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Favorite bands: Helloween, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Megadeth, Blind Guardian, Edguy, Gamma Ray, Hammerfall, Sentenced, Freedom Call, Falconer, Rhapsody Of Fire, Nocturnal Rites, Angra, Divinefire, Stratovarius, Theocracy, Firewind, Savatage, Kamelot, Manowar, Running Wild, Magica, Leverage, Avantasia, Queensrÿche, Lost Horizon, Masterplan, Symphony X, Evergrey, Twilightning, Sabaton, Black Majesty, Iced Earth, Sonata Arctica, Iron Savior, InnerWish, Serenity, Altar [ROM], Trooper, Viathyn, Sepultura, Kreator, Wintersun, Nightwish, Judas Priest, PowerWorld, Amaranthe, Dream Theater, R.U.S.T., Dragonland, Iris, Iron Mask, Cargo, DragonForce, Europe, Persuader, Circle II Circle, Paradise Lost, Dreamtale, Poisonblack, Hammerforce, Machinae Supremacy, Royal Hunt, Elvenking, Noble Beast, Unisonic, Orden Ogan, Insomnium, Swallow The Sun, Before The Dawn, Bucovina, Gloryhammer, Amon Amarth, Civil War, Astral Doors, Kempes, Thunderstone, Dirty Shirt, Seventh Wonder, Five Finger Death Punch, Blackmore's Night, AC/DC, Amorphis, Beast In Black, Almanac, Pink Cream 69, W.A.S.P., Rebellion, Kobra And The Lotus, S-Tool, Within Temptation, The Man-Eating Tree, Deep Purple, Rainbow, Place Vendome, The Gathering, Threshold, Epica, Tiamat, Anneke Van Giersbergen, Beyond Twilight, Visigoth, Communic, Charon, Pallbearer, Nils Patrik Johansson, Amberian Dawn, Messenger, Vuur, Ashes Of Ares, Joe Satriani, Scorpions, SpellBlast, Control Denied, Guns N' Roses, Lake Of Tears, Marty Friedman, Lords Of Black, Whitesnake, Wind Rose, E-an-na, Angelus Apatrida, Delain, Conception, Jorn, Beyond The Black, Tristitia, Be'lakor, Unleash The Archers, Altaria, Euphoreon, Jorn Lande & Trond Holter, Metal Allegiance, Brainstorm, In Flames, Elvellon, Parkway Drive, Mercenary, Demons And Wizards, Arion, Fifth Angel, Scar Of The Sun, Shylmagoghnar, Lacrimas Profundere, Cemetary, Sinbreed, Eternal Tears Of Sorrow, Dark Sarah, Whyzdom, Pyogenesis, Primal Fear, Sinner, Striker, Flotsam And Jetsam, Vhäldemar, Alter Bridge, Slash, Witherfall, Nevermore, Wolfheart, Dark The Suns, Katatonia, Wildpath, Majestic, Spirits Of Fire, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, 9.7 Richter, Metal Church, Armored Saint, Ozzy Osbourne, Blazon Stone, Vandroya, Eyefear, Cellar Darling, Asperity, Gojira, Eluveitie, Lord, Dark Illusion, Evanescence, Thornbridge, Any Given Day, CyHra, Savage Circus, Morgana Lefay, Pantera, Parasite Inc., Twisted Tower Dire, U.D.O., Defecto, Words Of Farewell, Ancient Bards, Brymir, Heavenwood, Rage, Imperia, Hollow Haze, MaYaN, Paragon, Theatre Of Tragedy, Darkwater, Black Fate, Biomechanical, Sunburst, Enshine, Signum Regis, Dark Empire, Cønstantine, Twilight Force, Innosense, Mors Principium Est, Shaman, Aephanemer, Omnium Gatherum, The Ocean, Tad Morose, Borealis, David Coverdale, Halford, Agent Steel, War Of Ages, Dream Evil, Disillusion, Excalion, Neonfly, Atlantean Kodex, Solitude Aeturnus, Vanden Plas, The Ferrymen, Nightingale, Witherscape, Machine Head, Avatarium, Rush, Accept, Crystal Eyes, Candlemass, Wuthering Heights, Bruce Dickinson, Silent Force, Marco Hietala, Sinergy, Crom, Saviour Machine, Soen, Asylum Pyre, Pyramaze, Subsignal, Mastodon, Sons Of Apollo, The Vision Bleak, Isole, Dawnbringer, Derdian, Judicator, Triosphere, Fields Of The Nephilim, Praying Mantis, Psychotic Waltz, Marillion, Anathema, Saxon, Shadow Gallery, Children