Beyond Grief
[7.0] - Contorted, bruising doomy sludge; not taken by the vocals, though.
93. Altars - Ascetic Reflection
[7.0] - Pretty middle-of-the-road dissonanty death metal album.
94. Antigama - Whiteout
[7.0] - Sharp, to-the-point grind with some cool moments.
95. Fellowship - The Saberlight Chronicles
[7.0] - Super-cheesy, but a nice Serenity tinge to it.
96. Dovorian - Kneel And Follow
[7.0] - Respectable heavy metal album whose main strength is featuring Tom Englund on vocals.
97. Defect Designer - Neanderthal
[7.0] - Grindcore with some proggy death metal moments (e.g. on Time, Forward) to liven things up.
98. The Wakedead Gathering - Parallaxiom
99. Patria - Hexerei
100. The Crown Of Yamhad - Vales Of Desperation
[7.0] - Decent gothic metal sound with fairly nice overlapping of different vocal styles and instruments, albeit with some rough edges.
101. Wolf Counsel - Initivm
[7.0] - Weighty, brooding doom that I'm a bit more fond of then a lot of retro-doom.
102. Reeking Aura - Blood And Bonemeal
[7.0] - A step up from straight OSDM worship, particularly with some interesting lead guitar moments.
103. Prometheus - Aornos
[7.0] - Ferocious death metal, but can't say I enjoyed this.
104. Destruction Of The Healer - Let The Earth Reclaim Me
[6.5] - Nothing particularly noteworthy in this Gothenburg worship record, but I did nevertheless enjoy the songs they wrote in the style.
105. Seventh Storm - Maledictus
[6.5] - Surprisingly enjoyable prog/power/alt-metal debut.
106. Soulfly - Totem
[6.5] - Doesn't match up to Ritual, but it's a decent listen still.
107. Hissing - Hypervirulence Architecture
[6.5] - Intense, explosive dissonant death metal cacophony.
108. Graveshadow - The Uncertain Hour
[6.5] - Good vocalist, but the songs on this power metal release don't quite match up.
109. The Wind Covenant - Prophecy
[6.5] - Decent enough techy djent/deathcore EP.
110. Wormrot - Hiss
[6.5] - It's a grindcore album, so unsurprisingly I'm not in love.
111. Sunrise Patriot Motion - Black Fellflower Stream
[6.5] - Different spin on blackened gothic rock/metal, but not sure whether the roughness of the sound is a hindrance or a help.
112. Ernia - How To Deal With Life And Fail
[6.5] - Decent grindcore with incredibly grating vocals.
113. Abaddon Incarnate - The Wretched Sermon
[6.5] - Unremarkable, but chonky and satisfying grindy death metal.
114. Toxik - Dis Morta
[6.5] - I quite like the power metal tinge to this thrash album, but not hot on the vocals.
115. Katakomba - Katakomba
[6.5] - Relatively enjoyable OSDM but still fairly unremarkable.
116. Nebula - Transmission From Mothership Earth
[6.5] - Stoner rock played perfectly fine without being notable in any particular way.
117. Chat Pile - God's Country
[6.0] - Noise rock can be a bit hit and miss for me, and while there's solid moments in this album, I'm not taken with it as a whole.
118. Oknos - From Ashes
[6.0] - Decent symphonic power metal with good vocals and some solid songs, but a few flatter tracks.
119. Goot - God's Doubt
[6.0] - Soft-goth stuff with some pleasant guitar melodies, but fairly forgettable.
120. Nicolas Cage Fighter - The Bones That Grew From Pain
[6.0] - Probably the best thing about them is the name, but apart from the bland groove parts, the more hardcore bits are fairly decent.
121. Protector - Excessive Outburst Of Depravity
[6.0] - Pretty listenable deathy thrash.
122. Locrian - Ghost Frontiers
[6.0] - It's just ambient noise, haven't really got anything to add either way.
123. Amon Amarth - The Great Heathen Army
[6.0] - Fairly boring addition to an increasingly underwhelming tracklist.
124. Sinner - Brotherhood
[6.0] - Heavy with a power metal inclination (some Firewind hints) that makes it a bit more palatable, this is pretty fine if not my thing.
125. False Gods - Neurotopia
[6.0] - Passingly solid sludge, but I don't gel with the punkier tracks or vocals.
126. Hatriot - The Vale Of Shadows
[6.0] - I really struggle with any Souza-related vocals these days, but this is adequate thrash outside of that.

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