Of Bodom, Kvelertak, Orion's Reign, Charred Walls Of The Damned, Anubis Gate, Andromeda, Mystic Prophecy, Palantír, Jon Oliva's Pain, Nailed To Obscurity, Cynic, Diamond Head, Mantic Ritual, Jag Panzer, Misery Index, Serotonal, The Blood Divine, Æther Realm, Brothers Of Metal, Heathen Foray, Warrior Path, Imaginery, Entombed, Power Theory, Sanctuary, Pharaoh, The Gentle Storm, Orbit Culture, Deadsoul Tribe, My Dying Bride, Barren Earth, Ne Obliviscaris, Helker, Finsterforst, Ex Deo, Obscura, Dynazty, Heavens Gate, Armory, Uriah Heep, Bonfire, Testament, Skyclad, Alchemist, The Vintage Caravan, Blue Öyster Cult, Ten, Axel Rudi Pell, Mindless Sinner, Wardrum, Pagan's Mind, Circus Maximus, Shards Of Humanity, Cain's Offering, Cornerstone, Aska, Cloven Hoof, Antimatter, Kiske/Somerville, Dawn Of Silence, Level 10, Voodoo Circle, Spiritual Beggars, Stormwind, Guardians Of Time, Tarot, Estatic Fear, Fairyland, Zierler, Epysode, Green Carnation, The Eternal, Sinisthra, Ensiferum, Angel Nation, Trouble, Doomocracy, Kenziner, Kiuas, MindMaze, Vexillum, Grave Digger, Grand Magus, Divided Multitude, Night In Gales, Flowing Tears, Dexter Ward, Temperance, Heathen, Royal Jester, Silentium, Morifade, Supreme Majesty, Fates Warning, Pain Of Salvation, Jethro Tull, Millenium, Vektor, Sadus, Obituary, The Black League, Hittman, Sweet Oblivion, Operation: Mindcrime, Fires In The Distance, Riot, Idle Hands, Guillotine, Jungle Rot, Forbidden, Am I Blood, Paladin, Ayreon, Paradox, Lazarus A.D., Warbringer, Havok, In The Silence, Dark Tranquillity, Pull Down The Sun, Pretty Maids, Tomorrow's Rain, Sacred Outcry, Virgin Steele, Soilwork, Sorcerer, Draconian, Saint Vitus, Section A, Need, Gorefest, Wytch Hazel, Eternal Idol, Æolian, Mad Hatter, The Bipolar Disorder Project, King Crimson, Shrapnel, Throes Of Dawn, Everlore, White Magician, Crimson Glory, Persefone, Exhorder, Voyager, Eternal Champion, Leatherwolf, Zero Hour, Magnum, Haken, Rocka Rollas, Godthrymm, Cans, Villagers Of Ioannina City, Vulkan, White Skull, Elder, Aquaria, Solar Fragment, Mob Rules, Caligula's Horse, Beardfish, Cryptosis, 4Arm, Magic Kingdom, Wizard, Manilla Road, Mean Streak, Dimhav, Ulthima, Silent Winter, Return To Void, Warrel Dane, Warlord, Antioch, Equilibrium, Silver Bullet, Silver Lake, Lynch Mob, Crimson Day, Sacred Reich, Labyrinth, The Foreshadowing, Andi Deris And The Bad Bankers, Skid Row, KK's Priest, SOiL, Brother Firetribe, Kaledon, Rhapsody, Quo Vadis, Scream Silence, Vision Divine, Kingdom Come, Horizon's End, Veni Domine, Knights Of The Realm, Ancient Empire, Crematory, Darkseed, Evereve, Saracen, Riot V, Unto Others, Connect The Circle, Valiant Sentinel, Adrenaline Mob, Secret Discovery, Lion's Share, Morton, Wings Of Destiny, Starbreaker, Maule, Michael Romeo, Manticora, Salamandra, Final Cry, Power Trip, Leah, Orphanage, Carcass, Vypera, Cleanbreak, Bolt Thrower, Memoriam, Seventh Storm, The Haunted, Ceremonial Oath, Exciter, The Halo Effect, Engel, Gardenian, Sylosis, Annihilator, Clutch, Orange Goblin, Leather, At Vance, Yngwie Malmsteen, Ashbury, New Horizon, H.E.A.T, Redemption, Spectral (ROM), Ebony Ark, High Command, Symphorce, Burning Point, Monument, Nirvana 2002, Avatar, Trail Of Tears, Tygers Of Pan Tang, Horizon Ignited, Astral Sleep, SkyEye, Last In Line, Stargazer (NOR), The Butterfly Effect, Megaton Sword, Sumerlands, Forbidden Seed, Artillery, Magnitude 9

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